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A superb come from behind win for Lisa Roberts in Cozumel. Photo Credit 

Lisa Roberts continued her amazing season capturing her 3rd Ironman title in Cozumel. This fall Lisa has been on fire nabbing a title in September, October, and now November. Lisa executed a smart swim and bike that left her with some work to do on the run. But as the others faded, Lisa hunted them down like a patient assassin. Lisa battled her way to lead by the final lap of the run and never looked back taking the win in record time. Lisa put a cherry on top of her stellar season and her Trisutto coaches are proud of her amazing success.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

A good run by Johnnie in Bahrain.

Saturday I had Jonathan Ciavattella racing 70.3 Bahrain. We just wanted to see at which point we are and what better to do that than racing against a world class field! Johnnie placed 19. ProM in 4:05.24, after a good swim in middle of the first pack, he tried to keep up with the strong cyclists around, but we are not there yet, power lacking! The run effort was good! So now we have a lot of time (and work) ahead to get this sorted. Both very motivated for the new season. Bring it on!!

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

Rahel takes on the big hitters in Bahrain!

Rahel Bellinga raced the 70.3 Bahrain in the pro category. After a crash this summer left her with a few broken ribs she knew time was too short to have a great race while facing the best of the triworld battling it out. When the racelegs seemed to have been stranded somewhere between loosing the bike and sleepless in Bahrain city the days leading up to the race, being painfree and racing without issues was the biggest achievement of the day. Rahel now has gotten rid of the the jitters and can have the patience to work on a solid built up to do an Ironman or Challenge somewhere next year! Well done Rahel, from here we built further! Every stone is one to work with.

Overcoming the heat and humidity in Cozumel, well done Cecile!

Cecile Amstad raced at Ironman Cozumel last weekend. She loves to race in hot conditions and that is what she got! Even though the current helped her with a superfast 55 minute swim her almost 20 minutes pb showed a big step forward even if there hadnt been a current. On the bike Cecile was able to push well without actually getting tired. Another pb there! The run was a slightly different story with a tight calf cramping up. But on a supertough hot day in a marathon that wasnt too short she was only 2 minutes slower then her previous ironman. Overall a great permformance finishing in a new pb of 10.44 hours Cecile showed that with consistent training and hard work you can become a better athlete! Well done Cecile and congrats on a great race!

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Congratulations Patty, a great win at 70.3 Fortaleza. Photo Credit: Talita Saab

Patricia got her third 70.3 title in the year and great performance to finish the year with gold key. The race begins with a very hard swim course with a lot of waves It’s followed by a single loop bike with a very dangerous course too.The run course follows the palm tree-lined streets of Fortaleza, offering breathtaking seaside views. However athletes had a harder tipical sun from north of Brazil. She is very exiciting with her great 2017 improviment and start looking forward 2018.

Race Recap from Coach Melanie Mitchell:

Laura wins her AG and earns herself a Kona Qualification – Congratulations!

Age group athlete Laura Nadeau, absolute legend and amazing mum of 2 competed and won 30-34 age category 70.3 Phuket Ironman 70.3 this weekend. After Laura’s confidence building 70.3 World championships result, she was KEEN to race again, on reflection of her worlds race Laura felt she could of pushed a little harder, and with such a confidence building result considering her short time in the sport (less then 12 months) Laura’s motivation went to a whole knew level as with her drive and commitment to the task ahead of her of improving her swim!
Going into Phuket 70.3 I had no doubt Laura was ready, she had done all the work I had asked of her and she was just fired up and ready to go. . this girl is a real racer, Being her coach I can strongly resonate with Laura as an athlete, as Sutto could attest to, Laura was like a cage fighter,  let me at em!!  There were a few text messages to tell her to race hard but controlled.
There was nothing sweeter then seeing her swim time on the athlete tracker, then see her hit the lead on the bike. It was a steep 22%  and technical bike course which made her nervous as it was wet which made for slippery roads. I gave the advice of, work the hills and take the down hill easy.  The run she was either going to set a new half marathon PB or blow up spectacularly. Either way it would be all in the learning process for her. When my athlete tracker dropped out at 8.2km and she had run through at 35mins my heart stopped for a minute and i thought, oh no LAURA!!!  When I picked it back up at 16km she was still holding 1st place and moving at a great pace. PHEW!
Laura finished with a PR and a new half marathon PB. 1.32…. Only a few weeks ago Laura ran a half marathon and did 1.34. Laura’s goal was to earn a Kona slot and she did it!  Well done Laura!!

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

A huge PB for David in Cozumel! Congratulations!

Congratulations to David on his fantastic performance in IM Cozumel – a PB by 52 min in a very hot race! Ironman Cozumel was David’s goal for the season. After a little break in early summer we build fitness with training and fitted other races around the main goal.
During the race David followed the plan and adjusted the strategy to race conditions and challenges that the day thrown at him.
David started with a great relaxed swim. The bike was very well paced even though he had to deal with a puncture. The run was set to be hot and testing. To David’s surprise he felt good and could keep a steady pace over the marathon while focusing on hydration and getting calories in. David was thrilled to finish with his massive PB (52 min).
It’s been a great season for David and we look forward to 2018 already while we think about goals. As David summarized in his race report below – exciting times ahead for David and the Coach! Very, very well done David!
“Thanks again for all your help and attention, I really value it and it’s amazing when everything comes together like this, especially in the last race of the season, so we can go into 2018 on a big high.”

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Third place and Thai Champ this weekend for Nini at Phuket 70.3.

NIni Ruttanaporn continues to improve week-by-week and I couldn’t be prouder of the way she has progressed, coming to grips with a new training philosophy and racing outlook.

Shannon Benson had her first outing under the Trisutto colours at Bahrain 70.3, executing a great race from the get go. Very happy.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Sub 10 and a PB for Ryan in Cozumel.

Ryan Wright lined up for Cozumel this weekend and I’m super proud of his effort.
Ryan is a busy emergency room doctor and it’s always a good challenge finding a way to give him enough training to have him ready for a good Ironman while getting enough recovery with the high demands of his job but he’s been doing awesome & the work showed on Sunday. Ryan exited the water in 46 min ,2nd in his category with one of the faster AG swims then went on to have his best bike to date, top 10 bike split in his category which is great considering this was Ryan’s weaker link. Regardless of a struggle on the run Ryan still came in 11th with a big PB and his first sub 10 performance! Far from a perfect race but we are certainly in the right direction and like all races, learned more on what worked and what didn’t. After a little break, I am very much  looking fwd to building off this fitness to see what Ryan is capable of!!!

Race Recap from Coach Harald Fritz:

Sebastian on his way to qualifing for the 70.3 World Champs.

Very proud of Sebastian Herzig and his race at the Bahrain Ironman 70.3 race! Altough only working together for a short time he trusted me and we applied basic trisutto methodology. Additionally he was willing to take a risk by trying new things. With an impressive 2:26 Bike he layed the foundation for his slot for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa!

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Great job team! Wouter, Wendy and Andreas in Phuket!

Wendy Casterton qualified for S.Africa World Championship 70.3 at Thailand’s 70.3. She won the 4th place in her category despite the accident it had in cycling due to slipperiness of the road. Something that cost her valuable time but was able to keep her concentration after the accident and keep her performance winning the slot for the W.C.!
Andreas Goros he was compete in same race despite his busy schedule, he stand at the start line making another good race enjoining the crowd and himself. With 5:09, finishing in 18th place in his category.
The third teammate athlete was Wouter Delbaere, where with 4:52 won the 21st place in his category!
Well done to all three!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Backing up this weekend with a 70.3, well done Martin.

Martin Kasten raced his last race oft a long season in Thailand last Sunday. His season started with Challenge Lisboa in the beginning of may and he finished it strong after 4hrs52min at 70.3 Phuket. He backed up a podium finish at Laguna Phuket Triathlon last weekend with a 14th place in the 40-45 age group. Very even performances in all three disciplines lead to a very good overall result. Not even a blocked reak break could stop him on the last 10km of the bikeride ;-). Martin will enjoy his very well deserved season break now!

Great work Deb – racing Superleague style!

Deborah Bomstein did a very special race format in Hatta near Dubai last Friday. The race started with a 3,4km run with a very steep climb of 20% at the end to a water reservoir where the 1500m swim took place. It was Deborahs first swim in fresh water and she managed it well even without the additional buoyance of the saltwater or wetsuit. After the swim followed another 6km run with 400m of elevation and a 30km bikeride with two steep 14% climbs. Deborah managed to get to the finish line after 3hrs14min in this special race and it was a great day of specific strength both on the bike and in the run.

Hardy Wiedemann did another 10km run last Sunday, the Donauwörth „Schlößlelauf“, and won his agegroup again. Three runs and three age group wins during the past four weeks. In addition his 10km club championships was carried out there and he was the first finisher of his tri club and won that as well. The 20s personal best on that specific course was just a bonus ;-).

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

A wonderful team effort by Jo’s athletes in Bahrain.

My athletes did a fantastic team performance IRONMAN 70.3 Bahrain! Carmen Grosse wins her AG with almost a 40min lead! Sabrina Stadelmann wins her AG with a 20min lead and get’s 2nd AG athlete overall! Mihai Vigariu backed up his 3rd place at IM Malaysia with another podium finish and Jenny Schulz had a fantastic “comeback” race after a lot of injuries and finishes 8th pro! Sandra Schöni adds another 4th place to her palmares with fast swim and bike splits! Outstanding efforts. Super proud coach.

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

PB run for Cory!

Cory Giesselman took part in the Curacao 1/2 Marathon this past weekend as a final hit out before 70.3 Cartagena this weekend. The plan was to test fitness, but not absolute 100% effort that would dig a hole in recovery. Cory stuck to our race plan, and at the end of the race, set a new 1/2 marathon PB, and did a fine negative split! The past 2 months have been set on very consistent training, and Cory is seeing the benefits of consistency over huge workouts! Coach is ready to follow your first 1/2 Ironman this weekend!
Eddie Luna had an absolute ripper of a race at Ironman Cozumel this past weekend, posting a 2 hour 25min PB!!!! He swim 20min faster, bike 60min faster, and ran 55min faster than 2015! Coach knew this was going to happen, but there were a few points in training where Eddie questioned if he was doing enough, or if he’d be ready! We made a race plan, raced that plan, and the result came itself. He still went through some dark spots with a possible muscle strain out of the swim and the last 10-15k run problems, but he keep our pre-race talks in his head, and the rest is history! Congrats again, Eddie! Enjoy your season break!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Hoppe, Hoppe!

Getting stronger week-by-week. A two stage TT event this weekend for Jane. Short sharp and fun!…great training!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Using the winter run races to get faster, go Flora!

Winters coming in Switzerland and perfect viking conditions for Flora as she runs her way to another podium finish.

Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

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