Diana Riesler: 2015 Ironman Lanzarote Champion.

It’s always a pleasure reporting on the success of my professional athletes. They train so hard and deserve all the attention they get. Plus much more. To me personally however, what is just as satisfying is to see the success of athletes developing within our broader coaching squad.

This weekend two Trisutto.com coaches saw their charges take hugely significant results. Coaching an athlete to a professional Ironman Win or a Podium is no small thing. On top of consistent high quality training, it takes steady leadership and experienced hands capable of adapting to external factors in the pre-race buildup.

Included are race blogs and recaps from around the group this weekend, which I hope give some insight into the broader training movement that we are about. Again, well done to all.

Ironman Lanzarote

At Ironman Lanzarote, one of the most iconic and challenging events in the Ironman calendar, Diana Riesler won her 2nd Ironman Title today. Coming out of the water in 4th position with a 55 minute swim time, Diana then took over the lead on the bike at the 60km mark and dominated the race thanks to a bike ride that was none other than sensational. No competitor was able to respond to Diana’s race best 5hrs 37mins bike ride and a 3rd best marathon time of 3hrs 16 mins under extremely challenging conditions for which Ironman Lanzarote is well known. Diana was ecstatic at the finish line with her race victory.

With her win today she collected enough points to directly qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championship in October 2015, moving her up into a top 15 spot within the international triathlon ranking KPR.

Coach Jo Spindler

Bella Squad LanzaroteMichi Herlbauer Photo Credit : Ironman Lanzarote, Daniel Herlbauer  Photo Credit : Ingo Kutsche, Aya Stevens  Photo Credit : Jack Wilkes, Jason Wilkes Photo Credit : Sands Beach, James Mitchell Photo Credit : Ironman Lanzarote, Simon Leadbeater Photo Credit : TriLanzarote, Hollie Craddock Photo Credit: TriLanzarote, Caroline Young Photo Credit : James Mitchell

Ironman Lanzarote 2015 was a very successful day! Consistent hard work in training by each of my athletes, then persistence and patience on race day got them their reward. Even on a Lanzarote windy day! Huge congratulations. Equally proud of you all.

This weekend saw the Herlbauers both overcoming their demons and demonstrating what I know they can. We have worked hard over the last couple of years, this result was very special. Dani Herlbauer, 6th male Pro, 9 hours 25 minutes 58 seconds. Michi Herlbauer 2nd female Pro, 10 hours 13 minutes 47 seconds.

For our other athletes, I told Aya this was a long training exercise on her journey to becoming the best she can be, and she did just a great training day! Aya Stevens: 8th female Pro, 10 hours 54 minutes 59 seconds.

Jason Wilkes: 10 hours 39 minutes 27 seconds. Qualifying for Kona in his age group and a 30 minute PB on the toughest of tough days! Dedication to every detail and lots of hard work, including working a full time job.

James Mitchell: 11 hours 9 minutes 36 seconds. A 3 minute PB! Conquering his 5th Ironman Lanzarote. In-between his full time photography.

Simon Leadbeater: 11 hours 33 minutes 51 seconds. 1st time Ironman and just his 3rd triathlon! All the while working a full time manual job.

Hollie Craddock: 13 hours 29 minutes 29 seconds. 2+ hour PB! Won her age group! Qualified for Kona. A very tough young girl!

Caroline Young: 16 hours 49 minutes 32 seconds. 2nd attempt at Ironman Lanzarote and this year she did it! What an achievement. She has come so far in life.  Congratulations all of you.

Coach Bella Bayliss

Wonderful work Jo and Bella. I will also add in an excellent result for one of our age group athletes, Alicja Medak, who with a typical gutsy effort and following the mantra “it’s just another training day, get it done!” got herself on the podium and earned qualification for Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Very happy with her effort here. Well done, Alicja.

Martina DoganaMartina Dogana Top 5 at Challenge Rimini

Challenge Rimini

This weekend also saw athletes competing at Challenge Rimini.

Ritchie Nicholls came into this race with good form and following a solid swim and good first half of the bike took a tumble, which effectively put an end to his fight for the top of the podium. He brushed himself off and completed the race, running himself back into the Top 10. So while a disappointing result, we’re happy with where his run fitness is at this stage.

Congratulations at Rimini also to Coach Edith Niederfriniger and her 4 athletes competing. Martina Dogana taking an excellent Top 5 in her build for Ironman Austria. Well done too to Luis Villavicencio coached athlete, Lottie Riddle, who ran herself into the Top 5 in her age group.

Abi BaileyAbi Bayley wins the Noosa Ultimate.

Noosa Ultimate

This weekend we also had Abi Bayley competing at the 10km Noosa Ultimate and winning in a time of 36:00 flat. A great hit out on a tough course, and always nice to come away with a victory.

Next week we make the official start to our summer campaign. I will soon be joined on deck at St Moritz by Coaches Jo, Edith, and Andres as part of our international training group. I’m very excited about the momentum we’re building and what we’ll continue to be able to achieve. We have now got the base, expertise and the athletes to really make this a year to remember.

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