Victory at Ironman Maastricht for Mary Beth Ellis.

This week followers could feel the highs and lows of professional sport.

All would have seen the wretched luck this year for Mary Beth Ellis. From an early season injury to then contracting Lyme’s disease, which was only discovered when she arrived at the swim pool in Switzerland with what looked like a red dartboard on her back. Once our worst fears were confirmed, it was expected that the MBE’s 2016 season was over.

However, that’s when the Honey Badger appeared and continued training on a very shortened, low intensity program with each session monitored by coach. The good news was that as the illness was caught early and a huge dosage of antibiotics, while knocking the Badger about training wise, meant that she could battle on.

To see how she bounced back and roared into action with a devastating swim-bike combination at Ironman Maastricht to allow her to take her 10th Ironman victory was just a humbling experience. Well done MBE.

We then had Boo Hoo (Carina Brecthers) taking on 70.3 Budapest this week. After breaking away in the swim and riding away out front on the bike the signs were good for a possible podium, only for a 3 minute lead to be hit with not one puncture, but two within 5km of each other. This meant not being able to finish in another example of how sport can be very cruel.

Finally, we also had Maikel Wieland looking to make the step from fast age grouper to a possible pro licence at IM Maastricht. After an improved swim, big Maik was putting together the fastest bike on the course when his brilliant ride was ended by a crash as the rain came down and made the course quite treacherous. Maik spent the run section in hospital with a dislocated shoulder and torn shoulder ligaments. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Race Recap from Coach Dan McIntosh:

Matt_Tatum36 minute PB for Matt Tatum.

3 of my athletes raced this weekend in the United States. Paul and Leigh Stiekema trained through the 2nd race of the 3 Rivers Multi-Sport Series at the Power of Pasco Sprint in Pasco Washington. Paul furthered his series ranking with a 5th place overall while Leigh enjoyed a 5 min PR from 2015, finding herself on the overall podium.

A few hundred miles south of Pasco, Matt Tatum took on his first full Ironman as a athlete in California at Vineman. The scenic, challenging course did not disappoint and neither did Matt. He went into the weekend with a fair share of setbacks involving a bike wreck, subsequent emergency replacement on top of the general malaise experienced mid season when balancing work, family and training. Not only did Matt persevere but he executed on an aggressive plan, earning a 36 min PR and breaking 4 hours for the first time on the marathon with a 3:47. With the first one under the belt, quick calibration of the bike then all focus on Ironman Chattanooga at the end of September.

Onward and upward.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Wonderful improvement from Ana Berenguel.

On Sunday Ana did the London Prudential Ride 100 miles in preparation for an up coming IM.  It was her longest ride since 2012 when she did Challenge Roth, since then disappointed about her cycling performance she was mainly racing shorter distance triathlons. The objective was to ride strongly and practice race nutrition. It was a remarkable performance, last year she could not average 25kmph in a 70.3 races.  I remember one day she said about her bike in the past ‘It was very disappointing – everybody was overtaking me on the bike’. She completed the ride on Sunday in 5:20 averaging over 30kmph. How much she has improved in 6 months!

Surprisingly, I felt very strong throughout!  Last hour was the fastest and strongest, which makes me wonder whether I had not pushed enough during the race (i was quite afraid of not having enough energy in the end and I did not know how to pace myself). Overall I’m very very happy. I had not done such a distance since the IM in 2012 and the longest I had done this year was one 130km, 2 100kms, and all the rest below 90km. Also, I had never been riding that fast for such a long time. How effective is your training!!!

Thanks a lot Rafal. You must be the successor of Brett Sutton! 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Theresa_BudapestTheresa on stage collecting another trophy at Budapest 70.3.

I know I may be sounding like a broken record but another weekend of racing for my athletes meant another weekend of GREAT results! First will start with my UK squad who all raced Budapest 70.3 this past weekend!

The conditions in Budapest were horrendous- 35-37 degrees but this didn’t stop Tony Baker who towers well over 6 feet and 90 kg. Tony walked away with 6th and stamped his ticket to Worlds 70.3 in Chattanooga next year! This was a fantastic race for Tony- especially after coming down with a bit of illness last week he remained diligent with easy low heart rate training and has done a SUPERB job switching his highly intelligent brain off and just doing the best he could everyday! Tony also travels to another country every week and does all his mid week rides in a gym bike- he took 18 min off his time from the last time he raced there! UNREAL Tony!

Lorraine_awardLorraine’s 2nd place trophy from Budapest 70.3 and Tony’s World’s Qualification medallion.

His wife Lorraine Baker also has a very busy work schedule limiting her hours to train mid week but that didn’t stop her from placing 2nd at Budapest, only 1 min off 1st with a 7 min bike PB!!! So proud of both of you!

Theresa Abbott also raced Budapest and walked away with another podium to come 3rd. Theresa unfortunately caught a virus in Lanzarote but lucky enough was healthy enough to do the race. Theresa is a hard hard fighter but missed 2nd because of a few marginal errors but let me assure you Theresa is more fired up than ever to give it everything she’s got in Sweden in a couple weeks!

Chinook raceKariin the middle waving at the camera at the start of the Aquathon!

Back in Canada Jordan Bryden one of our Trisutto pros, put on fantastic race at Sylvan lake which some of my crew took the trip too! It’s the Chinook Triathlon festival which was also the provincial championships which included an Aquathon, Olympic & Half Ironman.

Michelle_Melonie_ChinookMelonie & her coach post race!

Kari Erickson as a last minute decision decided she wanted to do the Aquathon. Kari hired me a few months ago with a pretty serious injury to her hip. The main objective was to get her running again and loving training- well we’ve done just that- she can now run up to an hour pain free and is loving swimming for the first time in her life! I’m so pleased with where we are headed:-) Kari hated racing to for her to even want to do a race was a HUGE milestone.

Melonie Macdonald took on the Olympic distance at the Chinook Triathlon festival as simply a good hard training day at the end of a pretty decent week. Melonie for the first time came out of the water with some faster swimmers and blitzed the hilly bike course and hung on to her fasted 10 km on the road I’ve seen her do. Melonie came over the line in 6th in the 40-49 AG which had some really good competition. Melonie is turning into an absolute bike monster- took me for a ride the day after and she dropped us all! As always she just keeps getting better and better!

Gary_ChinookGary on the podium in 3rd at the Chinook Half Ironman:-)

Our Trisutto camp coach Gary also decided as a last minute decision to do the Half Ironman as a test to see where his fitness is at. Well to no surprise by me Gary came 3rd in the 30-39 AG & 4th overall. This I thought was fantastic considering Gary does less than 10 hours of training/week!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur

Mike Hill_vinemanGreat signs for Mike. His fastest IM bike split by an hour. 

This weekend, three of my athletes put it all on the line at Ironman Vineman. Two were attempting to qualify for Kona, and all three showed courage and toughness in their performances.

Mike Hill started things off with the second fastest age-group swim of the day. He emerged from the Russian River leading the men 30-34. Mike’s bike training was on full display as he clocked his fastest IM bike by an hour. He started the run in third overall for the age-group competition and second for men 30-34. In the heat of the battle Mike took the run out at a pace that was faster than plan. Half-way through the run Mikes GI tract went into revolt. Like so many talented and well-trained athletes, he was reduced to walking. Mike was able to finish at a strong run and post his second best IM time, but his Kona shot was left out on the course. The management of pacing, nutrition, hydration, and electrolytes are at the heart of Ironman success. Mike learned that lesson the hard way, but he also learned the greater lesson – that he’s a legitimate contender. Next time he’s racing stronger and smarter, and earning his spot on that Kona start line.

Rod_F vinemanPodium for Rod at IM Vineman with a courageous effort.

For Rod Farvard, one of my university athletes, IM Vineman was his first full-distance event. He raced in the 18-24 category. Rod’s made great gains on his swim and exited the water in 15th position in his group. By mile 90 Rod had ridden into the lead. By mile 92 he was on the side of the road with a puncture. Unable to fix the situation, Rod decided that he’d ride that tubular until it came off. Rod Farvard rode a dead flat tire, at his limit, for the final 20 miles. Then he clocked the fastest run of his group, racing his way on sheer will, back into third place. It was a courageous effort that showed what this kid is made of. Vineman was the tip of the iceberg for Rod. Ironman is his race.

Bex_VinemanPersonal best time for Bex Fink.

At some point in the past year, Bex Fink registered for IM Vineman and then forgot all about it. Imagine her surprise when she got her pre-race athlete email last week. I told her if she had the frequent flyer miles, that she might as well go down and get her very expensive backpack! I also told her that the decision was up to her and that I wouldn’t mention it again. She didn’t bring it up, and it wasn’t until I was checking the athlete tracker that I found out just how crazy she is. Bex race on feeling and applied the pacing and nutrition strategies that she put to use at IM Cairns seven weeks ago to claim 11th place for her age-group and a new Ironman personal best time. Proud coach on this one.

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Cali_recapPodiums for Cassio and Karina at the Copa Interior triathlon in Sao Paulo.

This week our team in Brazil went to Araras SP and participated at the Copa Interior de Triathlon do Estado de Sao Paulo. Our triathlete Cassio Pegoraro got second place and Karina Freitas the same place on the podium. We are so glad because our team is growing up and a lot of people around Brazil contact us to know more about methodology. Trisutto athletes will start to get more and more results throughout Brazil.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Annemaik_EdithAnnemiek smiling on the run.

Stefano Matalucci after IM Texas in May, this Sunday raced IM Maastricht. After a very good swim (1:06) Stefano however felt weak all day. A puncture during the bike leg didn’t help, but it was not crucial. He finished in 12:26.24, but can do much more. So we have to evaluate and improve.

Annemiek Schleurholts half marathon at Lauwershoog (Netherlands): 1:31.41 and  3rd W40+. Annemiek is 46, not so bad! Congrats girl – amzing powerwoman!

Francesca Billi our ultratrail runner, did the Walser Monte Rosa Trail: 114km e 9500+. Even if she was not able to finish this race, it was a great training session for her ultimate goal: Tor des Geant, 330km and 9500+ in September.

David_EdithA new PB for David.

AronaMen (half distance in italy):

David Galafassi new PB in 4:36.50, but also for the final half marathon 1:36.45. Very happy with his improvements.

Elena_Edith2nd place for Elena.

Elena De Preto after IM Frankfurt a few weeks ago, she finished  2nd W45-49 in 5:42.25. Great job and good training for the 70.3 Worlds in Australia.

Irene_EdithIncredible performance by Irene. 

Irene Coletto 4th overall and 1st W30-34 in 4:30.08. Irene, one year ago, couldn’t swim. Now she can. And after the best bike split in the women’s field, she run a 1:32 in the final half marathon. Getting ready for the 70.3 Worlds and more.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Maurice Inzirillo was on holiday close to St. Moritz and therefore he decided to take part in the Swiss Alpine Marathon yesterday where he did the K21 (actually 22.3 kms). The run race included 848 m of altitude and must have been one spectacular race. Not sure how much of the surroundings Maurice got to enjoy though!

Maurice ran 1:55, he finished 1st in his age group (55) and he was 38th over all. What a mountain goat!  Well done and no better way for Maurice to be on holiday!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Nina leads the women’s field out of the swim at the Alpe D’Huez Long Course.

An early start to the racing week, Nina Derron had her first taste of Long Course racing at the Alpe d’Huez Long Course Triathlon last Thursday. It was an encouraging first up performance…, Nina led out the swim, rode fantastic over the mountainous course, and surprised herself with a strong run also. Finishing in 5th place overall, Nina reported back that she had indeed enjoyed the day! More to come…..

Running into 5th place.

After 3 weeks at camp in St.Moritz, Mariana Andrade returned home last week to Brazil and promptly defended her title at Powerman Brazil. After a solid first up run, Mariana then dominated the bike leg, taking the lead near halfway though the 60k. She never looked back finishing with a commanding win after the second 10k run. Super performance by Mariana and lends well for the upcoming races over the next few months.

Mariana successfully defends her Powerman Brazil Title. Photo Credit successfully defends her Powerman Brazil Title. Photo Credit:

A fun running race for Beth Scholes who jumped into the Tywardreath Trotter 7 miler on the Cornish Coast in England. Finally Beth scored a sunny, warm and dry event (!) and she was able to enjoy a good training race.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

MelanieBensonAlpedHuezTriathlonMel Benson took on the Alpe D’Huez triathlon.

Melanie Benson ticked off a race that is on many athletes bucket list, the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. Mel was 5th female out of the water, to start her epic day. The race onsisting of 2.2 kms swim in cold glacial lake (i.e. chilly!), 120kms bike with 3000m ascent over 3 mountains and a hilly 22kms run at 2000m altitude.

The weather this year was sunny and warm; but was still a challenge, rewarded with a well earned second place in her category. The terrain not suiting Mel’s strengths, as kamikaze descending on the bike a benefit in this one with the fast and technical descents.

All in all, a wonderful experience, and a very solid long training day as we prepare for the 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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