A very pleasing day for Trisutto.com athletes at Challenge Fuerteventura.

Daniela Ryf coming in after a hard training block again showed the crowd what a dominant performer she is. A victory margin of over 12 minutes. The Angry Bird also demonstrated that her run training for Kona is right on track, as without the typical devastating bike leg today, she dominated with a blistering run split.

Very pleased with Ritchie Nicholls performance also. After a solid three weeks of training in Gran Canaria he produced a much better swim and bike to add to his typical road runner type finish. Coming off the bike in 8th he got to within 18 seconds of the eventual winner, just running out of pavement to take the victory.

Corinne, finishing just out of the podium, also made some good improvements with an excellent run split. Baby steps were made on the bike and no steps on the swim. We know she’ll be disappointed that the improvements we are seeing in the pool were not seen in race mode today, but they will be.

Overall three strong performances.

RitchieRitchie (Nicholls) was 2nd at Challenge Fuerteventura.

We then went to Cape Town for Nicola Spirig’s return to the World Series. Why this race is held at the beginning of Autum is beyond me. 11.4 degree water is obviously too cold. However, no excuses as everyone races in the same conditions.

After a diabolical swim Nicola Spirig didn’t miss a beat from her previous WTS career moving straight to the front of the peloton and shutting down the lead break-away within a couple of laps. Personally, I don’t think she’s had enough bike work to do the grunt work up front, but pleased to see the aggressive mindset remains.

She did pay for it later on the run, but the idea of attending this race was for her to collect some Olympic qualification points for her country. That goal was more than achieved.

Well done to all on a very successful weekend.

Nicola PodiumBack on the podium in Cape Town.

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