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Nicola Spirig in the water today.

Thank you to all our supporters sending messages of hope for Nicola in this very difficult time. Also for all the inquiries about Daniela and the 2016 schedule.

I thought best to give our followers a clear update rather than have people guessing on the basis of social media.

Nicola had surgery on her shattered hand. In the end she needed three plates and 20 screws to rebuild the damage. However, what will delay any decisions on the short term future will be the stress fracture and ligament damage to the opposite shoulder.

This will obstruct many innovative approaches to training. We are lucky to have access to an AlterG treadmill and and some low impact running has been taking place. We want to take the first three weeks steady to promote healing. We will keep all her fans updated as we move forward as fast as the healing process allows, but today showed promising signs.

Daniela_Ryf_ReturnNo injury concerns for the Angry Bird.

Daniela is fine and has no injury worries, but she was given an extended break. Last season was a fantastic year, but also a tremendously physically and mentally stressful time for her. As people will come to appreciate even more with time – taking out Kona and the Triple Crown in one year is no small feat.

As Daniela had not just completed a fairytale season, but two fairytale seasons back-to-back with training non-stop for the last three years, it was decided that now would be a great time for her to take time off and let the body fully recover. Ironman is often not given the respect it deserves on how tough it is on the body.

Trying to juggle university studies, time constraints with media and learning how to deal with all the press commitments in a positive way – a rest and reboot for a more relaxed 2016 will be great for her long term sporting career.

So why the training updates on Twitter? Dannie found taking a full-on break nearly as stressful as full time training, so we are bringing her back on for an April 1 start to training. She will then head to our St. Moritz camp to start Kona preparations and we will ascertain her form and whether to make the trip to Australia for the 70.3 World Championships.

This year will be about repositioning the Bird for the next three seasons.

So our Swiss stars begin the climb in 2016 all our age group athletes face at some point – building back residual fitness. Best wishes to everyone as they look to climb their own Everest. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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