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Melanie overcomes the tough conditions at Ironman Western Australia with a smile.

This weekend, I had Melanie Baumann racing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Western Australia. After racing Hawaii in October, Melanie was still keen to race and therefore we decided to give it a go again at IM WA. Unfortunately the swim got cancelled due to a fish with very shark teeth!
The race was a brutal one even though the swim got cancelled, it was very hot, 35 degrees and very dry. Melanie struggled with many issues and she probably got a heat stroke! It was a day of a lot of throwing up and having to stop at every aid station from midway on the bike to cool herself down. But Melanie kept going and ended up in 2nd place in her age group (35-39)! She was 12th overall! She rode 5:11 and ran 3:36. Melanie just never ever gave up, very impressive…
Melanie did get a slot for Hawaii but she didn’t take it. Now it’s time for a well deserved little down time!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

A duathlon beckons at IMWA and Els is first off the mark. Photo Credit: Paparazzi on the run

Els Visser travelled to Busselton where she took on her first race in a Professional field at Ironman Western Australia. After the race was dramatically reduced to a duathlon (due to sharks on the swim course), Els led off the Professional women in the Time Trial format.  A great experience to lead the race through the first few time checks, Els rode without fear and put in a terrific effort. Somewhat underdone for the run we then saw a spectacular blow up leading to a humbling final run lap. Despite this, we take away a lot of positives from this performance. Well done Els, a courageous debut.

Keep cranking Jane, the finish line is in sight!

Jane Loughnan was back at ’em this week firstly with a midweek swim/run race followed by another all out effort hill climb TT on the weekend with the Wellington Masters Cycling Club. Am very happy to see Jane getting her teeth stuck in at all the races again having overcome many challenges in the past year. Onwards and Upwards!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Finishing with a smile –  an encouraging Ironman debut for Magnus

Last weekend both Magnus Grimeland and Tim Marbach did races in Australia. Both of them started with triathlon training just this Summer and joined me only ten weeks ago.
For Tim the 70.3 Western Australia was his first ever 70.3 race. He was a leisure runner before he started to train for triathlons this summer. Unfortunaltely the swim had to be cancelled due to a shark that had been spotted on the swim course. Tim showed an impressive race nevertheless. His bike split of 2:39 is remarkable if you have in mind that he did no bike training at all before this summer. He also had a good half Marathon off the bike and finished his first 70.3 after 4hrs38min on the 24th (out of 66) place in his agegroup. This is a great result for the first ever 70.3 race!

Magnus already did his first Ironman in Busselton after just some months of bike training. His goal was to ‘just finish the first Ironman’ but he did way more than ‘just finish’. The swim was canceled as well for the same reason as in the 70.3 race. His bike split of 5hrs 53min is also remarkable for someone who has just some months of bike training in the legs! Unfortunately Magnus seriously overate on the bike because he assumed that the gels handed out contained half of the ammount of carbs they actually did. This lead to serious stomach issues and 8 toilet stops on the run. Nevetheless he finished his first Ironman with a 4:30 marathon in 55th (of 134) place in his agegroup. Next time we will make sure to solve the nutrition issue to improve a lot on this already very impressive first time performance! His finishing time was 10hrs49min. Even with a swim it would have been a first time finish just over 12hrs after just some months of triathlon specific training.

Perla Gonzales did her second 5km run after being back from overtraining. She ran as fast as 3 weeks ago and finished the run after 23min in first place of her agegroup and 7th place overall. With some more patience Perla will continue to not just built back her run strength over the next weeks and months but also get better as a complete triathlete!

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Top step for Gustavo!

Congratulations Gustavo Gennari. (Age group 40/45) He finished in first place at Ironman 70.3 Cartagena; Colombia and got his spot to the World Championship 2018.

Race Recap from Coach Ricardo Borges:

Roberto excited and ready for a big race at Challenge Florianópolis!

We are closing the 2017 season with a couple of races. Daniela Zoca raced the Volta da Pampulha, a 18 km run, and took down 15 seconds/ km from her running pace on previous 15 km races. And Roberto Maruoka raced the Challenge Florianópolis (70.3), with a PB on the swim and also on the the bike, closing the race with the second best run of his age group, taking almost 40 minutes of his time on this race on 2015. Now it’s time to sit down and plan the 2018 season

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Blaine, pumping iron with his hardware.

Blaine Egain has been mixing it up in his training this fall with kickboxing and strength training to keep things fresh and fun for a short block before we get back to work on qualifying for Kona. We’ve placed an emphasis on his run, trail running, and hill strength. All that work showed this weekend in the Peacock Gap Trail Half-Marathon. Blaine was in a battle for the podium and charged his way through the final miles of the run to claim second overall on the day. It was a great run for Blaine and just the start of his off-road winter racing campaign. Keep it up Blaine!

Bex Fink raced a massive personal best at the California International Marathon, improving her mark by nearly fifteen minutes. Bex also shattered the 4 hour barrier, going 3:53:45. She paced the race brilliantly, finished strong, and is ready to start working on going under the 3:45:– barrier to qualify for London and Chicago. Fantastic effort Bex!

Ollie Saxon raced the Nottingham Christmas Marathon despite battling a parasitic infection during the past month. Until the illness, Ollie was checking every box in his preparation. Ollie raced on pace and plan to perfection through 18.5 miles. And then, as Ollie wrote, “the lights went out”. Ollie took on this race with heart and grit. When the lights went out, he soldiered on. Ollie completed his first marathon at a walk/shuffle, and declared it, “The hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was not giving up and quitting.” It’s races like these that reveal an athlete’s character. Ollie did himself, his family, and this coach proud. Well done Ollie.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Piotr training in Gran Canaria 2 weeks before the race.

After a very successful 70.3 season Piotr asked me if we can pull out one more performance.  This time he had in mind an Ironman.  The key to answering the question was how he was recovering form last 70.3.  He bounced back very quickly so we decided to go for the last race of the year IM Argentina.  With only 10 weeks to get ready it was a big ask for both of us but with constant communication and careful management of workload and recovery I was confident he was capable of a strong performance.  Piotr didn’t disappoint, after a very strong swim which didn’t tire him at all he jumped on the bike and started progressing through the field finishing the bike on 7th place in his AG.  Running after such a strong bike wasn’t easy but he had he training in his legs and he was going very well.  A marathon tome of 3:25 was good for 8th in his AG and the finishing time of 9:36.  He was only one place away from securing the illusive Kona slot but if he was one month ‘wiser’ he would have finished 2nd in his new AG 🙂
I’m very happy with his progress over this year and I’m sure he will continue improving in years to come.  I’m very happy with his race, how he approached it and the execution.  He gave it all and if there is nothing left on the finish line and you haven’t make any major mistakes you have to be happy with the race whatever the final placing happens to be.
A short message from Piotr just after the race said it all: ‘All day I felt well, I ate and hydrated per the plan we agreed, I was in control till the end. Thank you coach, we keep fighting!’
Massive congratulations from Happy Coach and entire Trisutto team!


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

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