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Cali Amaral

Cali Amaral is a former Brazilian Olympic and National Head Coach. During his coaching career he has guided many of Brazil’s best, including Pan American Champion Reinaldo Colucci. He worked directly with Brett Sutton for 8-years and has co-hosted professional and age group camps with Brett in Brazil.

In 2001 at the Triathlon World Championship in Canada I had opportunity to meet Brett Sutton. Almost immediately after being offered the chance I went to Coach with him in Switzerland and we decided to organise a Camp in Brazil. For 8 years we have been working together and I learned a lot from Brett Sutton. He gave me every training guideline and methodology that I needed to improve my knowledge and skills in the Olympic, World, Ironman training. He was also a big part in my inspiration to start our triathlon Social Project with 450 kids. Cali Amaral

Coach Cali

I started my career as a professional soccer player in Brazil. After I became a swimming coach and then finally triathlon coach. As a triathlon coach and high performance manager I have represented my country around the world:

  • 1999 Pan America Games
  • 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
  • 2003 Pan American Games Dominican Republic
  • 2004 Athens Olympic Games
  • 2007 Rio Pan American Games in Rio
  • 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
  • 2011 Pan American Games of Guadalajara
  • 2012 London Olympic Games

Over my career I worked directly with Brett Sutton and using coaching methodology to help age-group triathletes and develop junior athletes through youth social projects. I was elected Sports Personality of Sao Paulo CREF. During the 8 years I had the privilege to organize camps in Brazil with Brett, we had many importants triathletes comes to our camps and show a great example to our Brazilian youth and triathlon scene. Some who came were Nicola Spirig, Emma Snowsill, Lisbeth Kristensen, Craig Walton, Andrew Johns, Bella and Stephen Bayliss, Annie Emmerson, Matt Reed, Liz Blatchford, Rebeca Preston, Hilary Biscay, Cedric Deanaz, Benjamin Sanson, Jane Fardell, Silvan Dodet and others! As the sport of triathlon and Ironman builds again in Brazil, I will build a strong age-group, junior and professional squad to showcase how strong we can be once again! Join us.

ITU World Cup Winners

Brazilian National Champions

South American Triathlon Champions

Pan American Triathlon Champions

I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Cali from my first step in triathlon since I was teenager to conquer together important results and victories around the world. There were many years of training, friendship and fellowship that I will take with me for all my life. Reinaldo Colucci

Olympic and Ironman Triathlete

I started in triathlon through social project Pequeno Cidadão. After I was being quite observed and tested by Cali, in 2009 when I was 16 years old, my life has undergone a major change. I joined the Cali high-performance team. I began to live alone and I saw that triathlon was no longer a joke. Since then I have attended hundreds of national and international events, which I was pleased to be a champion in many of them. I thank  Cali who opened the doors of the sport and the world to me.

Edivanio Monteiro

Social Project and Professional Triathlete

I would like to celebrate  Cali’s return  to the triathlon world. Not  only because he has deeply knowledge about training’s technique, but also he has thought the most important thing which not only apply to triathlons race but in our life as well: strength of mind. Francisco Blumenschein

Amateur Olympic and Ironman triathlete

Athletes of Coach Cali Amaral

Luiz Navas

Luiz Navas

Luiz Navas is triathlete, 6x Ironman finisher, Kona qualifier for 2016 and part owner of Tri Club Navas Tri Sports Coaching. He has a degree in Physical Education and a Post-Graduate degree in sports training, always in search of new knowledge for growth as an athlete and professional.

“I am very happy to associate myself with Professor Cali Amaral / and the legendary coach Brett Sutton. Prof. Cali is one of the High Performance references for triathlon coaches in Brazil.”

Caio Cardozo

Caio Cardozo

Caio started in triathlon when he was 14. Being overweight as a youngster he started the sport to lose weight naturally. At 18 he decided to take the sport more seriously and join the professional category, competing in sprint events. A very strong and consistent rider, he jumped to long distance events, then in his first Half Ironman, he managed to have the second best bike split. With total focus he hopes to make the next year a promising one training with Cali Amaral /

Former Athletes of Coach Cali

Carla Moreno

Carla Moreno

Silver Medal Pan American Games Winnipeg

Team Sesi

Team Sesi

Multiple Brazilian Championships

Reinaldo Colluci

Reinaldo Colluci

Gold Medal Pan American Games Guadalajara

Pamela Oliveira

Pamela Oliveira

Bronze Medal Pan American Games Guadalajara.

Mariana Ohata

Mariana Ohata

2x Olympian

Virgilio de Castilho

Virgilio de Castilho

Silver Medal Pan American Games Dominican Republic Coaches Blog

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On Deck Coaching with Cali Amaral

Train at Bauru City’s 25m swimming pool (8 lanes)
Cross country running tracks.
View full details here.
The squad runs on 400 metre Olympic track.
Loops for bike riding.
Dedicated fitness gym with treadmills.
Available for all ages and ability levels.

Contact Cali

If you are interested in training with Cali, feel free to contact us at anytime via the Live Chat button (envelope bottom right).