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Jo Spindler

Jo Spindler is a former Ironman winning athlete and multiple professional Ironman winning coach. One of Germany’s most accomplished long distance triathlon trainers, he was the previous Head Coach at TeamTBB before taking on the position of Trisutto Head European Coach. Jo bases his professional & age group squads between Spain and Switzerland. He speaks English and German.
I’ve been working with coach methodologies since 2007. First as an athlete as part of TeamTBB, then as a coach before finally succeeding him as Head Coach. In my career I’ve won over 5 iron distance events and a host of European and national titles. Since becoming a full-time coach my squad have gone from strength to strength – last season coaching 3 different Iron distance professional champions! Using coaching philosophies I focus not just on the science of performance coaching, but also an empathy for the art of coaching the individual. Understanding the psychological and social circumstance of my athletes has been crucial in ensuring their success and development. Jo Spindler

Coach Jo Spindler


Jo Spindler is currently European Head Coach of Trisutto. He is a world class coach, and a passionate manager of a team of over five professional and twenty age group athletes. Jo’s mission is to build-up a unique development program within the sport of triathlon to develop unknown athletes to the very top of the sport.

He is dedicated to excellence and helping athletes of all abilities become the very best they can be. As per the mission, Jo achieves this goal by using his current world-class athletes as role models to provide education and information for every performance level. He organizes training camps and sport talks where athletes of all abilities have the possibility to train together with our professional athletes.

Winning over five professional Ironman events last season and hitting multiple podiums at international events in with his age group squad last season, Jo and his athletes successfully proved he is already Germany’s best Iron distance coach, and has the potential to become one of the great coaches within the sport of triathlon.

He is a genius! I was not easy to handle. Jo’s coaching took me from the Top 10 to the podium then to the top of it! Diana Riesler

Multiple Ironman Champion

Challenge or Ironman Wins

Challenge or Ironman Podiums

World Championship Podiums

Kona and World 70.3 Qualifiers

Jo’s Professional Athletes

Diana Riesler

Diana Riesler

Ironman Malaysia, Lanzarote Champion

Andrej Vistica

Andrej Vistica

Embrunman Champion

Mauro Baerstch

Mauro Baerstch

Ironman Vichy Champion

Markus Hörmann

Markus Hörmann

Portocolom Half Distance Triathlon Champion

Cadence for MTB Racing

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Bike Fittings

In addition to coaching Jo is a world class bike fitter. When you train with Jo you get the added benefit of ensuring you’ll have the best bike setup in the sport:

  • Setting the cleat position / pedals physiological point
  • Analysis of all body angle and position parameters
  • Analysis of all compensatory movements of the upper body or knee
  • Optimization to discipline-specific requirements (eg Road, Triathlon, MTB)
  • Optimizing position in relation to transmission, aerodynamics and comfort
  • Detailed advice on the optimum material, technology and training
  • Millimeter precision measurement of new position with written evaluation

Jo is available for fittings at European Trisutto camps, including Mallorca, Spain and St. Moritz, Zurich, Switzerland. 

Sursee, Switzerland


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