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Rob Pickard

Rob Pickard is a former National Coaching Director and High Performance Manager of Triathlon Australia. He is an Age Group Triathlon World Champion and has been racing and coaching in Triathlon for over 30 years. Rob is based in Berry, Australia.

As the former High Performance Manager of Triathlon Australia I worked alongside Brett Sutton during his period as National Coach. We formed a coaching team that was part of the most dominant triathlon programs in the world. Since that time I have worked as a coaching consultant and National Coach to the Indian, Thailand and Philippine Teams, as well as setting up the coaching accreditation programs in each of those countries. I look forward reuniting with Brett and the Trisutto group of coaches as we show our athletes a more efficient, effective method of training. Rob Pickard

Coach Rob Pickard


Rob comes from a multi-sport background. He has represented Western Australia in open competition in Surf Life Saving, Rugby Union, Cycling, Marathon Running and Triathlon. He has represented Australia in at a number of Age Group World Championships and the Hawaii Ironman.

At the 1995, 1996 and 1997 Triathlon World Championships, Rob managed the Elite and Junior Australian Teams. During this period of time he headed up a team of triathletes, coaches and support staff that was responsible for a program that saw Australia dominate the World in Triathlon. While working for Triathlon Australia, Rob managed the accreditation of coaches and conducted coaching accreditation courses; designed and conducted the first and subsequent Level Two Triathlon coaching courses; revised the Level One manual; designed and developed the Level 3 Coaching Curriculum. These manuals and curriculums are now used by the International Triathlon Union.

Over the years Rob has counselled and coached hundreds of triathletes of various abilities and experience. With over three decades in the sport, from novice to elite triathlete, from sprint to Ironman, Rob has the credentials and experience to help you attain your goals.

I have known Rob for close to three decades. His support and encouragement in my developmental years was a major factor in my decision to commit to the challenge of a professional triathlon career. This support has continued in an unwavering fashion as I have ridden the ups and downs of the sport.

Rob’s advice was instrumental in the development of a training regime that took me from a top ten finisher to a long course champion. I have no hesitation in recommending Rob as a knowledgeable, understanding and supportive coach and mentor.

Courtney Ogden

Ironman Champion

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I feel incredibly proud and privileged to have Rob as part of our team. One of the world’s leading authorities on triathlon with experience over thirty years – I have always counted Rob as a friend and first rate triathlon mind. Rob’s seen all levels of triathlon over a distinguished career and now will enjoy giving back to the sport through his age group coaching. Brett Sutton

Head Coach

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Rob Pickard holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology as well as being an age group World Champion. He has been involved in the sport of Triathlon for over 30 years.

As an athlete he has completed over 300 triathlons; as a coach he has coached a number of juniors and elite athletes to gain selection in Australian World Championship teams; as an administrator he was Triathlon Australia’s National Coaching Director who formulated the Level 1-3 Coaching courses and High Performance Manager throughout the 90’s. From novice to experienced triathlete, from sprint to Ironman, Rob has the credentials and experience to help you attain your goals.

I started with Rob late 2009, and in 2010 I had my best results and felt confident in my training and racing. After some years of study and absence from the sport I have returned. After experiencing other coaches with little success I have returned to Rob as I find his training programs  perfect. They are simple, consistent and easy to follow but also challenging and produce the results that I am happy with. I have no hesitation in recommending Rob Pickard as a Coach.

Eneko Elosegi

Spanish Professional Athlete

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In 2008 my wife and I thought about entering “Ironman” to celebrate my 50th we had little or no idea what we were getting into, we had been runners, but had never cycled or swam, in fact I found a 25 meter swim to be exhausting! (To be honest the swim terrified me back then).

Living in Dubai, in the UAE, we didn’t know where to begin, the long summer, temperatures that are extremely high and we had no real structure to a training plan that was needed to prepare for a full Ironman distance race. In addition we both have full time jobs. By chance and through a mutual friend we were introduced to Rob Pickard from Australia, it was July 2008 and we were watching the Tour De France at a local bike shop in Dubai. We checked out his website and felt this was what we needed. A demanding coach who understands where we are and what we needed. Rob tells us as it is and then lets us get on with it.

Rob may have expressed his reservations about our initial goal to complete an ironman in less than 5 months’ time but he took us under his wing and introduced us to a structured training plan that would help us prepare and develop in our new found sport of triathlon. It didn’t matter that we resided in different continents, Rob sent us our training programs weekly and we communicated as often as we needed to. Robs quick feedback is short, sweet and to the point.

Five months later we participated and completed our first Ironman in Busselton Australia. We thoroughly enjoyed that experience thanks to how we had prepared under Robs training and guidance and soon realized that we really wanted to do another event. And another. And another. We didn’t know it at the time but triathlon had become our lifestyle of choice and we would over the next 8 years be travelling far and wide participating in Ironman events around the world at both the full and half Ironman distance. Rob has enthusiastically coached, encouraged and guided us and we have been fortunate and successful enough to qualify for 4 consecutive 70.3 half ironman world champs. Rob’s training programs are hard work and he challenges us with the workload, however, the variety includes strength, speed, endurance and recovery aspects that are carefully built into the training and we enjoy the structure approach, which has us arriving at races feeling confident and ready to compete.

I highly recommend Rob to anyone wanting to compete in sport, be it running swimming cycling or triathlon! Rob has done it all. It doesn’t matter whether one is a novice or a seasoned veteran, competing as age grouper or as a pro competing at the very top. Rob has a wealth of experience and is a highly qualified coach who I can fully recommend.

Noel Rossouw

Age Group Athlete


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