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Training Plans training plans provide you with a proven, effective way to take your performance to the next level. All plans begin with moderate volume and intensity and build over the course of your training. The coaching methodology that informs these plans has taken the best in the sport to Ironman, World and Olympic glory.

Sprint Triathlons

Our 6-hour per week Sprint distance training plan is designed specifically for athletes starting out in triathlon or in the lead up to sprint distance racing. Program duration: 8 weeks

Half Iron Triathlon - Advanced

16-hour per week Half Iron distance advanced training plan is designed to build session length and intensity in order to optimise 70.3 race performance. Program duration: 16 weeks.

Olympic Distance Triathlon

Our comprehensive 12-hour per week Olympic distance training plan is designed specifically for athletes preparing for an Olympic distance triathlon. Program duration: 12 weeks.

Iron Distance Triathlon

Our 12-14 hours per week plan will guide you through the early stages of your Iron Distance career. Used with great success by our age-group athletes. Program duration: 16 weeks.

Half Iron Distance Triathlon

Our 10-hour per week training plan is designed for athletes and iron distance first timers looking to take on an Ironman 70.3 with limited training time. Program duration: 16 weeks.

Iron Distance Triathlon – Advanced

Our comprehensive 20-hour per week Iron Distance training plan has been used with enormous success by pro and age-group athletes around the world. Program duration: 16 weeks.

You don’t know me but I’d just like to say thank you. 4 IM’s ago I had a PB of 9:15 training 25hrs+ a week.

My first race on your program I went sub 9 (8:58), went to Kona and came 12th in 9:23. 6 weeks later I went 8:49 in IMWA winning and coming 9th overall with the 5th fastest overall bike split. The gains I have made are undeniably due to your program and I’m just getting faster and hungrier. You deserve all your success. So simple, yet genius.

Barry Oelofsen

Training Plan FAQs

Reverse Periodisation for Triathlon Training

Adjusting Your Training Plan To Fit Your Next Race

Measuring Intensity in Triathlon Training

Training Plans vs. Online Coaching

Strength Training for Triathlon

Training Plans vs. Online Coaching Part II

Training Plan Previews

Sprint & Olympic Plan Preview

Half Iron Distance Plan Preview

Iron Distance Plan Preview

The Definitive Workouts

The key workouts used to train over 20 Multisport World Champions. Each session includes a video explanation and can be adapted to your own level of ability.

Swim Sets Preview

14 in total

Bike Sets Preview

10 in total

Run Sets Preview

14 in total

Nicola Spirig

Strength Swim

Chrissie Wellington

Seated Hill Repeats

Jan Rehula

Treadmill Terminator

Greg Bennet

Speed Endurance Swim

Craig Walton

Turbo Bike Workout

Emma Snowsill

Long Run

Loretta Harrop

Aerobic Swim

Belinda Granger

Race Pace Bike

Andrew Johns

Race Pace Track Set

Pro Workout Video Previews

Heart Rate Swim Set

Time Trial Bike Set

Aerobic Threshold Run Set

Stimulus Programs for Triathlon

Stimulus training programs give focus to one triathlon discipline whilst maintaining fitness in the other two. Typically repeated for a training block of 4 weeks before athletes return to their normal training schedule or triathlon program.

Marathon Program

Stimulus Programs featured on

What’s an Off-season?

The off-season can mean different things for different athletes. It can be used as a complete mental and physical break for those athletes recovering after a long season. It can also be an opportunity to hone in and improve a single discipline, or the chance to build...

Recreational Training Plans

14 Swim Sets

14 sessions between 1000m-2200m that can be used for swimmers and triathletes of all abilities.

8 Week Swim, Bike, Run

8 Week Triathlon program that includes six sessions each week for athletes of all abilities.

Indoor Training Plans

The workouts range in time from 30 mins to a maximum 2 hours 30 mins. These sets are suitable for both professional and age group athletes alike.

10 Monster Turbo Sets contains a a mix of Strength, Power and Endurance bike sets designed specifically for the turbo trainer. Workouts range in time from 90 mins to a maximum 3 hours.

Training Plan FAQs

How do I access my training plan?

When you purchase a plan you receive a receipt by e-mail. There is a link on the receipt to download your training plan.  The plan is in pdf forma, to keep on your computer, phone or mobile device. It can be printed and there is also a printer friendly version without photos. There is a limit on the number of downloads from the website. However, if you accidentally exceed your download limit for your plan it can be reset.

Do the training plans use power or other training tools?
The plans do not use heart rate, power and make scarce use of the stop watch. Instead we encourage the athlete to learn to listen to their body, which is a very important training ability. As per methodology we use perceived exertion (moderate, medium, mad) to measure training intensity, because on a day when fatigue is high, heart rate, power and times may all be different from a day when more rested. Hence speeds for a hard workout change daily and a workout today that one perceives to be poor if looking purely at data, may well be an excellent workout.
How are the plans structured?
The plans do not periodise. Most plans have 4 week blocks with workout variations and increases in training load between blocks. However, the weekly structure stays relatively the same throughout the plan. We find this best for scheduling workouts around work and family as well as observing progress. Each week there is a variety of workouts to cover the main areas of training (strength, speed, endurance, strength endurance). The workouts and the combination of the workouts is designed to give the best return (race results) on training time invested. All of the workouts are used in Brett Sutton’s own training of athletes, simply modified to make them suitable for the specific training plan. We aim for the best return on training investment, not to see how many hours we can log in our diary.
Pricing and Currency

All products are priced in US Dollars.

Do you accept PayPal?

We accept PayPal, Visa and MasterCard for all payments.

Are all the workouts included in the plan?
Every plan contains all workouts for the duration of the plan, including the important week before race day, as well as recovery advice for the weeks after.
Can I see a sample of a full week of the training plan before purchasing?
There are sample images and workouts on the product page of each plan.
Can I adjust my rest day?
We encourage athletes to listen to their body and take a rest day as they feel they need it. Often this may be dictated by life circumstances – work and family, so a standard one day per week as designated rest does not allow for this flexibility. Instead if life gets in the way, simply make that a rest day and resume training the following day – without attempting to squeeze in yesterday’s workouts into an already busy schedule!
Can I add a 70.3 race as part the Iron Distance plan, or do I need to purchase a separate 70.3 plan?
To insert a 70.3 during the 16 weeks before your Iron Distance race, have a rest day two days before the 70.3 race, then a little swim / bike / run the day before.  After your 70.3 race, have two easy days, followed by a rest day. Then recommence your Iron Distance training plan. A 70.3 will blow the cobwebs out, get the mistakes out of the way if you haven’t raced for a while, as well as give a boost to your race fitness.
Which Iron Distance plan should I purchase - the regular or advanced plan?
The plan closest to the number of weekly hours you are currently training, and / or reasonably have time each week based on your other life commitments such as work and family.
Is there a description in the 16 week plan of what to do in the weeks before for preparation?
These two blogs will help explain how we structure a training year, and how we might approach the period before the 16 weeks to our goal race.
It is winter now in Europe / North America. I have purchased the 16 week Iron Distance training plan, but my race is not until summer. What should I do between now and starting the plan?
We reverse periodise, focusing on quality, developing strength on the bike, swim fitness, and leg speed on the run, while having reduced weekly volume. After improving these areas, we commence our 16 week Iron Distance plan, introducing longer rides and runs as we move into spring and better weather. Training through a European / Northern American winter means short daylight hours, cold and wet weather with more indoor training or unpleasant cold training outside. Depending on your working environment, it is also cold and flu season – not to mention Christmas and New Year commitments. The lower volume quality program maintains our physical and mental health better through this period, our immune system is stronger, and we lay down a strong structure to then overlay distance work on top of. We are then in a good place physically and mentally when commencing the 16 weeks training leading up to our goal race. These two blogs will help explain how we structure a training year, and how we might approach the period before the 16 weeks to our goal race.
Do training plans include strength training? plans do include strength training. It is built into the swim, the bike and the run – not with additional gym workouts on top. In the swim we work with paddles and pull buoy, on the bike it is big gear on the turbo trainer or in the hills, and on the run it is fartlek, hills and tempo running.
What do you get with the Pro Workouts package?
The pro workout pack contains 38 workouts  that were used to train a number of World Champion and Olympic medallist triathletes over the last 20+ years. For each workout a pdf document details three versions of the workout based on the levels of pro, age group experienced, and age group less experienced. There is a video accompanying most of these that can be viewed online.  Video url and password are on the workout pdf (videos cannot be downloaded, but there is no limit on number of times they can be viewed). Videos’s are 1 to 3 minutes duratio, and were recorded in situ at training camp.  In each video Brett describes the workout, its purpose and with which champion athlete that workout is associated with. The workouts can be used to complement any training plan. Three videos can be seen here
Are the stimulus programs one week or three weeks?
The stimulus programs are one week programs that are repeated for 3 to 4 weeks at a time as a short focus block on either the swim, the bike or the run.  When used in this manner we don’t need to vary the week, actually the opposite;  the same week done a number of times in a row allows us to get the most out of the program. Then return to our standard balanced program after this stimulus block. This cycle can be repeated 2 or 3 times. Usually in the ‘off’ or ‘pre’ season.
What incline percentage do you use on the treadmill to simulate running on the road?
Unless running hill repeats or ‘gradient’ sets, we use the treadmill at 0% (flat). The sports scientists will tell you to set it to 1% to simulate running on the road, but we do not want to emulate running on the road. Instead we use the treadmill to our advantage to develop leg turnover and rhythm.
How fast should the speed work in your training plans be done?

When running short intervals, never run all out, instead think 90%. There is little additional return going faster and the risk of injury rises significantly.  Instead look for a good turnover and rhythm to your running.  For moderate, medium then mad workouts, the last 1/3rd at mad is meant to be pushing the pace, but as we have already been running at a good effort by the time we arrive at the last 1/3rd (and it is a continuous run), our speed is already governed by our fatigue. We are not sprinting, just pushing the pace with what we have left! The same as in the last part of a triathlon race.  On race day the race is ‘just like training’.

Is the Iron Distance program 20 hours maximum or average week?

The Advanced Iron Distance training plan commences at 18 hours per week for the first month, and builds a little to be 22 hours at it’s largest the last month before the race (except race week which reduces somewhat). There are two workouts on most days (although it is possible to put some back to back in the week if necessary. For example swim then run instead of one in the AM and one in the PM).  Mid week workouts are in the 60 – 90 minute range with the long bike and long run on the weekend (along with some short recovery swims).  If your weekend falls on days other than Saturday/Sunday simply move the plan forward X number of days to suit.  i.e. think of the plan as Day 1 to Day 7, not Monday to Sunday. Rest days are taken as needed, or when best suits with other commitments.

Who do I contact to discuss training plans?

Please contact us, anytime via the Live Chat button (envelope bottom right).

Prefer a custom training option?

Sign up with a coach for monthly coaching, who will create a triathlon Training Plan for your individual training needs.