Defending Champion Daniela Ryf will join a host professional and age-group athletes competing at the World 70.3 Ironman Championships this weekend. Coach Susie shares her advice to our charges ahead of the event: (email extract to one of our athletes)


For race week we keep things much the same as you have over the past 4 months. We just cut the volume a little with a rest day on Friday.

Tuesday we have an easy, easy bike.

Friday there is an optional swim, only if you feel like it. If you would prefer to stay at home and skip it then that’s fine also.

I would prefer you do all swims this week in the pool – not in the open water.

You have a fantastic block of training under your belt. You have been super consistent. We’re very, very happy with how you have embraced our methods of training!

You have practiced your race day nutrition – we change nothing for this race.

You have practiced your pre-race dinner plan – let’s stick to that.

Come race week we don’t try anything new.

The few days before the race, you register, you go to the briefing, you check your race gear in. You then go straight home. That’s it. You don’t need to be around the race venue at any other time. We don’t waste any energy hanging around the expo or with meeting other athletes or old friends for a chat. We do that after the race.

I know you have your own team and friends racing and will want to be available for them in the lead up to the race. Do this at a venue away from the race site if possible. A place you can sit down in a relaxed atmosphere and be off your feet! We don’t waste time or energy going over who the other athletes are in the race. It is totally irrelevant. We know it will be competitive and will be a wonderful opportunity for you. Anyone can be beaten on any given day and you better believe it!

From now on it is all about you. If you feel really nervous or need to talk to someone or go over something before the race, then contact me. Do not turn to your friends, other coaches or people who may want to help with last minute tips. You contact me! We stick to our plans.

To the race itself, you are an experienced Ironman racer. You will have up’s and you will have down’s. You will go through parts where you will feel good…, you will go through parts where you feel not-very-good. That’s racing.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you feel good or bad…, you still have to do it.

As Daniela Ryf learnt at the 70.3 World Champs last year, you don’t have to feel good to go fast. She felt horrible all day but still went fast and won the race. She was SO surprised!

Once you get off the bike, the first 30 minutes of running is all about staying nice and relaxed. Stay in control and concentrate on finding your nice fluent running rhythm. Get all the drinks in at every aid station. This is priority.

You are very fit and are trained for this distance.

Be strong.

Be patient.

Be brave.

On Sunday we take a chance.

The secret is ‘self-belief’.

Cheers, Susie. online professional coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

Susie_BikeCoach Susie Langley and campers at St. Moritz.


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