Victor Del Corral finished in 9th place at Ironman South Africa. Photo: James Mitchell Photography.

Kona qualification for Richard Newey

Richard’s dream was to qualify for Hawaii at IM South Africa, but he was doing it tough, living and working a full time job in London while preparing for an early season Ironman. Most of Richard’s training was on the turbo and treadmill, so not always an easy way to prepare for an full distance IM! Luckily, Richard loves it, so this kind of training was never a problem.

All was going well through the winter as we gradually built the training, getting the needed miles in. However, 2 weeks before Ironman South Africa Richard strained his Achilles which meant no running in the lead up to the race.

For some people this would throw them right off course, but Richard is a calm person. He never let it worry him and he trusted me while I continued his swim and bike training while adding some water running.

He got on the plane to Port Elizabeth deciding that leaving behind his little boy and 7 month pregnant wife would be the best thing for them. He went on to do a great job at IM South Africa never faltering for a second, even on the run.









Richard’s dream came true and he qualified for Kona at one of the toughest Ironman races out there! Well done, Richard. After the race his Achilles was no worse, but now we’ll let it recover and continue to work away for his summer races and Hawaii in October!

RichardRichard is now on his way to the ‘Big Show’ in Hawaii!

Early Season Hit-Out for Victor

Also racing was one of my pro athletes, Victor Del Corral from Spain. I knew he would be ready for an early season Ironman. Victor has been training well since December here at Sands Beach Resort on Lanzarote, I also knew a solid early season Ironman would help him have stronger and better races later in the year.

We are working on Victor’s swim, so I was happy he held his swim together and did not lose as much as he has done before to the faster swimmers. It was a competitive race and although Victor can ride, there were faster riders off out of the water together not to be seen till much later in the day. I had talked to Victor about the race not being over until the end, so although during some points of the ride it was a bit lonely he stuck with it and held together a great run.

This pulled him into 9th place, which gets him some Hawaii points, but no qualification like Richard! Victor will have to race a few more times to qualify, but South Africa was a step in the right direction.









Victor_BellaVictor in preparation for IM South Africa.

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