Alan Carrillo winning his first pro race – The Chetumal Blackout. (2km swim, 80km bike, 18km run)

Last weekend we had our first trip of the year as a full team: athletes and coaches on the same bus for a couple of days of racing with the best of the state of Quintana Roo, they call it the “Estatal”.

This Championship consists in trials of a 400 metres swim in the pool and a 1km run on the track. The junior athletes who are able to make the required times get to race the next day in the Duathlon for the 14-15 year-olds and an Aquathlon for 14-19 year-old age groups. The top 2-3 qualify to the “Olimpiada Nacional”, that is our National Games.

Andres_SquadCoaches diary: Photos from a very enjoyable weekend.

The TriCozumel junior athletes qualified with 9 out of 10 possibles times. In the Duathlon, Noe Cervera, in his first ever duathlon competition was first in the 14-15 category. In the same category, Diego Hernandez was 9th and Julio Tinal 10th in the Aquathlon. Well done.

For our older athletes like Alan Carrillo and Cesar Lopez, there is no Duathlon or Aquathlon but a full triathlon that will take place be next weekend in Merida. It is the first time that Cesar has made the two qualification times and so we hope that he will join Alan on the podium next week.

Diego and Julio have also made the qualifying times, so the team will be travelling again next Friday!

To finish on an even higher note – this weekend Alan won his first pro race! The Chetumal Blackout 100km. A long distance triathlon, consisting of a 2km swim, 80km bike and an 18km run.

It demonstrates how consistency is the key to results. Well done to everyone and enjoy your prize money Alan!

State Team

State selection trials. Some great results and going for more in Merida next week!

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