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Developing the tools for success

Happy to be back racing – Matt Trautman back in action at the Half Iron Distance, winning the Race 2 Stanford. Photo Credit:

Step-by-step, Matty Trautman continues to inspire as he took on his first Half Distance this weekend at home in South Africa, executing a very Professional performance. Hurry Slowly

Congratulations Nini on a great race at Laguna Phuket!

Nini Ruttanaporn was back in action racing at home also, at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon; making me very happy as she starts to realise some of the secrets for her continued improvement and success.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Super strong on the bike; looking great Carmen!

This weekend saw Zee (Carmen Macheriotou) take on the brutal Olympus Man in Cyprus, it’s a Middle Distance race, but once out the swim the 90k bike is a brutal on going climb up to around 1850m then the half Marathon continues up to 2000m. Training has been going great for Zee, the progress is now starting to show bit by bit, and this race for me was all about showing she had some metal, finding out more about herself as an athlete and that she did. Zee crossed the line 1st Female but 2nd overall, just 30sec behind the overall male winner, an amazing result for this athlete who is continuing to show progress , well done

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Fourth place for Kate in Laguna Phuket. Photo credit: AsiaTri

Kate Bevilaqua came 4th at Laguna Phuket Triathlon a 1.8km swim, 50km bike, 12km run in the heat and humidity of Thailand. After Kate’s 2nd place at Ironman Taiwan last month she is finding her speed again before racing this weekend at Phuket 70.3.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

3rd place for Els at Hervey Bay. Photo Credit: What’s On Fraser Coast

Els Visser had her first taste of racing in Australia with a solid hitout at the Hervey Bay 100 in Queensland. Back to work now for Els as she prepares for her first season as a Professional athlete.

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Fantastic first ever podium for Martin!

Martin Kasten raced the Laguna Phuket Triathlon this Sunday. He knows the course since he already raced there last year. Martin already had a long season starting in Lissabon in May. I was excited to see how he will perform under hot and humid conditions after a preparation that went very well. Martin had a great race and achieved his first ever agegroup podium with a patient pacing! The crazy steep hills are waiting at the end of the ride and it once again showed that it is very wise to save some energy for those 18% ascents. He also had a very good run in the heat and finish just seconds behind 2nd place in the 40-45 AG.

Alexander Orlov ran another local run race last Sunday. His result is really remarkable because he finished the 11km run after 47:17min. This was an improvement of his 10k personal best from just 6 weeks ago in Kiew by almost 5min! Consistent training led to a massive improvement.

Marco Schönmann won the 50m freestyle in 28s during his Tri club championships on Saturday. This is a very fast time considering that Marco usually just swims twice a week!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Finishing the run strongly on the sand…, well done Erick!

Erick Meier took place in the Paracas Half-distance race this past weekend in Peru. A good season ending race showed the hard work that Erick has put in the past few months in the squad, and showed off a great day, coming 2nd place in his age-group. A great effort all day allowed Erick to save some energy for the very hard half-marathon to finish which included many kilometers on the beach sand! Way to finish the season, Erick!

A fantastic day for Jasmin in Arizona 🙂

Jasmin Schulze flew to Arizona to compete in her first every Iron-distance race under the eye of family and friends! Jasmin came to the squad earlier this year and she has put in great training and had very solid races in Luxembourg and Zell am See. I knew she was going to produce a good race, we just had to set a good race plan, and then race that plan! And that is exactly what Jasmin did! On a course that can cause athletes to ride too hard, she did what she had to and made sure to take care of the two most important parts (Food/Hydration) on the bike, setting her up for a solid run. In the end, Jasmin finished just over 12 hours (12:02) in her first ever race. I am so excited to see where we can go from here! Congrats again, Jasmin, and enjoy your break!

Paul Broaderip took part in a team 12-hour MTB race in Arizona this past weekend, coming in 2nd overall! Great work to the team, Paul!

Race Recap from Coach Dan McIntosh:

6th place and a 15 min IM PR for Reece in Arizona.

Reece McGregor, in his first year with coach Dan McIntosh, has been spent the last 11 months developing new tools from the Trisutto philosophy. While owning several strong performances this season, his hard work culminated in back to back break out performances. Last weekend Reece took on strong competitions in hot and windy conditions at the USA Long Course National Championships. Used as a chance to build in last minute form before Ironman Arizona there was a minor taper and subsequently fought fatigue in the final kilometers of the run but came away as National Champion in the 35-39 AG. After the race, it was a quick trip to his home in Colorado then back on a plane to Tempe Arizona for his final race of the season. Ironman Arizona is a fast course but there is no such thing as an easy day in Ironman, therefore, the race plan was set aggressive enough to deliver a PR but conservative enough to allow for variability and adaptability.
Starting with a 55 min swim and strong ride, Reece was in prime position to run an Ironman PR, how much would depend on his will to fight, especially in the later stages where he had yet to be able to run strong off the bike, something coach Dan had prioritized 11 months earlier. While there were moments of darkness all athletes experience, Reece’s used his inner strength to push on and earned a 15 minute Ironman PR and 6th place in the competitive 35-39 AG. Overall this was an outstanding Trisutto rookie season for Reece but carrying on the momentum from the last two weeks, 2018 will be even more impressive.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Craig crushing his Age Group yet again!

Awesome day for my athletes at Hervey Bay 100! First Craig started the weekend with the Barge to Beach Open Water Swim the Day before and came 2nd overall and only 25 min behind an Olympian. He finished the weekend off with an AG win the following day at Hervey Bay.  Craig is one of the most consistent trainers out there so deserves every inch of his success! Little break for Craig now then we start training for Ultraman Aus!!

PB’s all round for Amy in Hervey Bay! (right)

In the same race Amy Ellet had the race of her life with a PB swim, PB bike including another fastest AG bike split and a PB run to cross the line 2nd in her AG!!! So glad Amy’s talent is showing with some consistent training over in Australia- so proud of her!!!

Too fast for the camera.., go Nat!

Nat Kerr also raced Hervey Bay. After breaking her toe a few weeks ago from stubbing it on the treadmill, we weren’t sure how the race would go. We’ve been water running & running on the Elliptical to prepare. The plan was to swim & bike hard and if she had to run slow of pull out to not risk further damage. Well thanks to some tape Nat was able to jog her way to 2nd after a crushing swim & bike!!!

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Lisa Lipari scored a 7th place AG finish at 70.3 Los Cabos. After a PB swim she set out to hunt down the 6 ladies in front, managed to real in 4 of them and then with a swift transition popped out first from T2. The going was good for about 4k and then a previous injury reared its ugly head at the most inopportune time forcing a considerable slow down in pace. Nevertheless, feisty Lisa persevered in the blistering heat and still managed to earn her best standing yet at the 70.3 distance. Coach is pleased as we only started working together 7weeks prior and the potential is certainly there for further gains in 2018.

Same day Todd Hawkins raced IM Los Cabos. Todd’s training leading the race had gone exceptionally well, never been stronger. Our biggest concern would be the heat which has always been a struggle. Todd led his AG out of the water with sizzling 51:11 (6th overall) and then the heat indeed was quick to take its toll. According to his bike data temp averaged ~32C with a max of 38C, which in the end simply proved overwhelming. He nevertheless kept his head in the game, raced smart, persevered and still managed a 16th AG place finish.


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Courageous Athletes; Proud Coaches!

Congratulations Diana on an outstanding (and rare) achievement – 4-peat at Ironman Malaysia!

Winning an Ironman is a huge thing. But winning an Ironman for 4 times in a row is just outstanding. After a disappointing race in Kona, where Diana suffered respiratory distress from algae in the water and could not finish the race, we decided to race Ironman Malaysia for a proper end of season. As the decision was short-termed we could not do the build up for the race in the climatic optimal environment of Phuket. Therefore we decided to stay on Mallorca and go to Malaysia only 3 days before race day. Preparation and travel went well. We pulled all tricks for heat adaption I learned in 20 years of racing and coaching. The pressure going into the race was huge if you won a race for 3 times. Of course everybody expects another win. Also the DNF in Kona did not exactly boost Diana’s confidence. To make a long story short Diana dealt with all of that like a Pro: won the race for the 4th consecutive year, set a new course record and was a threat to the men finishing 9th over all. If it is not happy, it’s not the end. I’m very proud that Diana could turn it around after Hawaii and pull of such a fantastic race.

Shiao-Yu lays down the power on the bike in Malaysia.

Shiao-Yu Lee also had a great race in Malaysia finishing 6th in the women field.In the weeks leading up to the race her training suffered from a lot of appointments she had to attend. However race warrior she is she performed much better than she thought possible.

Fantastic race by Mihai, with both a podium and Hawaii Qualification!

When I started coaching Mihai Vigariu beginning of this year we defined the clear goal to get him a ticket to Hawaii. I think, now I’m sure, my training approach was complete eye opening experience for Mihai. It was just a completely new training regiment. We changed his swim, cycling technique, nutrition. Changed his approach to altitude training, did pacing, did heat adaption. I’m glad that Mihai not only could book his Hawaii ticket at Ironman Malaysia but also placed 3rd in his Age Group. I feel really humble to work with such a dedicated athlete.

A strong finish by Victor gives a lot of motivation for future races.

Victor Osokin is a super dedicated athlete as well and I feel sorry that we could not achieve his goal of qualifying for the World Champs at Ironman Malaysia. Victor placed 12th in his Age Group but he struggled the whole day. Despite he did not very strong from the beginning he hang in tough and when I went back on the course to really kick his arse on the last 5 kilometers Victor really HTFU and made up 6 positions. When everybody was dying he ran strong. This performance will improve him a lot. We only fall down to learn how to stand up.

Team mates Andrea and Diana both had great days.

Andrea Bruhin in the IM 70.3 Malaysia event Andrea had a fantastic race. Despite the super tough conditions she could improve her personal best over the half distance by 15 minutes. I’m especially happy that her run is improving and the work we put in into that is paying off.

It was such a fantastic weekend in Malaysia. We all spent a lot of time together. Triathlon is such a great sport.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Amy enjoying every moment of the famous Noosa Tri!

Amy Ellet took a a break from Dentistry to head over to Australia for some exploring and with a less or non existent work schedule, some consistent training! Without getting to serious and still on giving Amy what she can handle while keeping the “fun factor” – she absolutely killed it at the Noosa Triathlon last weekend! Amy’s only been doing 2 months of consistent swimming and running and a month of building the bike up again and she ended up with her best Olympic distance EVER! PB swim, fastest bike in her Age and for the first time ever ran under 50 min off the bike to finish 4th!!! I’m so proud of this result and looking forward to seeing more from Amy!!!

On the other side of the globe Holly Lemmon took on Ironman Florida. Holly only came on board a few months ago and informed me she had been registered for Ironman Florida in November. Holly has an EXTREMELY busy work and global travel schedule so training has been a mix of 1 week on , 1 week off! Although the training has been very different from what she was us to in the past, secretly I was still a little worried about jumping into a full Ironman without more consistent training. The last Ironman Holly did in 2016 was a train wreck so if she was going to race, as a coach I wanted to give her ever shot of having her best race but not missing a detail leading in which included fuelling, pre race fuelling, full swim bike run race strategy etc all laid out. Well Holly ended up with a great swim, an Ironman PB, riding 90 min faster than her last Ironman and hanging on for the run, proving she has the mental toughness to keep fighting to the finish. Overall Holly ended up finishing over 2 hrs faster than her last Ironman, UNREAL! Looking forward to seeing what we can do with some consistent training!!! Well done Holly!!!

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

Congratulations Chantel, finishing well under her goal time in Florida!

Chantel Coetzer had a great race at Ironman Florida, finishing in 11.28.01, well under the 12 hours she aimed for. Over the past months Chantel put her head down, did the work and got the job done during Ironman Florida! Congrats! A job very well done!

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

An AG win and Kona Qualifier for Mania – Outstanding!

This week was a great week for Mania Bikof who she is raced in Xiamen 70,3 ironman, took the 1st place in her AG and the qualification slot for Kona. Mania followed a perfect strategy so she comes to the finish line strongly with PB !

Wonderful effort by Chelsie in Malaysia!

In another race 70,3 ironman Malaysia, Chelsie Tan finished 1st in her AG and 5th in total despite the technical problems she had, in the last 30 km of cycling she had to go only with the small front ring gear. She still stayed concentrated and kept her performance in high despite the cramped problems she encountered on the run, resulting the victory in her AG and the slot for South Africa’s 70.3 W.Ch.

Enjoying the marathon, congratulations Irini!

Irini Fakinou she is raced in Athens Authentic Marathon in her second trying, she raced for a foundation “charity4you” so the motivation was even greater. Irini started in running to help her health and in a new way of life and helping other people now with this motivation. This is the real meaning of sports, we thank you Irini!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

A great comeback for Perla; well done!

Last weekend Perla Gonzalez raced a local 5k run race. This might sound quite unspectacular, but still it was “my” highlight performance of the last weekend. Perla started to work with me at the end of April because her performance did not improve despite the many hours she had invested in the training. At the end she just felt tired, sore and weak. It took some time to figure out if she was just very tired from the previous training, if she really was overtrained or if it was something different. At the end and after having seen many doctors the overtraining syndrome was the most likely scenario and Perla strictly followed the plan to recover from this (Recovering from overtraining). I am very very proud of Perla that she had the patience to go through this long phase of recovery very disciplined in order to be able to train without that terrible pain in her legs again. We did a very slow and cautious built up after she had recovered. Despite not having averaged more than 15km per week over the past 10 weeks she could achieve an overall podium last Sunday with a time of 22:46min!
“I couldn’t be here without your help. I wanted to give up many times and today running without that awful heaviness in my legs I remembered my running glories and that I can be there again thank you very much coach!!” This was just the beginning ;-).

While the Triathlon season in Europe is over it starts in the Middle East with milder temperatures below 40°C. Deborah Bomstein raced the Dubai International Triathlon (1,5-80-10) last Friday. It was already her third race after the break in September after 70.3 Portugal. She did a sprint and Olympic distance race earlier in October. We use all these races as good trainings to gain experience. Deborah did her first Triathlon just 1 year ago and there are still many things to learn. Last Friday Deborah executed the race nearly perfect. She had a great start of the swim keeping out of the masses and doing her own race from the start and was rewarded with the 8th fastest swim of all female competitors. For the first time the nutrition worked great as well and she could do the entire race without any stomach issues! We have been experimenting with nutrition a lot recently to find a solution that works for her. The run was still very hot but Deborah finished the race strong after 4hrs15min!

Hjordis Olafsdottir did a 10km run race in Reykjavik. It was the second run race after the break in September and she already could show a very good performance. She finished the run in 2nd place overall after 43:45 even though the conditions were snowy and slippery!

Hardy Wiedemann ran a the local Nördlinger ‘Riespanoramalauf’ 10km run race. Once again he won his agegroup, placed 10th overall and was, despite very bad conditions, as fast as two years ago.

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Both Gustavo and Maria on the podium at Florida!

I’m so proud about Gustavo and Milu in Ironman Panama City USA. They did a great job in this race and got a brilhant 3rd place each. They has been working so hard the last few months and this results showed me how strong and serious they are. Congrats

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Few minutes after crossing  she was already smiling and taking pictures with the flag of her country, Kazakhstan.

Due to work commitments Madina Umbetova could not  go to IM Chattanooga which was her original goal.  We didn’t  dwell much on it though and decided to do IM Florida instead. However, it meant that training would need to be done when it is cold outside in Almaty so the treadmill and the bike trainer were in constant use.  Not easy on mind and body but Madina is a very tough athlete and she was up for it. The race started with a very strong swim, she exited 20th in her AG, then the bike was a hard task.  Conversely to what people may think the flat course may be more challenging to ride than a hilly one – it requires riding most of 180km in aero position.  Madina had a strong ride and despite suffering from shoulder pain in the second half and similarly to the swim it was 20th ride in her AG.  On the run she was running at a steady pace and making a good progress through the field and with 11th spit in her AG she advanced to 14 place.  It was a race of determination and mental toughness, especially on the run where a large number of athletes ended up walking and more than 10% DNFed. Madina was fighting to the end and she was in a touching distance of the XC Kona slot finishing 2nd in her XC Category.
Congratulations on your determination and a very well executed race.  There will be more opportunities for you to shine and show you fitness in the coming season and we have already started planning what we would like to achieve.

If there is one thing we can all learn from Carolina is how she plans her race strategy and nutrition. Good job Carolina.

Carolina Lanza lined up on the start line of New York City Marathon.  With limited training since her last triathlon race of the season few weeks ago it was a big ask for the body. Despite the fact that she was running with her friend ‚for fun’ a 42k run is never easy. The most important for them was to enjoy the atmosphere and have a good day. Despite the legs tightening up towards the end and a middling pain she in the foot she finished as always with the smile of her face just under 4 hours. Now we take a deserved break from training and allow the body to rest and restore energy levels before we start training for next season. There are some great challenges ahead and with the pace Carolina was improving this year we will have more reasons to celebrate. Carolina herself admitted that she needs some rest more mental than physical and she is looking forward to spending more time with her friends and family – 2/3 weeks party non stop – FINALLY!! were her first words in the post race report 🙂

70.3 Ironman Xiamen was Kat Renouf’s second choice after Ironman canceled one of the races in October. Kat followed the race plan to the letter executing it perfectly. She had a fast swim, followed by a very strong bike and a solid run. It gave her a 2nd Age Group women overall and also 2nd in her AG. As we always say you cannot control the competition. You can only control your own performance. Kathryn should be proud of her race and great 2nd place on the podium.  Even more so taking into account how challenging last few months were at work for her. She has done an excellent job in fitting the training in and making the most of available time while working as a junior doctor in a hospital which sometimes involved working night shifts.
Congratulations Kat! I’m very proud of your performance.

Gen Jacques decided to give Ironman Los Cabos a go while making it a holidays with a friend too. A chosen spot in Mexico, San Jose del Cabo, could not provide a better setting: idilic beaches, perfectly blue sky, very warm (or rather hot) climate, scenic hills with addition of relaxed Mexican life style.  However, if you put Ironman race in there, the outcome would be – one of the toughest one day challenges! The combination of a tough hilly bike course and undulating run course with direct sun exposure throughout the day and temperatures in mid 30s at least. The race this year really lived up to its name. It was really hot day on Sunday.

Gen did a very good job staying strong to the end. She produced a strong swim and bike and delivered a steady run in conditions making it very challenging for all competitors. I’m very proud how Gen dealt with elements and finished strong in 6th position in her Age Group.

Great job Gen! Now you should enjoy what Los Cabos has to offer as a holiday destination!

As a tradition Rafal Herman and Krzysztof Machnicki took part in an annual Independence Day run in Warsaw. One month on from Ironman Hawaii World Championship Rafal was eager to race again. However a more sensible option was to use the race as part of the training and although he was tempted to go a bit harder, he executed it exactly the way the coach asked him to run. Krzysztof has had a very busy couple of months at work when he could only managed a very limited training. Regardless, it was a very good run with lower expectations and more enjoyment still a very strong finish and only 1min witch a change slower than his PB. Good job both! Bring on 2018 season.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Gisela sees out the season with a podium in Langkawi!

I’m proud of Gisela Reichmuth, a solid 3rd place in her category at 70.3 Langkawi. Like my other athletes who do consistently well, Gisela is consistent with her training, and we find ways to keep things fun through out the year. Now for some rest and recovery after a big year of racing, and hopefully a good snow season in Switzerland, for the benefits of weekend cross training – snow mountaineering.

Yannis Theororopoulos flew from London to Athens to race in his home town marathon. This was his first, and he did a great job of handling the training leading up to it, with a busy career. The journey is often more important that the destination, however Yannis did great, and after his long mountain runs, and off road triathlons, now has a road marathon to his name. Very special too being in his home town. Well done Yannis.

She’s not nicknamed ‘The Viking’ for nothing…, perfect conditions for Flora this weekend….

Flora Colledge placed second overall in the local Basel 12.2k road race, with ‘perfect conditions’ for a Viking! Horizontal rain, and strong winds seeing the mens race cancelled mid race by a fallen tree with the strong winds. No doubt more ‘Wintervals’ for Flora on the menu!

Andrea Rudin completed a ‘Kenyan Day’ of run training on Saturday, with 24km done before stepping on the line at the Langenthaler Stadtlauf 6.5km run race. A second place in her category, in a competitive field, on another cold winters day was wonderful, as was her time 24 seconds quicker than last year.  An easy hour on the turbo after made for a super day of training. Andrea loves to train and race. Super job

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Back in the saddle and looking forward to a great season ahead! Well done Jane.

Not one to shy away from a hill climb, Jane Loughnan cracks the hour at the Wellington Masters CC uphill Time Trial last weekend. Back at ’em!

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Top step for Jane; well done.

Jane Hansom raced at home to become the Queen of the Nevis Triathlon for another year.


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Back in Hawaii

Second place for Barb at the Xterra World Championships this weekend in Maui. Hawaii. Photo Credit: Xterra Media

In what could only be described as an atypical world championships prep, Barb headed to one of her favorite haunts, Maui to grab a second place in the Xterra World Champs. Showing she is no one trick pony, we look forward to adding a few more strings to Barb’s bow in the coming year.

Rebuilding – Matt leads from the water.

The Captain Matt Trautman showed that his rehab has been going great with a win at the Slanghoek Olympic distance triathlon.  These are still early days, and we will continue to ‘hurry slowly’, however I’m thrilled and cautious that we will haven’t seen the best of The Captain yet….

A great day for Nini at Challenge Kanchanaburi in Thailand.

Nini Ruttanaporn showed great progress at Challenge Kanchanaburi as she was able to turn her head off and simply race. This is a major breakthrough, and like Chrissie, if I can cut her head off and put a cabbage on she will continue to improve significantly!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Ready to race, go Johnnie !

Last weekend I had Jonathan racing the Challenge Forte Village Sardinia, half distance: 15th place Pro M in 4:10.14 (4th Italian athlete) is not yet what we are working for, but after a few months of a very difficult personal situation, Johnnie now is starting again to work consistently and we are already looking to the new season 2018. His Sardinia race, nevertheless, was good. He was able to exit the swim with a second group and biked with this chase group until the 20km mark, then the strong german biker, Andreas Dreitz, came by and Johnnie decided to try to stay with him. This was a good and courageous decision, even if Johnnie than payed a little during the run. But it was an excellent test race to find out where we have to work to get back on top. Congrats Johnnie, well done!

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Nat pretty happy with her race at Bribie!!!

Nat Kerr lined up for another race last weekend at Bribie Island where she dominated the Sprint! This one was of the best races I’ve seen from Nat where she posted her best bike power and fastest run off the bike to date with an AG win and fastest amateur time! Next up Hervey Bay 100 in 2 weeks 🙂

Mary Tanner has been quietly training away since she joined me after Vernon Camp in July. With a bit more quality and a bit less volume Mary is showing some huge improvements in training so we threw in a 1/2 Marathon this weekend where she had her fastest run in ages. Mary is the queen of consistency and can’t wait to see it all pay off in her big races next year!!!

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Congratulations Nick and Victor in Geneva!

This weekend, I had Nick Morrell and Victor Manrique running the 20 kms of Geneva. They both had great races and both did PB’s. Nick ran in 1:21.50 and Victor in 1:21:08. Here’s a photo of my running twins! Nick’s from the UK and Victor is from Venezuela! And they both live in the French speaking part of Switzerland. 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Always special to race back home – well done Ana 🙂

Ana Berenguel Anter – This weekend Ana travelled to her home to Costa Brava to visit family and race Swimrun Marathon Cap de Creus which she really enjoys and often adds to here racing calendar. It was a beautiful and sunny day in Spain which made this race experience in stunning nature of Costa Brava even more rewarding.  Ana loves racing and execution is one of her many strengths.  This time was no different. Ana produced a superb performance to secure her podium place, only 2 min to the 2nd. It was an amazing result in a competitive women’s field. Her smile tells all the story! Congratulations Ana! We have already put this race on our calendar for the entire ‘Coach Rafa Team’, with Ana as the Team leader. Watch out Costa Brava!

Challenge Sardinia really turned it on this year and David was up for the challenge!

David Nicholson – Challenge Sardinia middle distance was on David’s race calendar last weekend. It proved to be a real challenge for all the competitors with strong gusty winds throughout the day. David is driven by challenges and conditions would never weaken him. David was focused and determined and produced a very solid result: strong swim in a choppy water, testing bike ride with both conditions and the terrain (hard and hilly bike course) to finish off with challenging run course where David could use his running form and fitness to power to the finish line.  This was a very good training race for David while we are getting ready for his late season Ironman.
Sardinia lived up to the expectations of beautiful place for the race with a bit of ‘spice’. It has been a race to remember and, hopefully, come back to for David. I’m sure next time David would love to experience this with his number 1 supporter, his wife Clare. ‘Clare, the coach missed your updates too!‘ Very well done David! I’m very proud how you handled this race.

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

Last weekend John Anthony raced on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia at the half distance Challenge Forte Village. After finishing his first full triathlon event earlier this year in Roth, John kept working and training over the summer and decided to fully enjoy Challenge Sardinia with stunning views on the bike and run. John did very well on the tough courses under heavy and windy conditions and put himself in a position to qualify for the Championship at Challenge Samorin next year with a 5th place in his agegroup. Congratulations John!

First 70.3 completed; well done Lysander.

Lysander Marchena had his mind set on IRONMAN 70.3 Miami. He started from scratch, did the hard work next to demanding job at the family business and pushed himself to the limits. The IRONMAN world championships a week earlier only ignited his fire and when finally raceweekend was there he found himself excited and ready to go. But, as it sometimes is during racetime, during the race itself he let himself ride an extra loop on the bike course. Confused by other contenders that he still needed to do an extra loop, he went out and put his head down. In the end he rode way more then 90km! I applaud him for not letting go in pursuing his dream to make it to the finish line. He persisted and ran out to finish at his very first ever half ironman race. It hasn’t discouraged him in any way as he’s already on the look out for another race. Lysander will be back to revenge this race. Congratulations Lysander on your first IRONMAN finish!

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Top step of the podium; congratulations Mania!

This week Mania Bikof raced in Ocean Lava Rhodes 70,3 dst. in rough water and windy conditions, she took the victory overall and her category too with PB by 5min. She started in good steady pace and come to the end in same speed.

Michalis has been on fire with 6 victories in a row.

Michalis Theocharous has another victory in his AG in a criterium bike race in Cyprus, is the 6th in a row win for Michalis from September.

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Jeremy Breach cranked off a 47min half distance PB (biggest gains 35min on the bike and 6min on the run) at 70.3 Arizona. Jeremy also cracked the top 10 in his AG for the first time in this series.

Leanne Smyth also scored a 6min PB overall  time at the Nepean short course in Sydney Australia, a preparation/training race en route to 70.3 Sydney next month.

Annabel Cowper completed her first open marathon in Lucern Switzerland. The goal was to crack the 4hrs barrier. Given recent injuries/niggles the plan was to get to 32k “comfortably” and if all was good at that point to then build the next 10k to a strong finish.  And that she did managing her pacing and nutrition perfectly to cross the line in 3.50hrs and placing 13th in her AG to boot.

Scott Bradley had a rough day at the office at 70.3 Austin. After a superb block of training leading into the race, he was struck by (what we now know post-race) a sinus infection just two days beforehand. Despite waning energy, Scott still gutted it out putting in the 6th fastest bike split and finished the day 14th male overall.  While not the end-season race we had anticipated, I am proud of Scott’s fight as he did not quit when the going got rough and instead gave everything he had on the day. He’ll be back.

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

After some quiet weeks the run season is in full swing now.
Alexander Orlov ran the half marathon in Lviv in the Ukraine last weekend. After he ran a personal best over 5 and 10km just recently he could show a massive half marathon personal best last weekend. A perfect nutrition and pacing plan brought Alexander to the finish line after 1hr44min. That meant a personal best by 19min! “Once again, self-discipline in plan execution, nutrition and hydration intake made a result.” This sums it up perfectly.

Marc Haller finished his season by running the Frankfurt Marathon on Sunday. The preparation wasn’t that easy but nevertheless Marc came close to his personal best with less than 50% of the Volume he did in his previous marathon preparations. He finished the marathon after 3hrs28min. Something Marc definitely can be proud off! Short break to recover now and then the preparation for the next season will start.

Hardy Wiedemann did a local 10km run to get back to some intensity after the season break. He did not only participate but even won the 40-45 agegroup in the Harburger ‘Karablauf’. Very well done just some weeks after the season break!

Already last weekend Jan-Erik Wilhelmsen did a 10km run in Oslo. During the entire summer he spent countless hours at work and with further education. We had to limit the training to a minimum but he could still show a very good result by running 43min for the 10km. I am sure Jan Erik will completely take off when education is done and the hours at work get more moderate!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Mud, hills and rain – perfect conditions for out Viking Flora!

Flora Colledge raced in her local 10km trail race in Basel, Switzerland. The conditions to Flora’s liking with mud, hills, and pelting rain! Running with the leaders early, a long sustained hill saw them get away, but a very nice 5th place finish in a field of runner runners. Also a good long run day with 5km warm up and 5km cool down. Happy athlete, and happy coach.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Swiss athletes Nina and Sandra both headed to Lucerne to tackle the Half Marathon at the Swiss City Marathon festival. A super day all round with both athletes enjoying great races and significant PB’s. Always satisfying to see such progress reflected out on the race track. 🙂

Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

How the ‘Fight’ went down!

Daniela Ryf wins her third successive Ironman World Championship Title. Photo: Ironman Media

I have been asked about my silence after Kona, and that I must be excited at the outcome? Questions such as:
Surely I must have enjoyed the race?
Were you worried to see Daniela so far back?
What did you think of Lionel Sanders race?

These were the recurring themes of the enquirers. So let me respond to each one, in that order.

Am I excited?
I was extremely pleased that Daniela was able to perform 100% to her potential on the day.

The theme for this year was ‘fight’. However to me the only fight that excited me last weekend was the absolute courageous return to racing of Matty Trautman. Only 8 months ago he has in a horrific collision with a car, breaking his back, and had two titanium rods inserted.  Two Doctors prognosis were that he would be lucky to be able to run more than a shuffle. The best prognosis he may be able to run at 65 to 75%  within 2 years.

A courageous return to racing – great to see Matt back on the start line last weekend in Sun City.

To see Matty win his test race, a sprint event in South Africa, then to back it up with a win in the Olympic distance race, to me personally overshadowed anything I saw about ‘fight’ in Kona. This was the ultimate fight and after such trauma both mentality and physically that made me very excited.

Did I enjoy the race?
No, from a female race point view. I enjoyed Chattanooga so much more. It was a ‘real’ World Championship, as the female athletes had their own race. Apart from bloody mindedness of the ‘stake holders’ this can also be done in Kona. Seeing so many motorbikes so close to the athletes is just totally not needed.

Watching the men strung out in one big slip stream also seems ridiculous, as are the rules of passing. Why? Because the course deems it necessary.

Then watching the massive packs of age groupers lining up at the penalty tents, for being not cheats, but victims of the conflict of profit verses a real World Championship for those guys. To see them to be wrongly accused of drafting because of limitations of a course to handle 2500 athletes is sad. So no I didn’t enjoy the race, as it could easily be so much more.

Was I worried?
No I was not worried to see the bird that far back. We go into races with game plans. Usually not one but three. One of Danni’s great talents is her ability to follow instructions while under extreme pressure. To be honest I have not trained an athlete better at this.

Being an ex-international swim coach I know the swim career of Lucy Charles. While most people in Triathlon don’t understand how much talent one must have to swim her times, the engine it needs, the discipline and ability to sacrifice is not lost on me. This is indeed a great athlete, and Danni was advised she most likely won’t be in front till late in the bike ride. Lucy’s bike ride was such that if Danni tried to shut down that gap earlier, it could have cost her the race.  Danni’s plan was always to go after the last 40km on the bike, and go she did!

It was a master class in strategy from her, under pressure to execute her plan. She then controlled the run at all times, but that is where we agree to disagree. Danni won by 8 minutes with the brakes on. That is no ‘fight’.

Lionel Sanders race?
He did not win, so I don’t get why I am asked about this. Why the hype in the sport? Over what?
He gives 100%.
He trains hard.
He shows courage.

I’m sorry, but these to me are just attributes of any athlete who wishes to be the best that they can be.  I’m sure Lionel would be the first to agree with me. These attributes are expected as normal at Trisutto, not something special.

To the winner – I was cheering every metre from the Energy Lab for Lionel. Why, when he is not my athlete? A Kona without teeth tends to throw up these wet runners that can handle some heat. Sanders ride from 6 minutes back was enormous. Then when there, he continued to compete from minute one till the last minute. He gave 100%. Sometimes the scoreboard doesn’t’ show the biggest success.

So there are the questions answered.

James, Corinne, Rei and Celine in action in Kona.

We had a super performance from James Cunnama, and his season has made me very proud to help him rekindle his best performance.

We had Reinaldo Colucci, Corinne Abraham and Celine Schaerer also competing. All took home lessons a world championship can give. Reinaldo needs to re-group and find a clear path to do the work necessary to be on the podium. Corinne just small refinements in all three to make the top 10, of which I think she can. Lastly Celine did a great job to qualify. That was her championship. Now she knows what is required when the very best are all in one place.

That’s the way Kona was seen through my eyes.


Join Trisutto Head Coach Brett Sutton at his remaining training camps in 2017 in Gran Canaria.

Louisville and Hawaii Highlight

Lisa Roberts is on a roll capturing her 2nd Ironman title in record time this weekend. Lisa bested the bike, run, and course records on her way to a dominating win. Lisa is having the season of her life and at Trisutto we are proud to be a small part of her success.

Phil heads out on the run in Kona.

Phil Whitehead had a stellar debut at the Ironman World Championships in 9:45 on a stinking hot day. Coming from the UK, Phil left it all out on the lava fields with a balanced swim, bike, and run. I have no doubt that Phil will be back in Kona and battling for the age group podium.

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

A fantastic race by Brent in Kona!

Brent Patteeuw from Belgium did a great job at the Ironman World Championships Hawaii. I could not be more proud of him for various reasons. Brent had to overcome some obstacles in raceweek with a mean shoulder and being hit by another car on race morning. But his mindset was in the right place as he took off to set a super good race. Our race strategy was simple: be patient and think about nutrition. He totally nailed this! His swim was better then we anticipated, the bike was good untill he got a mechanical which made him go to the side of the road to fix it. Brent unleashed the beast at the run where he started to wheel in many athletes. Starting of in 23rd position after the swim he eventually finished 6th in his agegroup 25-29 in a time of 9.21.51. Brent can be very proud of himself as are the ones close to him, I’m sure!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Mike, at Hot Corner, on a clear course after a blazing swim.

Mike Hill and Paula Ponte both raced at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this past weekend. Both had an outstanding lead-up to the race with some time on island for their final race-prep sessions.
Mike got his day started with an aggressive swim, exiting the water 3rd in his group in a time of 51:50. Mike paced his effort according to plan, and despite a puncture, was able to complete the bike of the race in 5:14:34. Mike experienced the brutality of the Ironman Kona marathon and learned the lesson of perseverance in a whole new way. It took grit to get through this race for Mike, and he’ll be stronger for it. Now it’s time for some rest and relaxation. Soon enough we’ll be back at work, getting ready for another crack at Kona.

Paula, putting in an outstanding effort on the Queen K.

Paula raced a very consistent effort across the day. Her times were just a bit slower than last year, but the effort and heart that she showed on this day were huge. Paula also had a few issues on the bike course, and although that is a part of racing, one incident really shows the quality of her character. When Paula saw a friend with a puncture on the side of the road, she stopped, gave him her only pitstop canister, and helped him to fix it. Early in the run, I could see that it would be a tough day for Paula, but once again she showed her resolve. Paula’s pace was consistent across the marathon, and she was only 10 minutes off her personal best marathon time. Paula showed her discipline and courage by digging deep to complete the final section from Palani hill to the finish with everything that she had left. When I saw her on Palani and told her to go, she went and held it to the line. Awesome effort Paula. 2018 is going to be a big year.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Rafal on his way to a new Kona PB!

It was the Ironman World Championship weekend and all triathlon focus was on Kona. Rafal and Steve were battling testing weather conditions of Hawaii.

After a consistent and strong season a new PB in Kona was a big goal. Rafal Herman was ready and excited to test his fitness in Kona for the 3rd time. He was a fantastic swim of 1:02 which was a massive 8 min PB. This set him very nicely for a tough and hot bike leg which Rafal covered in impressive time of 4 hours and 58 minutes. It wasn’t without some minor nutrition issues. The run was a testing time as all athletes were feeling the heat of the day and times were looking to be slower the in previous years. The key was to stay focused and follow the plan. Rafal did just that and finished the run in 3 hrs and 41 min.  His overall time was outstanding 9 hrs and 51 min with was a massive PB in Kona by 27 min.
I’m very proud of Rafal’s performance, execution and fighting till the end. It was a pleasure to watch him focus on the process and take care of all the details. The reward was a great result which gave him 43rd place in the world in his AG. Congrats Rafal!

Steve Lyons set himself a goal to enjoy the experience of Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and embrace the privilege to compete in this iconic race. Having prepared for the race very well Steve was ready for whatever the day through at him.  His swim was the strongest ever in the ocean conditions. The bike course has providing challenging condition for all competitors but Steve delivered solid ride and always stayed focus as per the race plan. His experience was topped with solid run and total finishing time of 13:54. The finish line experience was a unique and very special. Steve was very lucky to share his achievement with his wife and friends.  I’m very pleased to see Steve delivering a controlled and solid race which he could enjoy and be proud of for a very long time! I’m a very proud coach! Great job Steve!

Marathon training day for David.

There was still a lot of racing outside of Hawaii…
David Nicholson decided to experience Amsterdam marathon on Sunday. The weather was delivered – a sunny autumn day. With David’s main goal being Ironman Cozumel late November, we agreed that David would treat this race a training day. I’m pleased that David followed the instruction and enjoyed an easy controlled pace. It was a nice weekend away for David and Clare.  Well done David! Enjoy the recovery 🙂

Enjoying the racing is key, great job Carolina and Ana. 🙂

While super motivated after all the hype of Ironman Hawaii a day before The Fun Team, Ana Berenguel and Carolina Lanza, enjoyed a Sunday duathlon in London. As always it was fun and lots of smiles. Well done girls to show us how to experience and enjoy this sport over and over again!

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Bettina, Arnaud and Melanie enjoying good times in Kona!

On Saturday, I had 4 of my athletes taking part in Hawaii IM. And I’m very proud to say that they all did a great job and all finished even though not everything went to plan!
Arnaud Margot raced for the first time in Kona. And this was his 3rd IM of this year! With a 6st place in Lanzarote and a 3rd place in IM UK. Arnaud just steadily keeps improving. Arnaud has been working very hard on his swim and this summer, something really clicked! So in Kona, Arnaud posted an amazing 1:00 swim! Then he rode a 4:51 and this was on a normal road bike. You’d probably only see 3-4 guys on the course on road bikes! Arnaud finished off with a 3:30 marathon, in a total time of 9:28 and came 12th overall in age group 25-29. Well done on amazing race Arnaud!

Melanie Baumann came to Hawaii in her best shape ever. Melanie had a very ok swim and then we thought and hoped for a very fast bike but the heat in Hawaii is just extremely hard on her and she didn’t get the bike split that we’d been hoping for. Melanie is in her best running shape ever but also on the marathon, the heat became a bit issue for her and she had to walk for 30 mins at one stage. She still ran a 3:48 marathon! Despite all of these issues, Melanie still ended up in 16th place with an overall time of 10:40. Very well done Melanie!

Bettina Strehl had a great swim (1:09) and great bike until she got some really bad issues with one foot and she struggled to put pressure on this foot for the last bit of the ride. She still rode 5:28 Unfortunately, this foot problem followed her onto the run and Bettina therefore had to walk a lot. It was a true struggle for her to get to the finish line but she made it!

Kona tests out her race kit before in the days before the start!

My last athlete who raced was Jona Dahlqvist. Jona also finished in style and toughed it out! Well done to all of you, very proud of you all!

Third place podium and World Champs Qualifier for Gerda Maria!

In Turkey, I had Gerda Maria Dumitru racing the 70.3. Gerda Maria had a great swim and was first out of the water in her age group, 30-34. For the first 20 kms, it took Gerda a bit of time to get going and she got passed by 2 other girls. On the run, she hung in tough and managed to remain in 3rd position until the finish! Gerda’s 3rd place also meant that she’s now qualified for 70.3 World Champs in South Africa next year!

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Melonie on her way to a podium finish in her first Xterra!

Well it was a weekend of off-roading for my athletes.
First after having a pretty relaxed summer with just “having fun” in training and taking a break from the TT and exchanging it for the MTB, Melonie entered her first Xterra in Arizona over the weekend. She did awesome and ended up 2nd with a crash included! Next we start slowly building through the winter (Melonie’s best training months) for some key race next year. Soon we will be swapping the MTB for the fat bike. Melonie had such a huge year of racing & life changes that this time to reset is critical for next years successes. So proud of how she handles everything thrown at her- true champ!!!

Tough conditions suited Joanie to a T!

Next up Joanie entered her first Ultra after a season of some 70.3’s, Olympic Distance races, road races and MTB races! I knew all would have her prepared enough to get through an Ultra. With hardly any long runs (as I don’t think she needs them) she ended up winning her category!!! Lucky for Joanie the conditions were tough with 6 inches of snow of the course, perfect for our epic racer;-) Well done Joanie!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

10k PB for Alexander; good job!

Most of my athletes had their season break and have started the preparation for the 2018 season already.
Both Martin Kasten and Alexander Orlov used a local 10km run race to have a serious test of their run fitness. Martin finished the run in 39:01min very close to his personal best, a very good out of training effort before his last races of the season in Thailand in November.

Alexander Orlov´s 2017 season was over before it really started due to a crash and broken hand in the beginning of June. The good thing is, we could start with the 2018 preparation early and focus a bit more on the run recently ;-). After a new 5km personal best last weekend he could run a new 10km personal best of 48:16 this weekend. His next race will be a half marathon at the end of august and I would be surprised if we don’t see a personal best there as well.

Pavel Blagikh races the 70.3 Gloria in Turkey last Sunday. It was his last race of the season. The preparation was very rough with many hours at work and a stomach flu the week leading into the race, but still he was able to finish the race in 4hrs37min just 5min off his personal best over that distance. He had an ok swim and a great bike ride but was completely drained on the run due to the lack of energy already the days before the race. It´s a well deserved rest for Pavel now before we start to prepare for the next season goals

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

PB and World Champs qualifier for Lee – congratulations!

Lee Melling placed top-10 and set a new PB 5 weeks ago at Portugal 70.3. He then asked, is it possible to qualify for South Africa 2018 in Turkey? We looked at the results and course, and I said, why not? So Lee hunkered down the training for another 5 weeks and packed his bags! On the day, Lee set a new PB, and got his 2018 Worlds slot! Way to add in an extra race and make it happen this late in the year. Coach is stoked!

Congrats Jappas on a nice win and course PR 🙂

Jappas Du Preez continued his Fall XC run season this past weekend at the New Forest Stinger 5 Miler. He was the defending champion, but decided to take it one step farther this year, setting a 1min PR on the course and winning by 4min! I think he had some serious motivation off the back of watching Kona and knowing he’ll be on Ali’i Drive next year! Way to go Jappas!

Great work Erick, working hard for the win in Xterra.

Erick Meier Martinez took part in his first triathlon race since joining the squad, entering a local Xterra race this past weekend. We didn’t have it on the calendar for very long, and hadn’t done much specific MTB or trail work due to 70.3 goals later on. Xterra is a tricky sport where AVG speed and pace are generally not what you hope, due to very heavy and steep terrain. Erick still showed up, raced hard, while many quit due to rough water and tough courses, and ended up on the top step of the podium in his age group! Way to stick it out and persevere, Erick!

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Mania had a good race finishing with 4th place in her AG.

This week I had three athletes were they participate in races. Mania Bikof raced in 70,3 Turkey, in rough swimming conditions and windy day she makes a good race, finished 4th in her AG with 5 min PB.

Third place podium for Wouter!

Wouter Delbaer participated in Bali Olympic dst. Triathlon finishing 3d in his AG and 9th overall, In also rough swimming conditions and with his small swim experience was a difficult start for him but then increase their performance, covered the lost time and finished in the front. Certainly he can have better results to come.

Great to get the TT win, well done Michalis.

Finally in covered race Michalis Theocharous  come for another time first winner in his AG in uphill TT  bike race in Cyprus, is the 5th winning race in a row for Michalis this Fall.

Congratulations to all !

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Steve Pressman closed out his 2017 season with Ironman Louisville. Steve has had a big year of racing and training, including an excellent camp with us in St Moritz. A super swim and bike set him up nicely, but his nemesis the second half of the run caught up with him. He has made much progress this season, and we look forward and plan for 2018 with much to take forward. Well done Steve, now enjoy some well earned recovery.

Mark Watt stood on the Kona start line for the 4th time. It was a tough day, gutting out a finish time many would be happy with. Mark can take solace that the journey and process to get to that start line is just as important as the journey to the finish line. As an over achiever, it is sometimes necessary to step back and assess the whole picture, while planning for the next journey. Well done Mark, some rest, recovery and we plan for new goals in 2018.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Having overcome a period of obstacles, was very happy when Sandra Gisin reported in she both completed and enjoyed the Hallwilerseelauf (Half Marathon). Back on track 🙂


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Breakthrough Racing!

Breakthrough Racing!

Carmen was superb at K1Man! Photo Credit: Mokapot Productions.

Carmen ‘ Zee ‘ Macheriotou raced the K1Man Middle distance in Cyprus this weekend, returning as 2016 Champion she was confident despite the big changes to the bike course  she could do very well.
Zee linked up with me 4 months ago and is really starting to turn a corner, she works very hard and being a young mum should an inspiration for all women out there. Zee delivered a great performance on the day crossing the line 1st female and 2nd overall up there with the guys. The swim went very well exiting in 26min a massive 3min PB, onto the bike where 1400m of climbing wasn’t going to be easy, But Zee loves a challenge and took it out picking off the males 1 by 1 putting her further and further up the overall leaders list. On to the run and Zee just needed to keep pushing but in the end could gun down the lead male but showed her contiued progress crossing the line just 4mins down on the winner.
This athlete is fast in impressing and am very excited for Zees progress and future as we have plenty more to come.


Louella runs to a breakthrough PB!

Louella Oherhily has a little hit out this w/e at the Bournmouth Half Marathon, again Lou’s only been with me a short time, there is a fair amount of work being done behind the scenes for 2018 season already and probably without Lou realising, Lou works hard and just gets her head down and does the work, so crossing the line in 1hr 30min a 2min PB is a nice little breakthrough for her, Very well done

Great PB for Claire!

Claire Weller went to the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon looking for a PB and on this course isn’t exactly a easy task given the fact its not flat. However always willing to give anything a go Claire set out to lets say find a couple of things out about herself, so when she looked at her watch to find she was on for a PB it was time to hold on and focus on all the things shes learnt and that she did crossing the line with a 4min PB in 3hrs 20mins. Claire’s only been in the sport just a little over a season and only linked up with me early this year and is is showing great progress, shes had a great season and I’m excited for 2018 well done

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Great race by Julie!

Life goes on outside of Kona!
Really pleased to report the fantastic result of little pistol, Julie Derron. Again hit the top 10 at an international open race finishing 6th at the ETU Melilla European Cup Final. Julie produced excellent performances in each discipline. Each outing sees Julie improve her run thus making her an exciting prospect for the future.

Andrej ready for the last race of the season.

Andrej Vistica also finished 6th at Natureman; more a training day, as he has produced great results over a triple ironman. Schedule in 6 weeks. Great to hear he is now soaking up the French experience on a holiday road trip. Great work Andrej.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Monster Bike by Craig!

Two of my Aussie athletes took in the Olympic Distance race in Robina on Sunday and finished with podiums for both.
I thought as a kick off to Craig’s Ultraman Training we would start with a little bit of speed and he came out with a blistering swim & bike and hung on for 2nd at the Robina Olympic Distance.

Yet another podium for Nat (right) and Craig!

Nat did something very similar and ended up finishing on the podium with 3rd. Great hit out for both of them before they take on Hervey Bay 100 next month!

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Kona 2018 Qualification for Miriam!

Miriam Cole had a stellar race in Ironman MD finishing 2nd in her age group in just over 10:50. Miriam had a solid swim 1:18, best bike time 5:09, and great run leading her age group for most of the marathon. Fighting cramps, Miriam lost the top spot by a few minutes at the finish line but left it all out on the race course in a brave race.

Congratulations Scott on a great PR!

Meanwhile in Toughman South Carolina, Scott Wright broke some personal barriers and captured a podium in his age group. Scott raced the half distance in a PR of 5:19 on a tough course and finally cracked the 2 hour barrier on the run. This is a great step on his path to racing ironman AZ.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Well done Wendy!

This week Wendy Casterton participated in Lydney sprint dist. Triathlon. After a solid swim who took out of the water in front positions in the challenging bike course she has a problem with the chain, this cost her some time because from this point and then she have to go only with big ring in the uphill’s so the training that we use in trisutto with big gears was very helpful 🙂 At the last part of the race in running leg keeping a steady pace and came to the 2nd  place overall!

Fantastic improvements from Mania over the weekend!

Mania Bikof in another multiple race weekend in Greek Island Spetses she took the 2nd position in 25 km run race in challenging course with a PB by 15min. The previous day she took part in 5km swimming race finishing in 2nd position and in 10km run race 3d place in her age group. Three races in a Weekend is unbelievable and shows the improvement he has made this season!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Rounding out the season with a win; Congrats Maxi!

Maxi Spahn finally had the mechanical luck and used his good fitness to produce a late season victory at the Guntersleben MTB race in Germany this past week! It’s been a few weeks coming, and glad we could end the season on a good note and coach is already looking forward to next season, injury-free and win-filled! Great work Maxi!

Sascha Moryson traveled to Netherlands for some cyclocross racing this past weekend. After a solid MTB season, Sascha used some great fitness and was able to produce his first ever Dutch cyclocross race podium, finishing in 3rd, while also competing on a borrowed bike! Way to make it happen, Sascha!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Winner winner, chicken dinner! – Well done Flora 🙂

After a few easier weeks at the end of the summer season of racing, Flora Colledge raced in the Inzlinger Volkslauf a 10.2k off road trail race, and enjoyed wet muddy conditions to take an excellent win. We’ll continue to use similar events for speed work, as well as fun, during a period of reverse periodisation with fewer hours and less volume over the European winter, with a focus on speed and sports specific strength workouts.

Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...