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Finishing the year on top

Finishing the year on top

Finishing the year in style with an overall Cyclocross win – well done Rebecca!

Over the last two weekends a large number of my athletes did local runs as a little form check after the first few weeks of training for the new season.

Rebecca Fondermann joined me in October after a long forced rest due to a severe surgery in summer. After some months of recovery we started the training again in October. We are still very carefull with the volume she is doing. She is a top agegroup athlete with some overall top 10 results in Ironman and 70.3 racing over the past few years. The goal is to built back her performance carefully and step by step now. The 10km run in Bonn was just a first test how far we have got in the past 9 weeks. She exceeded our expectations by far with a 42min 10km run and an overall podium (3rd place) in the first serious test! That is in fact just 3min away from her personal best after just 9 weeks of carefull training. I am very excited to see her further improvement in the months to come!

After last weeks success, this weekend Rebecca surprised again and took the overall win in the last race of the NRW Cyclocross Series in Pulheim! Rebecca is getting back in big steps and this is just the beginning ;-).

Nora Koss also joined me in the beginning of October. She did a local 10km run in Berlin as well and finished the race in 6th place overall just 2min behind the leader. It was a very muddy trail run and she just had run specialists in front of her. With the extreme difficult surface her 44min finish was really surprisingly strong!

Hardy Wiedemann did the last 10km run of a local 10km run series last sunday and once again had a great run improving his pb on that course by 20s! This time he finished 2nd in his agegroup but since he won all the other races the series win in his agegroup could not be taken away from him! He finished after 38:25min in the 10,4km ‘Lauf’am Lech’

In addition I had six athletes running the ‘Züricher Silvesterlauf’ a week last Sunday. The conditions were very special with a lot of snow in the morning and rain just before the race start. It was cold, slippery and wet with nearly knee deep puddles on the course. Nevertheless it was a great training for Cornelia Stähli (9th in the F30 AG), Cornelia Dürrer (41st in the F30 AG), Marco Schönmann (93rd in the M30AG), Florian Blumenthal (69th in the M30 AG), Marc Haller (309th in the M40 AG) and Christoph Zech (44th in the M40 AG)! All did very well without risking anything and the finishing times really do not matter very much under these conditions.

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

National Champion! Congratulations Gustavo.

Gustavo Beathyate has been slowly getting back to swim/bike/run after a season break, but decided to head into the open water and race the Peru Open Water Championships a go as a solid training day. After it was all said and done, we now have a Masters Open Water National Champion in the squad! Congrats on a very solid effort and setting the tone towards a great 2018, Gustavo! Proud Coach!

Victory for Mark’s team in Arizona.

Mark Miller took part in a 12 Hour Team MTB race in Arizona this past weekend. The team produced some better than thought laps and put together a great race, coming away with the victory! Special props to Mark for setting some all time best power outputs in this race! This is showing the training is moving forward and we have lots to look to in 2018! Great work Mark, and team!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Ashton Prejean raced the Dallas Half-Marathon claiming 7th in his age group, 47th overall, and running his best time for the distance since we began working together. Ashton followed his pacing plan, descended his effort, and outran a group of about 15 athletes that he had marked, stalked, and summarily dispatched over the final 5K. Ashton clocked a 1:26:34 and is right on track for the Houston Marathon in 5 weeks. Keep it up Ashton!

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Congratulations Nini!

I am very please with Nini Ruttanaporn’s final race of the year; another terrific all round performance at home in Thailand. It has been a great 3 months for Nini with the training and racing all coming together…, after she started to believe in the program. A trip Downunder awaits…

Race Recap from Coach Harald Fritz:

Sebastian was only beaten by a pro on the bike…

It is a real pleasure working together with athletes like Sebastian. 100% dedication, 100% sticking to the plan. 2 weeks after qualifying for the 70.3 WC in South africa, now 2nd place with new PBs and the second fastest bike split!.


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Iceland to Noumea and everywhere in-between!

Hjordis racing away to the overall win at the opening event of the Icelandic Triathlon season. Photo Credit: Arnold Bjornsson

I think the hardest part of being a coach is to follow a race on the athlete tracker. On that point there is nothing you can do but wait and see. When the splits come in and everything is going according to plan or even better it is a great feeling and something that really drives me and gives me motivation to be the best help for the athletes I can be.

Hjordis Olafsdottir had some great runs in the preseason and could finally show what she is capable of in a triathlon this past Sunday. The Icelandic triathlon season kicked off with a supersprint race and she was able to capture the overall win! I almost think I don’t need to tell anymore that the conditions were tough, because that seems to be the norm if you race in Iceland 😉 Next race will be the challenge championship in Slovakia in less than three weeks time.

Fantastic turnaround by Perla in just 4 weeks and proudly holding her finishers medal 🙂

Perla Gonzalez Salazar did her first 70.3 race this weekend. Since she lives in Monterrey she could check in her bike for 70.3 Monterrey on Saturday right from work. When she started with me just 4 weeks ago she was so tired from all the training she tried to fit in her busy schedule that she wasn´t sure if she will be able to race. I think what she wrote to me after the race pretty much sums up the past 4 weeks: “Hi Chris first of all,, woooho!!!! I’m very thankful and happy with you, this is my medal but is also yours just wanted to let you know. That i’m very grateful that u brought back my motivation and to make me believe in myself again THANK YOU.”. I am very happy that Perla finished the race!

Gaining confidence in his run, Distel was able to put it all together for a great overall performance at 70.3 Pays d´Aix.

Distel Pipe also raced his first triathlon of the season in France. 70.3 Pays d´Aix was the first test if the solid improvements in training also could be transitioned into a 70.3 race. And the answer is clearly yes! He could improve his swim by almost two minutes and went under 30min for the first time. On the bike the main focus lay on the pacing. In his previous races he always went out too aggressive with a lot of peaks in his power files because he had not much self confidence in his run. I think I gave him some good test in the preparation for this first race to enable Distel to really believe in his run. Before this race we had a long talk about the pacing strategy for this particular race and it completely payed off. He went on the run with a good bike performance and could almost break the 90 minutes for the half marathon. Something I truly did not expect. He moved up the ranks a lot compared to last year. The next test before Ironman Zürich will be 70.3 Rapperswil in four weeks.

Race Recap from Coach Cam Watt:

Blowing away some cobwebs in Byron – nice win for Josh. Photo Credit:

This weekend marked 4 weeks out from the Asian Pacific Ironman Championships in Cairns, perfect timing for a nice little hit-out to blow the cobwebs out and break the training up… Josh Amberger went a wire to wire victory in the Byron Bay Triathlon to win convincingly amidst heavy training.
Damien Collins came in 8th, interestingly his first Olympic Distance race, despite competing in multiple Ironmans and 70.3’s. Damo came into the sport of triathlon through adventure racing, not by stepping up in distances like majority of athletes do.

Super performance by Sarah in Noumea. Photo Credit: Bruno Moure

Sarah Crowley took an emphatic victory in the Noumea International Olympic Distance. Setting up her race with a continually improving swim only losing 30sec to Annabel Luxford and Rio Olympics 5th place Barb Riveros. Onto the bike and Sarah caught Annabel as they both dispatched Barb in the non drafting format coming off bike together before Sarah unleashed the days best 35:24 10k to seal the win.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Jonathan out of the water at 70.3 Mallorca.

Pro athlete Jonathan Ciavattella, after his good 3rd place at Chia Half (Sardinia) raced 70.3 Mallorca and again had an excellent race in 4:10.15 which allowed him to place 5th MPRO in a very strong field. Johnnie’s condition is improving and we are looking forward to the next races.

Marco De Leo raced 70.3 Pays d’ Aix, it was a last-minute decisione and Marco arrived a bit tired from a stressful week at work. However he was able to race well until the last few km of the run, where fatigue set in and maybe also the lack of sleep contributed to a tough finish. His time was 5:26.29 and now we are looking forward to recover and build form for his next race, the 70.3 European Champs at Elsinore in June.

Andrea Cattabiani did the Barberino al Mugello half triathlon in preparation for the more important 70.3 races we planned later in the season. This race gave us a good feedback about the actual condition in order to prepare well for the A races. He finished in 5:10.31.

David winning his age group M40-45 at the Novellara sprint triathlon.

David Galafassi raced the Novellara Sprint Triathlon, together with friends and just for training. The outcome was excellent, he placed 7th overall and won his age group M40-44.

Massimo racing the Costa Rei olimpici triathlon.

Massimo Argiolas did also a training race back home in Sardinia, the Costa Rei olimpic triathlon, placing 3rd M50-54.

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Encouraging signs for Jenny on her way to 5th Pro in Mallorca. Photo Credit: Ingo Kutsche

With my athletes I have two busy and very successful weekends of racing behind. It is just great to see how the effort they put into the training is rewarded.
Jenny Schulz was racing Ironman 70.3 Mallorca. After months of hard training in the pool we were really looking forward to that race. Jenny finished the swim just 4mins behind Lisa Norden which is a really huge milestone for her. Unfortunately Jenny didn’t have the legs on the bike she was hoping for and jumped of the bike in 9th position. While her strength is the run, we were very confident that she is going to make up some places. Jenny had a fabulous run of 1:24.

Making great progress, well done Sabrina.

Sabrina Stadelmann, my mathematic genius from Zurich, was racing 70.3 Mallorca as well. She didn’t only surprise herself but her coach as well. She was very strong in all three disciplines and didn’t show any weaknesses. Sabrina proved that she is on a good path to be a professional triathlete in the near future. Her swim time was similar to Jenny’s one, the bike was solid and would have been competitive in the professional field as well. The final half marathon was a 1:28h which served her an overall 8th place! With this time she not only won her age group and had the fastest swim and bike split of all Age Group ladies. That’s the way to go.

Jennifer Wood from the UK raced IM 70.3 Mallorca as well. Jen was struggling with foot injuries over the last weeks and we built her up carefully for this race. Lucky that it worked very well and Jen had a really good race after all the obstacles she had to go through. She finishes the race as 7th lady in her Age Group.

5th overall for Eb at Dukhan. Photo Credit: beFitnessPhotography

Ebrahim Alromaihi raced the Dukhan Sprint Triathlon in Qatar. It is really great to see his big improvements. He had his best swim ever and it was his first time leaving the water in second place. While Ebrahim pushed hard on the bike he hold his 2nd position till the start of the run where unfortunately three other athletes passed him. But at the end Ebrahim finished 5th over all with a big smile on his face.

Close podium with Peter (3rd from left) finishing in 3rd.

Peter Seidel raced another Thuringian race: Duathlon Jena. The course is flat and you are cycling on a motorway which makes it really fast. At the end it was a very tight race. Peter was only 20sec behind the winner. With this gap and a 3rd place we see that Peter’s performance is improving from race to race.

Carmen on top of the podium again in St.George whilst Steffan flew through the forest near Thuringia

Carmen Grosse, the orthopaedic surgeon from Zurich, was racing the North American Championship Ironman 70.3 St. George last weekend. While she was still filled with enjoyment caused by her incredible performance at Ironman South Africa, she went to Utah without any expectations. But Carmen wouldn’t be Carmen if she is not giving her best. Again she proved that she is a fantastic athlete. After the swim she had a comfortable lead of 11mins to her strongest competitors in her age group! The other ladies were pushing very hard on the bike and making up their deficit. But Carmen ran the 2nd fastest half marathon and won her very competitive Age Group to her own surprise. Over all she became first non-american (European) North American Champion.

Steffen Warias, the Gourmet chef from Merseburg, was running the 12,5km Finnelauf which is one of the most beautiful runs in the North of Thuringia – Germany’s Green Heart. Steffen said that it was one of the most challenging runs he has ever done, especially for ‘an old’ man as he likes to call himself just after turning 50 one day before the race. But even the ‘Youngsters’ were having trouble to follow Steffen while he was flying through the forest.

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

First 70.3 race of year in his home country, great to see Sergio back at it!

Two of my athletes, Miriam Cole and Sergio Silva, flew south from the northern US to race in the Monterrey 70.3.
Miriam faced some difficulties with her GI in the extreme hot and humid conditions but adapted to overcome instead of quitting. Miriam swam well in the rough choppy canal then crushed the bike course. Onto the run, Miriam ran well overcoming several early GI pit stops in the run. But the humidity hit hard at 9 miles but after walking to regroup, Miriam battled home finishing 4th in her age group. I am confident once Miriam gets racing outside the extreme humidity of Mexico we will see her climbing further up the podium.

Like Miriam, Sergio was equally tough in the face of adversity. Sergio’s speedsuit ripped before the race so he struggled in the choppy crowded canal swim in his race kit. But he bounced back on the bike with his fastest bike ride. On the run, Sergio had an old shin injury flare up but stayed the course and fought to the finish line. This is a great first race for Sergio as he readies himself for Lake Placid later this summer.

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Well done Leanne – two PB’s in one race.

Big congrats to my athletes, a weekend of PBs from east to west….
First, Down Under, Leanne Smyth finished 6th AG at the Diamond Women’s Sprint in Sydney on Sat. This was Leanne’s first time cracking the top 10 in her AG,and in so doing set a new 5K PB by just over a minute and a 4min PB at the Sprint distance! Quite pleased she was…to say the least…“Freaking awesome Ed! Awesome! Yeah I’m a bit excited lol..”

Strong start to the season for Christian and Annabel in Mallorca.

Moving over to Europe, Christian Bachli put down a hat-trick of PBs at 70.3 Mallorca on Sat – 7min on the swim (first time under 30min), 12min on the bike (despite a ~6min stop to unjam his Di2 shifting) and a whopping 23min on the run – equating to an overall 45min 70.3 PB! In Christian’s own words “ I had legs like a racehorse who knocks on the stable door because it wants to race!”.
Annabel Cowper also had a solid season opener at 70.3 Mallorca bringing in a ~3.30min PB on the swim. Lots of strength work on the bike paid off allowing her to conquer the climbs feeling good and then being able to put in a good run despite a lengthy period of ITB issues that stifled much of her run training. When considering a progress check at the early stage of a season there is always value in the subjective as much as the objective – “I know I could have pushed harder and that makes me feel good. I’ve had this time before…..and it’s killed me! Today I felt great, it hasn’t killed me at all”.

Well done Team Mazur in Calgary!

Over in Calgary where tri-season has yet to start (unless travelling to warmer destinations abroad) Jan and Loreen Mazur put in solid runs to both finish top 10 in their respective AG  at the Mother’s Day 10k on Sun. To boot, Loreen scored a ~ 3min PB and cracked the “4’s” for the first time. Both are working hard towards IM Whistler this year. On track guys.

Race Recap from Coach Irene Coletto:

Keep on going Mariasole!

Mariasole Ghidini did the IRONMAN 70.3 Pays d’Aix a Aix en Provence, France.She placed 28th in her category W30-34 in 7:11.09. “The miracle isn’t that you finished. The miracle is that you had the courage to start.” She raced with the mind and the heart from start to finish. I’m proud of you. Ironman 70.3 World Championship is waiting for you… Keep on going Mariasole!

Race Recap from Coach Harald Fritz:

Season underway for Jack – Photo Credit: Tom Rottenberg

This week my squad really started the season. At the inaugural “Klosterneuburg Triathlon” over the Sprint distance we had a very strong field of starters both at the woman and at the men almost like it would be the Austrian championships Well done to Jack Creasy who kicked off his season with a solid effort.

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

Strong racing by Daniel in Mallorca.

Daniel Schaller raced at 70.3 Mallorca this weekend. With 3500 starters, possibly the biggest 70.3 in the world? He improved over 4 minutes from last year.
With his 30.30min for the swim he definitely showed how much he improved in the last 12 months. His bike time of 2h32min was very strong too and he set himself up for a great end result. Starting the run well paced and the plan was to run a negative split. which is a big challenge in a long distance race. He had to settle for a 4.25 pace and didnt slow down much towards end. He ended up on 12th place in his age group. that would have qualified him for the 70.3 world championships this year. but he prefers to race two other races instead (which I think is a smart decision!)

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Racing in the heat…, no problem! Good job Gerda Maria!

A very busy weekend for my athletes!
Gerda Maria Dumitru started the party on Friday with a little sprint race in Doha and in extreme conditions. Gerda has had a long break from training and she has only been back training for a couple of weeks but to be able to keep her ranking, we decided that she should still race this local club race. She did very well in very extreme conditions, very hot and humid, Gerda was 4th.

Jona running strongly to a podium finish in Mallorca.

On Saturday, I had Jona Dahlqvist and Melanie Baumann racing the 70.3 in Mallorca. Jona had a great race with a strong swim, bike and run and she came 3rd in her age group 50-55.

Great to see Melanie back racing!

Melanie is coming back from a foot injury so this was like a little test race for her. She did a PB in the swim, rode very well and then struggled a bit on the run but most important, her foot was 100%! Melanie just missed out of the podium and got herself the chocolate medal in 4th place in her age group 35-39

On Sunday, Victor Manrique and Arnaud Penel racing the 70.3 in Aix- en Provence. Victor Manrique is Venezuelan and he’s been living and training in Switzerland since the beginning of this year. He had a great time in Aix, here are his words: My time in Aix en Provence was great, it is such a lovely city with beautiful landscapes, architecture and amazing people. I will definitely love to go back and spend some time there. The race was great, by far the toughest course I have ever raced so far, but also the one that I have enjoyed the most so far too 🙂 I am very happy with my result and how I performed. I was well in control of what I was doing and of what I wanted to do over the entire race. I’m super happy with the great progress.
Victor raced in a time of 4:50:50 and with a PB on the run in 1:32.

Arnaud Penel raced as well, and very close to home, Arnaud lives in Marseille. Arnaud didn’t have his best swim but then he hammered on the bike and rode 2:30:14 which gave him the 2nd fastest bike split in his age group. Unfortunately, Arnaud struggled with cramps on the bike which got him out of the Top in his age group.

On Saturday, I had Yves Salzmann doing a true “Sutto” training day”! Yves wanted to do the 10 miles of Berne (run race) which is a very beautiful course but also an extremely hard one! As a warm up, Yves rode 130 kms in 4 hours to get there! And then he backed it up with an easier 3 ride on Sunday! Way to go Yves!

Maurice Inzirillo raced a 10 miles run in Berne in age group 55. He ran a very strong run in 1:12.33.

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Prepared to lay it on the line from gun to tape – good job Kyle.

When Kyle Gardner started doing triathlon last year, he went all in. He did a sprint, then 70.3 Coeur d’Alene, then IM Coeur d’Alene. Only after that, did he decide to get serious! A baseball player through college, Kyle had no endurance sport experience. When he began working with me on March 1, he was a clean slate.
Kyle has been incredibly consistent and super coachable. Kyle’s result this weekend at the Honolulu Olympic Distance Triathlon is a reflection of his outstanding work ethic, enthusiasm, and commitment. Kyle had a very simple race plan: blast the swim, best effort on the bike, and give whatever you’ve got left on the run. I’m happy to report that he followed the plan to the letter. Kyle finished 2nd amateur and 5th overall with the pros. I look forward to seeing what he does in his return to 70.3 Coeur d’Alene next month!

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Great PB for Mariana at Iron girl Aix-en-Provence.

Excellent work and great training weekend for Mariana at a 7km run race finishing second.

Run Steve! Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography

Fourth place for Steve Bayliss at the Sailfish Open Water Swim, outsprinted on the beach for third.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

As always Clare (the best support on the planet!) -was waiting for David on the finish line, Happy Day! Congratulations!

I had 3 Athletes racing this weekend: Gen Jacques and David Nicholson raced 70.3 Mallorca.  This is the largest 70.3 in the World with almost 4,000 competitors on the start line – luckily they go in waves 🙂
After a very strong Olympic distance last weekend David was hoping to go under 6hours for the first time (his previous PB was 6:06) on the same course.  I knew he should be able to go much faster than that.  He started with a very strong swim, a new PB, followed by a very strong bike, although he was told to ride conservatively and a steady run where he struggled the most in the past.  A result was a massive 25min PB. Consistent work results in steady progress and David continues improving from race to race.
Coming back from the camp in Gran Canaria 3 weeks ago Gen main focus was swim which we started working on more seriously in Maspalomas.  The results of the training as despite a torn wetsuit she swum very well.  The bike leg was mentally challenging as Gen was going relatively easy for her saving the legs for the run, still 2:53 is a very good split on this course.  She started running well but the old recurring injury resurfaced and she had to play defensively.  She slowed down but she finished although it was very hard ask to go slowly for such a hard competitor she is. Congratulations on overcoming and the mental strength – there will be much better races when the body allows you to push.

Quick change of plans for Krzysztof to a warmer race.

In preparation for a 70.3 in 2 weeks time Krzysztof was supposed to race an Olympic distance this weekend. 4 days before the race he send me a following email – weather forecast 3C and snow with rain in north east of Poland, can we do something else? He was already prepared for the discussion having researched every race in the country and we settled on a long distance duathlon 10/60/10 in a slightly warmer location. The plan was to start very conservatively and build the effort throughout the day. First run of 42 min felt relatively easy but as he described the race every one started as if it was the only leg in the race.  The was the bike: 60k was the longest bike leg Krzysztof ever did in a race but this didn’t scare him. He pushed strongly from the start finishing with 30k time trial he had the 20th fastest split overall out of 300 competitors – not bad for someone who hated tri sessions when we started 🙂 Second run was almost exactly the same as first one, 42min but on this occasion it was the 15th split. It shows how important is pacing in a duathlon.  20th overall was much more than what we were aiming for in this training race. Congratulations on perfect execution, well done!

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

João, (second from right) celebrates on the podium.

A great weekend for our Team demonstrating that the training is working very well. We started with our triathlete from Juiz de Fora; Minas Gerais Marcelo Pasquini who got 1st place 35/39 and overall age group in the Triathlon Rio Janeiro.  Another great results came from João Braz who finished 1st place in his category 30/34 and 3rd overall) in the Triathlon São José do Rio Preto. Very nice test for him before IM Brazil.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Joanie happy at the finish of her first 70.3 🙂

Joanie Heisey is very new to triathlon with only a few sprints and OD under her belt but that didn’t stop her from wanting to take on the challenge of her first 70.3 on Santa Rosa on the weekend! Joanie is a total lifestyle athlete, loves to just have fun & do what makes her happy. In winter this includes a tonne of ski touring and summer we mix in some mountain biking! All I believe can help get through an endurance event like a Half Ironman. The risk however is injury in these other sports and she has certainly had her fair share from shoulder to a few knee injuries from skiing and falling off the mountain bike. None however seem to phase Joanie so I had zero doubt of her completing her first Half Ironman. Joanie came to Scottsdale for our Feb Trisutto camp and I could see right away the most important factor for her high metabolism non stop personality- we had to conserve her muscle & focus on fuelling- no issues with endurance!
Well the race was far from perfect as she found herself cold on the bike (which burns through even more calories) although we decided on extra layers and dropped half her nutrition! Joanie is so tough that this again didn’t phase her although she paid for it on the run but still managed to jog her way to the finish line in a reasonable time for her first! Not a bad way to celebrate turning 50 this year😊. I’m super proud of her effort and I’m sure the next race will be even better than the first!

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Fantastic Action shots from the Sailfish Open Water swim races courtesy of James Mitchell Photography

On Saturday was the Sailfish Open Water swim races organised by Sands Beach Resort. A great morning out for all and as Brett would say, “what sport and racing is all about” = A great day out, enjoying great sport with many people. Fun had by all, and in the races everyone doing their best.
I was really impressed with our whole Team, here are some of the exceptions:

  • Matias, 8 years old, new to racing but now loving it all won the 200m race!
  • Sebastian enjoyed his first swim race ever and finished strong.
  • 13 year old Jorge Wilkes continues to impress us all, coming out of the Wetsuit 1.9km in 2nd place just behind professional triathlete Bart Aernouts in 25.26,  Well done Jorge.
  • Mia Leadbeater was 2nd in the Wetsuit 1.9km in a time of 27.14 beating her coach by 1 minute 10 seconds!
  • Young Harry Holdaway came 4th in a time of 26.19.
  • I was very proud of junior Thomas Cleminson, Last year Thomas swam 52 minutes for the 1.9km, After a year of work, Thomas is improving, and it shoed at the weekend with a 20 minute improvement! Thomas swam 32.05
  • Sue Holdaway swam over 15 minutes faster than last year!!!  Last year she struggled to get under an hour, this year she went 43.11 !!!

Thank you for the great photos James Mitchell Photography

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

As part of Steve Pressman’s preparation for Ironman Copenhagen, he completed the Santa Rosa 70.3 as a training day. As well as fun to get back on the horse, these are also a barometer to take a reading of where we are at, and what needs to be done. Well done Steve, onwards and upwards.

Andrea Rudin ran in the 10 mile Gand Prix in Bern. After an Aussie summer of training, and good preparation for the upcoming Euro triathlon season, Andrea ran strongly and enjoyed the competition in a good size field with large crowds. Placing is of lessor importance, but a 33rd finish out of 4500 competitors is tremendous 🙂

Chiin-Hooi Tan raced in the mid week Aarhus Motion 15km road race in Denmark, as a training run for fun, and for pacing practice as she limbers up for the Copenhagen Marathon next weekend.  After missing the start Chiin caught up to her pace group (4:15 per km), then ran with them till the last 4km before kicking ahead for a 4:12 per km average. An exercise in control and patience, but another good run.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Smiles all round with wins in Long (Michalis) and Short (Zarina) course races in Greece.

In Almiraman, one of the biggest triathlon races in Greece our athletes took part in both Sprint and Half distance races which took place. Winning all podiums in gold 4 at 4 !! In Sprint distance race in women’s category, Zarina Kopina was 1st in general classification return to the sprint distance races after 4 years, in man’s category 1st was Spyros Karathanasis, a young man who started without a special sports infrastructure and got first out of the water!!In the longest, half-distance race 1st in woman’s general classification was Nadia Synzanaki having a bike accident stood up jump in the bike again and continue the race. In Men’s race 1st in general classification was Michalis Tekertalis, who with persistent work in his third attempt in the race managed to be for the first time the fastest in the finish line! It was a good weekend with absolute success!

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.