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Fearless Racing

Fearless Racing

Melanie overcomes the tough conditions at Ironman Western Australia with a smile.

This weekend, I had Melanie Baumann racing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Western Australia. After racing Hawaii in October, Melanie was still keen to race and therefore we decided to give it a go again at IM WA. Unfortunately the swim got cancelled due to a fish with very shark teeth!
The race was a brutal one even though the swim got cancelled, it was very hot, 35 degrees and very dry. Melanie struggled with many issues and she probably got a heat stroke! It was a day of a lot of throwing up and having to stop at every aid station from midway on the bike to cool herself down. But Melanie kept going and ended up in 2nd place in her age group (35-39)! She was 12th overall! She rode 5:11 and ran 3:36. Melanie just never ever gave up, very impressive…
Melanie did get a slot for Hawaii but she didn’t take it. Now it’s time for a well deserved little down time!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

A duathlon beckons at IMWA and Els is first off the mark. Photo Credit: Paparazzi on the run

Els Visser travelled to Busselton where she took on her first race in a Professional field at Ironman Western Australia. After the race was dramatically reduced to a duathlon (due to sharks on the swim course), Els led off the Professional women in the Time Trial format.  A great experience to lead the race through the first few time checks, Els rode without fear and put in a terrific effort. Somewhat underdone for the run we then saw a spectacular blow up leading to a humbling final run lap. Despite this, we take away a lot of positives from this performance. Well done Els, a courageous debut.

Keep cranking Jane, the finish line is in sight!

Jane Loughnan was back at ’em this week firstly with a midweek swim/run race followed by another all out effort hill climb TT on the weekend with the Wellington Masters Cycling Club. Am very happy to see Jane getting her teeth stuck in at all the races again having overcome many challenges in the past year. Onwards and Upwards!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Finishing with a smile –  an encouraging Ironman debut for Magnus

Last weekend both Magnus Grimeland and Tim Marbach did races in Australia. Both of them started with triathlon training just this Summer and joined me only ten weeks ago.
For Tim the 70.3 Western Australia was his first ever 70.3 race. He was a leisure runner before he started to train for triathlons this summer. Unfortunaltely the swim had to be cancelled due to a shark that had been spotted on the swim course. Tim showed an impressive race nevertheless. His bike split of 2:39 is remarkable if you have in mind that he did no bike training at all before this summer. He also had a good half Marathon off the bike and finished his first 70.3 after 4hrs38min on the 24th (out of 66) place in his agegroup. This is a great result for the first ever 70.3 race!

Magnus already did his first Ironman in Busselton after just some months of bike training. His goal was to ‘just finish the first Ironman’ but he did way more than ‘just finish’. The swim was canceled as well for the same reason as in the 70.3 race. His bike split of 5hrs 53min is also remarkable for someone who has just some months of bike training in the legs! Unfortunately Magnus seriously overate on the bike because he assumed that the gels handed out contained half of the ammount of carbs they actually did. This lead to serious stomach issues and 8 toilet stops on the run. Nevetheless he finished his first Ironman with a 4:30 marathon in 55th (of 134) place in his agegroup. Next time we will make sure to solve the nutrition issue to improve a lot on this already very impressive first time performance! His finishing time was 10hrs49min. Even with a swim it would have been a first time finish just over 12hrs after just some months of triathlon specific training.

Perla Gonzales did her second 5km run after being back from overtraining. She ran as fast as 3 weeks ago and finished the run after 23min in first place of her agegroup and 7th place overall. With some more patience Perla will continue to not just built back her run strength over the next weeks and months but also get better as a complete triathlete!

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Top step for Gustavo!

Congratulations Gustavo Gennari. (Age group 40/45) He finished in first place at Ironman 70.3 Cartagena; Colombia and got his spot to the World Championship 2018.

Race Recap from Coach Ricardo Borges:

Roberto excited and ready for a big race at Challenge Florianópolis!

We are closing the 2017 season with a couple of races. Daniela Zoca raced the Volta da Pampulha, a 18 km run, and took down 15 seconds/ km from her running pace on previous 15 km races. And Roberto Maruoka raced the Challenge Florianópolis (70.3), with a PB on the swim and also on the the bike, closing the race with the second best run of his age group, taking almost 40 minutes of his time on this race on 2015. Now it’s time to sit down and plan the 2018 season

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Blaine, pumping iron with his hardware.

Blaine Egain has been mixing it up in his training this fall with kickboxing and strength training to keep things fresh and fun for a short block before we get back to work on qualifying for Kona. We’ve placed an emphasis on his run, trail running, and hill strength. All that work showed this weekend in the Peacock Gap Trail Half-Marathon. Blaine was in a battle for the podium and charged his way through the final miles of the run to claim second overall on the day. It was a great run for Blaine and just the start of his off-road winter racing campaign. Keep it up Blaine!

Bex Fink raced a massive personal best at the California International Marathon, improving her mark by nearly fifteen minutes. Bex also shattered the 4 hour barrier, going 3:53:45. She paced the race brilliantly, finished strong, and is ready to start working on going under the 3:45:– barrier to qualify for London and Chicago. Fantastic effort Bex!

Ollie Saxon raced the Nottingham Christmas Marathon despite battling a parasitic infection during the past month. Until the illness, Ollie was checking every box in his preparation. Ollie raced on pace and plan to perfection through 18.5 miles. And then, as Ollie wrote, “the lights went out”. Ollie took on this race with heart and grit. When the lights went out, he soldiered on. Ollie completed his first marathon at a walk/shuffle, and declared it, “The hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was not giving up and quitting.” It’s races like these that reveal an athlete’s character. Ollie did himself, his family, and this coach proud. Well done Ollie.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Piotr training in Gran Canaria 2 weeks before the race.

After a very successful 70.3 season Piotr asked me if we can pull out one more performance.  This time he had in mind an Ironman.  The key to answering the question was how he was recovering form last 70.3.  He bounced back very quickly so we decided to go for the last race of the year IM Argentina.  With only 10 weeks to get ready it was a big ask for both of us but with constant communication and careful management of workload and recovery I was confident he was capable of a strong performance.  Piotr didn’t disappoint, after a very strong swim which didn’t tire him at all he jumped on the bike and started progressing through the field finishing the bike on 7th place in his AG.  Running after such a strong bike wasn’t easy but he had he training in his legs and he was going very well.  A marathon tome of 3:25 was good for 8th in his AG and the finishing time of 9:36.  He was only one place away from securing the illusive Kona slot but if he was one month ‘wiser’ he would have finished 2nd in his new AG 🙂
I’m very happy with his progress over this year and I’m sure he will continue improving in years to come.  I’m very happy with his race, how he approached it and the execution.  He gave it all and if there is nothing left on the finish line and you haven’t make any major mistakes you have to be happy with the race whatever the final placing happens to be.
A short message from Piotr just after the race said it all: ‘All day I felt well, I ate and hydrated per the plan we agreed, I was in control till the end. Thank you coach, we keep fighting!’
Massive congratulations from Happy Coach and entire Trisutto team!


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Time to Shine

Time to Shine

Congratulations Melanie – 70.3 European Champion!

This weekend, I had 5 of my athletes racing and they all did a great job. Melanie Baumann and Jona Dahlqvist both raced the 70.3 European Champs in Elsinore and what a day they both had! Melanie took the gold in her age group (35-39) and Jona took the bronze in her age group (55-59). Both Melanie and Jona did very well in all 3 disciplines!

A picture tells a thousand words! Great job Jona and Melanie 🙂

This is what Melanie said about the race: Oops, I did it again 🙂 Really happy getting another win in Helsingør at the 70.3 European Championships. A swim PB, a bike PB and finally a solid run again to get a new overall PB and 1st place in my age group. That’s 4 wins in a row in Denmark! Thanks to coach Lisbeth, always getting me ready to battle the vikings.

Bettina looking so strong on route to a fantastic win! Photo Credit: Heilbronner Stimme

In Challenge Heilbronn, I had Bettina Strehl, racing the half distance. Bettina had a great day of racing on a very tough course. She won her age group (40-44) in a time of 5:11. She was 2nd fastest age grouper and she was 8th over all! Well done Tina!

A strong finish landed Arnaud on the podium; great work!

And then I had my 2 Arnaud warriors racing!
Arnaud Penel raced a sprint distance in Carpentras in the south of France. Arnaud had an average swim but then he hammered on the bike and rode very well and managed a good run too to finish 3rd in his age group. Much more to come from Arnaud!

Arnaud Margot raced an Olympic distance in Zug as preparation for an upcoming IM very soon! Arnaud had a very ok swim where he practiced the hard swim start, Arnaud rode very well in a time of 1 hour for the 40 kms and then he finished of with a very good run and ended up with a time of: 2:10. A perfect day of training for his Ironman!

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Celine takes out the Zytturm Triathlon in her hometown, Zug.

This weekend saw the return to racing of Celine Shaerer as an athlete of Trisutto Coaching.  It was a small step towards the larger goal of qualifying for her first race in Kona, however I’m pleased to say Celine embraced the race and finished on top of the podium with the overall female win.

Corinne Abraham, who returned to training camp two weeks ago after her epic race at Ironman Lanzarote, was quickly sent back into battle at 70.3 Luxembourg.  A solid training day completed, and we will now hunt for another Ironman podium as we also look to secure her trip to Kona in October.

Mariana Solorzano headed to Kitzbühel for the ETU Champs, coming away somewhat deflated after a run-in with officialism. We’ll jump straight back in the saddle next week and a less crowded course.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Gisela Reichmuth put her winter Iron distance training to good use again this week, winning her age category and placing 8th female overall at Challenge Heilbronn Olympic distance race. The summer of racing (and podiums) continues for Gisela with 4 races in two weeks 🙂 Now for a ‘weekend off’ before lining up in two weeks time at Challenge Geraardsberg

Andrea Rudin is also on a hot spell, with a 2nd place in her age category at Zytturn Olympic in Zug.  We are using local shorter races in preparation for Ironman Switzerland, with 5 races in a 7 week period;  before final preparations at St Moritz training camp leading into Ironman Switzerland race day.

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

Congratulations Rebecca on a great win at Staffordshire 🙂

Rebecca Joslin did her first race of the year at IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire. The Swiss based Australian flew to the USA the week leading up to the race for work. Not the most ideal taperweek. She only got back in Europe three days before the race and attacked her jetlag with a big swim before travelling to the UK. I’m amazed by how she deals with balancing a demanding job and her training. She has steadily put in all the work, improving in all disciplines in training. I was very happy for her to see her take the agegroup win after a strong swim and bike. The run wasn’t showing what she can actually do. But there will be more races where she can display her improved strengths. For a ‘shake of the cobwebs race’ Rebecca did a great job! Well done!

Race Recap from Coach Keegan Williams:

Congratulations Alice on a stellar run in Wellington. Photo Credit:

Alice Mason took on the New Zealand Marathon championships in Wellington on the weekend. She got the win in a course record of 2hr48min in a nicely controlled run. She has been battling a bone bruise for some time so it was great to see that put behind her. I am looking forward to see what she can do once she has put down a solid block of training over the New Zealand winter.

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Patricia getting rest to smash her personal record for the ocean mile.

Patricia Neubauer decided one year ago to take on triathlon. She had no experience as a swimmer or a cyclist. A mutual friend advised her to get a coach, and we got down to work to harness her natural enthusiasm and athleticism. Pat has made enormous gains in every aspect of her triathlon development. This week, Pat was able to jump into a weekly summer ocean swim event for the first time of the season. Last summer, Pat swam the same event at the end of the summer season once she had enough fitness to safely go the distance. For the mile race, Pat had a six minute time drop over her time from the end of last summer and was able to keep up with some legit local athletes. Pat will take advantage of this weekly mile ocean race throughout the summer, and you can bet that her strength, experience, and speed will all continue to make big improvements. Well done Patricia!

Bex’s finisher medal featuring a sloth, an instant favorite!

Bex Fink took advantage of some travel miles to race 70.3 Costa Rica. It was an occasion for her to experience the cultural enrichment that is one of the great opportunities in our sport. The objectives at this race were to enjoy the experience and to have a solid, well-paced day in preparation for IM Whistler. Both accomplished – happy athlete and a happy coach. Pura Vida Bex!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Congratulations Rahel on a great race in Luxembourg.

Rahel Bellinga lined up at the 70.3 Luxembourg race this weekend as a pre-cursor before Ironman Maastricht. A non-wetsuit swim for the pros doesn’t help her chances, but due to the short swim course, she came out of the water in a respectable time. Then Rahel went to work on the bike, producing the 2nd fastest split of the day (by 2 sec) and moving up to 4th place. Our question mark was the run, as we have suffered some naggy physical issues preventing us from some proper and productive run training. Rahel was able to produce a consistent race, and ended up on the podium in 5th place. A solid showing and we can now build to Ironman Maastricht! Congrats Rahel.

A fast run by Sean landed him on top of the Podium in NYC!

Sean Laude took part in a local sprint triathlon in New York City this weekend. We wanted to some more transition and flow practice ahead of a bigger goal at the Philly International Triathlon next weekend. Sean produced a solid swim, and rode an extremely strong bike on the short out/back course. Then running a sub 18min 5k, he was able to take the WIN! This was a great confidence boosting race, and let us know that we can afford to push the swim/bike a bit more, and have those reserves on the run. Awesome work Sean!

Great to get the win Steve; well done 🙂

Steve Brown took part in his local race series in Baja California, Mexico this past weekend. On the out and back course with a climb in the middle, Steve was able to hang to the front group, and then come into the final and unleash his strong sprint for the WIN! Some great training, and great results is getting us to the point where he will be able to upgrade his category! Congrats Steve!

This weekend in Germany, Christian Pleul took part in his first Olympic Distance Triathlon at the Koberbachtaler Triathlon. Christian is very adamant about his training and it showed with a solid race. We keep finding little things to work on, and when all these little things add up, Christian will have a great first experience at the middle distance Knapperman later in the year! Keep up the great work Christian!

Jasmin Schulze, fresh off 70.3 Barcelona a month ago, and a few weeks of training with TriSutto methodologies, produced her best every 70.3 race this past weekend at 70.3 Luxembourg. Jasmin produced a killer swim, and produced a sub 3 hour bike! Then onto the run, Jasmin ran very consistent, and crossed the tape with a personal best! Way to control what you could control, have a solid nutrition plan, and have a fun day! Congrats Jasmin!

Cory Giesselman raced a 17km Trail Race in Curacao this weekend and produced a 5min PR on the course! He stuck to our race pace planning in the beginning to not overshoot the effort, and was consistent and strong all day, finishing in 12th / 160 starters! Now that we have a good “open race pace” known, we can push even more next race! Way to go Cory!

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Looking strong David!

Stateside, David Pokluda raced his first US Sprint Duathlon Nationals in Bend Oregon.  Dave had a solid race despite feeling the 3500ft elevation change from his home taking a 10th AG national ranking.

Congrats to Leanne Smyth for completing the Newness Trail Half Marathon in Australia! The course was probably more attuned to adventure racing with a few puddles and scrambles along the way. Nevertheless, despite some falls, one of which caused a painful tailbone bruise, Leanne still gutted out a 15min PB on that course. This was Leanne’s last race of the season. A few weeks down time and we’ll back at it aiming for 70.3 Sydney in Nov.

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

Starting the year with a PR – nice work Damien.

This past Sunday at the Luxemburg Ironman 70.3 in the Moselle region, Paris-based French athlete Damien Leonardi was in action for his first triathlon of the year. The father of two led the 40-44 AG out of the water and then backed it up with a very strong bike and run combo, to finish in the top 10 of his AG, and record a new PR of 4h33 for the 70.3 distance. This sets a good theme for the rest of the season!

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Kendall keeping warm before the race, no guarantees ever for a warm race in Canada in June 🙂

Super weekend for my North American Athletes! First Kendall took on the Chinook Olympic in the middle of her Ironman build in prep for the main one in Santa Rosa at the end of July and did fantastic. The main purpose for this race was to really push the bike hard and that she did with her best bike split ever in an Olympic distance and ended up in 4th in the Female 40-49 AG!

Joanie sharing the podium with the young gals last weekend 🙂

Joanie Heisey also tackled an Olympic distance race further south and ended up 3rd for all the females 40 and over! This ranked her  #1 in the F50-54 category! The highlight for the race was also Joanie’s bike split with a huge breakthrough there. Well done Joanie!

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Great to see the flag of Cyprus on the podium at the ETU Champs – Congratulations Carmen!

This weekend we had the European Champs Standard distance, it was special because being based in Cyprus this winter and having 2 Cypriot athletes in my squad that had qualified was a breakthrough for Cyprus in itself. First up Carmen Macheriotou who athough has only been in my squad a short time has made good progress, however she hasn’t been able to run really the whole time. Her swim went very well and has made some great progress exiting the water 4th in a time of 19.11, onto the bike and again her progress was showing coming into T2 2nd , however with the lack of good running recently she could only hold out for a 3rd place finish picking up the Bronze for Cyprus a fantastic result, loads to come from this athlete.

Next was Dimos Papadavid, now short course isn’t really his distance as 70.3 and full are more suited however to have the opportunity to represent your country for the very first time is and was a massive achievement for him. He had a solid performance swim 21min and bike 1.12 , but just could not hold on on the run 43min but what a great achievement well done Dimos.

In the same Championship we also had Bret Basset competing for GB , Bret as only just come on board and we have only really just started to work together. We have spent most of the time working on his swim and just going through the motions on the bike and run as his only just come back from a knee injury. He had a solid day putting in a 18.12 for the swim isn’t to bad, but the rest needs work, but I’m looking forward to building this athlete

Well done Claire on the Overall Win!

Claire Weller took on Harwich Sprint triathlon this Sunday looking to back up her 2mile swim race on Sunday where she clocked 1hr which isn’t to bad at all for her swim progress. But it made for a great weekend crossing the line 1st and winning overall fantastic result well done.

Congrats Lucy, finishing off the TT series with a win

Lucy Francis is just getting stronger and stronger on the bike and she took on her final 10mile TT race of the season to end the series where she was currently sitting 1st. If it wasn’t for a confusion in directions she would of finished 1st overall on the series but because of the blip she managed to hold on to 2nd so very well done Lucy great riding.

Race Recap from Coach Irene Coletto:

Mariasole enjoying the 70.3 European Champs!

Mariasole Ghidini: did the IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship Elsinore – Denmark. She has an ok swim followed by a very good bike ride. 6:37:23 her time over the 1,9-90-21km triathlon. We are training for 70.3 Worlds 2017 – Chattanooga (USA), so it was confirmation of the great job made so far. Well done Mariasole!

Stefano Curzio: for Stefano it was the first middle distance of the 2017. He raced at Ironman 70.3 Pescara. He placed 32th M 50-54 in a total time of 5:32.50. He has a fast swim and solid bike, but he suffered from frequent painful muscle cramps during the run. Think positive Stefano!!

Anna Franchini: raced at Ironman 70.3 Pescara – Italy. Her performance was faultless; she started with a solid swim, a good bike and very ok run in hot conditions. She ended up 6th in her age group 50-54 in 05:52.34. Still a definite improvement over a few months ago.Great race Anna!!!

Nicola Sforza: did the Ironman 70.3 Pescara – Italy. Only few week ago he restarted a good training after a period of physical problems. Nicola is excited that he is back fit and healthy and now he ready to start the long distance racing season. 5:46:44 his time over the 1,9-90-21km triathlon, which was 17th place M 55-59. Nicola: believe!

Race Recap from Coach Matt Trautman:

Congrats to Otto Du Plessis for his great result at Durban 70.3 this weekend. Otto’s main goal here was to qualify for the 70.3 World Champs in P.E in 2018 which he did, by finishing 5th in his age group. A PB run of 1hr30min was the cherry on top after a very consistent and dedicated block of training leading up to the race. Well done Otto.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Oriana with her finishing medal.

70.3 European Championship Elsinore – Denmark:
Oriana Heer, excellent 6th place F35-39 in 4:49.05, just 90“ down from the podium! Oriana is growing from race to race and we will continue to build her strenghts and work hard on her weaker parts! I’m sure we will see a lot of improvement for this athletes in the near future. Very well done Oriana!

Jana (right) with good friend Sabrina, all smiles post-race 🙂

Jana Perrone finished in 5:46.57 (F25-29)! In Elsinore she was able to put together a very solid performance after a few weeks of health issues. Jana is the proof that even if during the preparation not everything goes as planned, with excellent race management we can collect something very good. Proud of you girl!

Marco and Mariasole both had great races in Denmark

Marco De Leo (M35-39) is still battling a bit with his achilles, but also for him it was all about finding the right pace! I’m really satisfied with his 4:53.52 as he is also a very hard working lawyer with little time for training. I’m sure until the 70.3 World Championship Chattanooga he will still improve. Let’s go Marco!

Strong ladies: Gabi and Irene, both winner of her categories at 70.3 Pescara

70.3 Pescara – Italy:
Gabriella Picco won her category F50-54 in excellent 5:23.47 and therefore she qualified for the 70.3 World Championship in the USA beginning of September! Gabi is a very constant athlete with a really strong mindset and harvests what she seeds or in other words: hard work pays off! Congrats on this win Gabi!

Irene Coletto is working with me for 2 years now and her improvement is amazing! She is such an addicted athlete, taking care of every detail. Her attitude is exemplary and also for her it’s all about hard work that pays off in this excellent results: 1st place F35-39 in 4:43.12 and this means also 5th time women overall (including female pros). Maybe it’s time to think about changing category next year, we will see 😉

Giovanni Marion (M55-59) in preparation for IM Frankfurt had a really solid race: 5:40.54 and 15th place in his age group. He put together good and constant effort in all 3 disciplines and now it’s just 3 weeks to go to the big one! Believe Gianni!

Massimo Argiolas (M50-54) had a bit of a nerve consuming trip to Pescara, as his bike was lost during the flight. But in the end he race very well, 9th place in 5:04.46. Massimo is doing IM Klagenfurt, so this race was the last good test, now it’s time to rest a little bit and let it all you in Austria in 2 weeks. It will be a great experience Massimo!

Hero Dolomites MTB 60km race:
Andrea Cattabiani wanted to experience something new together with his teammates. So leaving the triathlon bike at home for this weekend and racing the famous MTB Festival in the Dolomites. He enjoyed the day and finished in 6:55.43. Well done Catta!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Great effort Thierry.

Last weekend Thierry Dondlinger had a breakthrough performance at 70.3 Luxembourg. After a disappointing race in South Africa in April we found out that his nutrition was far from ideal. Not just in the race but in daily life as well. Thierry worked hard to solve that issue and also executed his race nutrition very well. The reward was that he was first off the bike in the 40-45 agegroup after a good swim and really fast bikeride. On the bike he could improve by 14min on the same course compared to last year! On the run he went to cruise mode to save some energy for Ironman Klagenfurt in two weeks. He finished 5th in his agegroup. I am very happy that he finally got the result he was working for!

Dangerous conditions in Iceland; Hjordis will be back!

Hjordis Olafsdottir did the Olympic distance nationals in Iceland last Sunday. After a swim in less than 10°C cold water and some kilometers on the bike in pouring rain and 9°C she had to quit the race due to hypothermia. I know by now that Icelandic races are nothing but tough, but letting athletes swim in less than 10°C cold water has nothing to do with being tough. It is just irresponsible and dangerous!

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.


Shoot out in the West – PB’s and Kona Qualifiers at Ironman WA

Shoot out in the West – PB’s and Kona Qualifiers at Ironman WA

Melanie finished off her season at Ironman WA with a 2nd place, a big PB and and secures another Kona qualification.

Two of my athletes finished off their season in style this weekend!

Melanie Baumann raced IM Western Australia. Melanie didn’t have the race that she was hoping for in Hawaii so therefore we decided that she should give it another go at an IM before end of season! Melanie has an amazing training etiquette so it wasn’t too difficult for her, after a little break, to get stuck back into training again after racing in Hawaii and all of this hard work paid off on Sunday!

melMelanie hitting the podium at IM WA. 

After not having the very best swim, Melanie started cranking on the bike! She rode the 180 km in 5:07 which put her into 2nd place. And for the first 90 kms, she broke the 2:30 hour mark! A very solid run, 3:36 maintained her 2nd place and an over all time of 10:10 plus next year’s qualification for Hawaii! Now it’s time for a nice little break!


My other athlete Maurice Inzirillo raced in Hawaii as well, and after this race we decided that Maurice should still keep the training going but with less hours for a while. But then Maurice decided to sign up for a 72 km run race by night! Maurice’s goal was to run the 72 km under 9 hours which he did! It took him 8:31.

The warm up for this race was a 23.9 km run race the week before! What a great performance! Maurice did it all in true “Sutto style”! What an inspiration, Maurice, you are one of a kind! Now it’s time for a little and well deserved break!

mauriceLa Saintélyon 72km run – Fantastic splits from Maurice in this night race!

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Vinny lays down the power in Lanzarote earlier this year; another strong showing in WA this past weekend.
 Photo: James Mitchell Photography

Vinny Veness raced Ironman Western Australia coming 10th in his category 45-49 years. Vinny had a great swim 56 minutes,  rode 5 hours and ran the first 21km under 3.40 marathon pace, which would have been a breakthrough, but in the 2nd half of the run Vinny faded and finished in 3.48.  Still giving him a total time of 9.54, 10th in the category and 1 hour 12 minutes faster than last years IM Western Australia.

With huge lessons learnt this year and huge gains made, todays result was still good, being only 10 minutes off his best result ever, which was Ironman Copenhagen in August.  Recover well Vinny, who flies back to the UK today and back to his 12+ hour days at work on the roads of the UK!

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

A great day out in Western Australia for Natarsha Tremayne, recording several Personal Bests in the Ironman

IronTarsh (Pinky) come to Trisutto in May and has experienced ups and downs, yet through constant dedication and persistence, she has progressed little by little. This weekend that persistence, patience and consistency was rewarded. A 6 min PB in the swim and a 7 min PB on the bike showing fantastic progression.

Tarsh came out the water in 1:14 full of smiles and ready to hit the bike. A puncture did not deter her, and after a quick change she put her head down and dug deep. On to the run, she maintained her pace; a solid performance to cross the line in 13:29.  This weekend at Ironman Western Australia was a fantastic performance and Trisutto are very proud of you and what you have achieved. Very well done; keep up the hard work!

Race Recap from Coach Dan McIntosh:

A new PB and 2nd place for Sandy 

This weekend Sandrine Benz raced in the Christmas Run in Gossau, Switzerland. A local race can be a great way to break up the grind from winter training but for Sandy it was also a nice surprise to see her current fitness when she found herself running onto the podium. In her words, “Nice finish to the 2016 season: 2nd place and a new PB (24.27 min) on the 6.5km course of the Christmas Run in Gossau Really happy with the current development of my shape.”

Matt Tatum finished his rookie Trisutto year with his first Overall win at the HITS Full Distance Championship in Palm Spring California. After battling illness the week going into the race he and coach Dan were debating whether to even start but the day before it was decided to at least begin the race and see how things progressed. Out of the swim and then again at mile 6 of the run Matt looked great and it was clear he was going to finish well. Crossing the line first is one of the best experiences in sport and even better that Matt could share it with his supportive family.

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Renato Luca, Overall champion of the Sprint Triathlon of Porto Ferreira

Last Weekend in Porto Ferreira in Brazil, Renato Luca race the Circuit Dias Triathlon, finishing as the overall winner! Renato started training with our team two months ago and his focus is 70.3 and IM. His dream is to qualify IM Kona next year.

Renato reported:
“I’m very happy to get this podium in short race because all my training is long but I could see I’m fast too. I could swim very well and came out of the water in second place. I had some dificulties in transition area  starting the bike in 5th place. As soon as I could I caught the front pack and felt I was ready to run well, I was right with my thoughts and remember the instrutions from  my coach to build up.  So happy to get my first place with Coach Cali Amaral.’

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Xterra Survivor – great work Bex!

Bex Fink raced the 21 kilometer Xterra Kualoa on Oahu this past weekend. The run took place on the Kualoa Ranch which is a working cattle ranch and served as the filming location for Jurassic Park. Bex described it as “a mix of pure mud, grass, and hard-packed dirt” with 1700 feet of gain.

This winter, like a number of my athletes, Bex is on a run stimulus. She’s running a variety of races to keep sharp, stay motivated, and have fun. Having racked up a massive amount of frequent flyer miles for work, Bex took this opportunity to get away from the cold and wet weather of Seattle, spend some time in the warmth of Hawaii, and get in an epic race while she was there.

If you look close you’ll see that the finisher medal actually says “survivor” on it! Well done Bex – you lived to race again! Keep up the great work.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

It’s not cold when you run fast! Congrats Chiin on a solid off season win.
 Photo credit Michael Stockholm Nielsen of

Despite a mountain bike accident the week before and a temporary cast on her wrist, Chiin-Hooi Tan raced in the DGI Sydvest Crosslobs-series in Denmark, a great way to get a quality run during the offseason.   #RunDayFunDay

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Jane (left) celebrating a good day out with her mates 

Well done to Jane Loughnan racing the Sprint distance at her local Wellington Tri Series event on Sunday, finishing with a 3rd place in her category. Citius, Altius, Fortius.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

Maurice Inzirillo: Ironman World Championship Qualifier

Maurice Inzirillo: Ironman World Championship Qualifier

Proud to share the following short video of a very inspirational, but humble man Maurice Inzirillo. Maurice is a Trisutto athlete coached by Lisbeth Kristensen.  

Maurice suffered a very bad leg injury a while ago with a fracture which wouldn’t heal properly and meant that he was on crutches for 5 years!

Finally, he saw a great doctor at the CHUV in Lausanne who helped to fix his leg.

He never used to run much and during his recovery was only hoping to be able run well enough again just to ‘catch the bus’.

He has now qualified for Hawaii after winning his Age Group at Ironman Fortaleza in Brazil last year. He also recently qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Australia. He can run a half marathon in 1.25 hours and he’s 56!

He’s just an amazing athlete and very dedicated!

Well done Maurice, well done CHUV and well done Coach Lisbeth. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

Race Recap: Off-Season Run Races

Race Recap: Off-Season Run Races

Another PB for Melanie Baumann.

A short before recap as my athletes compete in ‘fun’ races ahead of the Christmas break. The squad have been focusing on shorter running events over the off-season so that they can stay motivated, while also improving their speed for the upcoming 2016 season.

Here is Melanie’s report from her recent 10km in Zurich:

The 10km run in Zurich was my last race of 2015 and I ended this year the best way I could, with yet another PB. Didn’t have the best start though, got stuck in traffic a lot on the first of 4 laps, ranking 85th overall, but starting the 2nd lap I got into a really nice rhythm and ran the remaining 3 laps at a fast and consistent pace, moving up to 36th place overall out of 3149 and 10th out of 924 in my age group! 40:14min and almost 5 minutes faster than last year! Really happy!!!

Huge thanks to Lisbeth, coaching me to a series of new PB’s from the very first to the very last race of this amazing and fun year! No reason to stop here 🙂 Merry Christmas and a happy 20PB to everyone!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Scott and SergioScott McGrath, Sergio Silva and friends at the Ted Corbitt 15k event in Central Park New York.

With the triathlon season pretty much over in the northern hemisphere, we turn to run and duathlon races to keep us motivated over the Winter. Sergio Silva had a solid hit out in Central Park with a 15k race run by the New York Road Runners. 5k jog to the start, 15k race, 5k run home makes for a great start to the weekend!

Kim Kilgroe competed in another 5k race in LA over the weekend, once again chipping some more seconds off her PR.

Ingrid Kidd fronted up for the first round of the ABC Monikie Park Duathlon Series in Scotland. The conditions were cold and icy but the racing was fast and exciting. Ingrid crossed the line third overall for the women and after being only 15 secs off first place, she all ready has some extra fire in the belly for the next series race early in the New Year.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Scott McGrath ran a fun 15km at the Ted Corbitt road race in Central Park, New York for Scott with friends and other Trisutto athlete Sergio. A fun welcome home and start to the weekend after a couple of weeks away traveling with work.

Larry & Rocket Thompson both ran the Dallas Half Marathon, with Larry finishing 5th in his category.   Marking the end of the season for Larry, in which he has overcome injury and qualified for 70.3 World’s in Mooloolaba in 2016. Rocket had a good training day as she prepares for the full marathon in Dallas in 5 weeks time.

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Nicola_DanielaDaniela Ryf and Nicola Spirig at the Credit Suisse Awards.

No racing this weekend, but a couple of our Swiss stars attended the Credit Suisse Sportsperson of the Year Awards. It’s a big deal here in Switzerland, with members of the press and public voting for the biggest star of 2015.

For those in any doubt why Daniela and Nicola were nominated, a short list of their ‘top’ achievements in 2015: European Games Championship, European ITU Championship, World Ironman 70.3 Championship, Ironman World Championship.

Daniela was chosen Swiss Female Sportswoman of the Year, with French Open Winner, Stan ‘Stanimal’ Wawrinka winning the men’s.

Daniela Ryf and Stanislas Wawrinka are Swiss Sports people of the year. Photo: Photopress/Dominik BaurPhoto: Photopress/Dominik Baur

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.