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Congratulations Diana on an outstanding (and rare) achievement – 4-peat at Ironman Malaysia!

Winning an Ironman is a huge thing. But winning an Ironman for 4 times in a row is just outstanding. After a disappointing race in Kona, where Diana suffered respiratory distress from algae in the water and could not finish the race, we decided to race Ironman Malaysia for a proper end of season. As the decision was short-termed we could not do the build up for the race in the climatic optimal environment of Phuket. Therefore we decided to stay on Mallorca and go to Malaysia only 3 days before race day. Preparation and travel went well. We pulled all tricks for heat adaption I learned in 20 years of racing and coaching. The pressure going into the race was huge if you won a race for 3 times. Of course everybody expects another win. Also the DNF in Kona did not exactly boost Diana’s confidence. To make a long story short Diana dealt with all of that like a Pro: won the race for the 4th consecutive year, set a new course record and was a threat to the men finishing 9th over all. If it is not happy, it’s not the end. I’m very proud that Diana could turn it around after Hawaii and pull of such a fantastic race.

Shiao-Yu lays down the power on the bike in Malaysia.

Shiao-Yu Lee also had a great race in Malaysia finishing 6th in the women field.In the weeks leading up to the race her training suffered from a lot of appointments she had to attend. However race warrior she is she performed much better than she thought possible.

Fantastic race by Mihai, with both a podium and Hawaii Qualification!

When I started coaching Mihai Vigariu beginning of this year we defined the clear goal to get him a ticket to Hawaii. I think, now I’m sure, my training approach was complete eye opening experience for Mihai. It was just a completely new training regiment. We changed his swim, cycling technique, nutrition. Changed his approach to altitude training, did pacing, did heat adaption. I’m glad that Mihai not only could book his Hawaii ticket at Ironman Malaysia but also placed 3rd in his Age Group. I feel really humble to work with such a dedicated athlete.

A strong finish by Victor gives a lot of motivation for future races.

Victor Osokin is a super dedicated athlete as well and I feel sorry that we could not achieve his goal of qualifying for the World Champs at Ironman Malaysia. Victor placed 12th in his Age Group but he struggled the whole day. Despite he did not very strong from the beginning he hang in tough and when I went back on the course to really kick his arse on the last 5 kilometers Victor really HTFU and made up 6 positions. When everybody was dying he ran strong. This performance will improve him a lot. We only fall down to learn how to stand up.

Team mates Andrea and Diana both had great days.

Andrea Bruhin in the IM 70.3 Malaysia event Andrea had a fantastic race. Despite the super tough conditions she could improve her personal best over the half distance by 15 minutes. I’m especially happy that her run is improving and the work we put in into that is paying off.

It was such a fantastic weekend in Malaysia. We all spent a lot of time together. Triathlon is such a great sport.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Amy enjoying every moment of the famous Noosa Tri!

Amy Ellet took a a break from Dentistry to head over to Australia for some exploring and with a less or non existent work schedule, some consistent training! Without getting to serious and still on giving Amy what she can handle while keeping the “fun factor” – she absolutely killed it at the Noosa Triathlon last weekend! Amy’s only been doing 2 months of consistent swimming and running and a month of building the bike up again and she ended up with her best Olympic distance EVER! PB swim, fastest bike in her Age and for the first time ever ran under 50 min off the bike to finish 4th!!! I’m so proud of this result and looking forward to seeing more from Amy!!!

On the other side of the globe Holly Lemmon took on Ironman Florida. Holly only came on board a few months ago and informed me she had been registered for Ironman Florida in November. Holly has an EXTREMELY busy work and global travel schedule so training has been a mix of 1 week on , 1 week off! Although the training has been very different from what she was us to in the past, secretly I was still a little worried about jumping into a full Ironman without more consistent training. The last Ironman Holly did in 2016 was a train wreck so if she was going to race, as a coach I wanted to give her ever shot of having her best race but not missing a detail leading in which included fuelling, pre race fuelling, full swim bike run race strategy etc all laid out. Well Holly ended up with a great swim, an Ironman PB, riding 90 min faster than her last Ironman and hanging on for the run, proving she has the mental toughness to keep fighting to the finish. Overall Holly ended up finishing over 2 hrs faster than her last Ironman, UNREAL! Looking forward to seeing what we can do with some consistent training!!! Well done Holly!!!

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

Congratulations Chantel, finishing well under her goal time in Florida!

Chantel Coetzer had a great race at Ironman Florida, finishing in 11.28.01, well under the 12 hours she aimed for. Over the past months Chantel put her head down, did the work and got the job done during Ironman Florida! Congrats! A job very well done!

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

An AG win and Kona Qualifier for Mania – Outstanding!

This week was a great week for Mania Bikof who she is raced in Xiamen 70,3 ironman, took the 1st place in her AG and the qualification slot for Kona. Mania followed a perfect strategy so she comes to the finish line strongly with PB !

Wonderful effort by Chelsie in Malaysia!

In another race 70,3 ironman Malaysia, Chelsie Tan finished 1st in her AG and 5th in total despite the technical problems she had, in the last 30 km of cycling she had to go only with the small front ring gear. She still stayed concentrated and kept her performance in high despite the cramped problems she encountered on the run, resulting the victory in her AG and the slot for South Africa’s 70.3 W.Ch.

Enjoying the marathon, congratulations Irini!

Irini Fakinou she is raced in Athens Authentic Marathon in her second trying, she raced for a foundation “charity4you” so the motivation was even greater. Irini started in running to help her health and in a new way of life and helping other people now with this motivation. This is the real meaning of sports, we thank you Irini!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

A great comeback for Perla; well done!

Last weekend Perla Gonzalez raced a local 5k run race. This might sound quite unspectacular, but still it was “my” highlight performance of the last weekend. Perla started to work with me at the end of April because her performance did not improve despite the many hours she had invested in the training. At the end she just felt tired, sore and weak. It took some time to figure out if she was just very tired from the previous training, if she really was overtrained or if it was something different. At the end and after having seen many doctors the overtraining syndrome was the most likely scenario and Perla strictly followed the plan to recover from this (Recovering from overtraining). I am very very proud of Perla that she had the patience to go through this long phase of recovery very disciplined in order to be able to train without that terrible pain in her legs again. We did a very slow and cautious built up after she had recovered. Despite not having averaged more than 15km per week over the past 10 weeks she could achieve an overall podium last Sunday with a time of 22:46min!
“I couldn’t be here without your help. I wanted to give up many times and today running without that awful heaviness in my legs I remembered my running glories and that I can be there again thank you very much coach!!” This was just the beginning ;-).

While the Triathlon season in Europe is over it starts in the Middle East with milder temperatures below 40°C. Deborah Bomstein raced the Dubai International Triathlon (1,5-80-10) last Friday. It was already her third race after the break in September after 70.3 Portugal. She did a sprint and Olympic distance race earlier in October. We use all these races as good trainings to gain experience. Deborah did her first Triathlon just 1 year ago and there are still many things to learn. Last Friday Deborah executed the race nearly perfect. She had a great start of the swim keeping out of the masses and doing her own race from the start and was rewarded with the 8th fastest swim of all female competitors. For the first time the nutrition worked great as well and she could do the entire race without any stomach issues! We have been experimenting with nutrition a lot recently to find a solution that works for her. The run was still very hot but Deborah finished the race strong after 4hrs15min!

Hjordis Olafsdottir did a 10km run race in Reykjavik. It was the second run race after the break in September and she already could show a very good performance. She finished the run in 2nd place overall after 43:45 even though the conditions were snowy and slippery!

Hardy Wiedemann ran a the local Nördlinger ‘Riespanoramalauf’ 10km run race. Once again he won his agegroup, placed 10th overall and was, despite very bad conditions, as fast as two years ago.

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Both Gustavo and Maria on the podium at Florida!

I’m so proud about Gustavo and Milu in Ironman Panama City USA. They did a great job in this race and got a brilhant 3rd place each. They has been working so hard the last few months and this results showed me how strong and serious they are. Congrats

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Few minutes after crossing  she was already smiling and taking pictures with the flag of her country, Kazakhstan.

Due to work commitments Madina Umbetova could not  go to IM Chattanooga which was her original goal.  We didn’t  dwell much on it though and decided to do IM Florida instead. However, it meant that training would need to be done when it is cold outside in Almaty so the treadmill and the bike trainer were in constant use.  Not easy on mind and body but Madina is a very tough athlete and she was up for it. The race started with a very strong swim, she exited 20th in her AG, then the bike was a hard task.  Conversely to what people may think the flat course may be more challenging to ride than a hilly one – it requires riding most of 180km in aero position.  Madina had a strong ride and despite suffering from shoulder pain in the second half and similarly to the swim it was 20th ride in her AG.  On the run she was running at a steady pace and making a good progress through the field and with 11th spit in her AG she advanced to 14 place.  It was a race of determination and mental toughness, especially on the run where a large number of athletes ended up walking and more than 10% DNFed. Madina was fighting to the end and she was in a touching distance of the XC Kona slot finishing 2nd in her XC Category.
Congratulations on your determination and a very well executed race.  There will be more opportunities for you to shine and show you fitness in the coming season and we have already started planning what we would like to achieve.

If there is one thing we can all learn from Carolina is how she plans her race strategy and nutrition. Good job Carolina.

Carolina Lanza lined up on the start line of New York City Marathon.  With limited training since her last triathlon race of the season few weeks ago it was a big ask for the body. Despite the fact that she was running with her friend ‚for fun’ a 42k run is never easy. The most important for them was to enjoy the atmosphere and have a good day. Despite the legs tightening up towards the end and a middling pain she in the foot she finished as always with the smile of her face just under 4 hours. Now we take a deserved break from training and allow the body to rest and restore energy levels before we start training for next season. There are some great challenges ahead and with the pace Carolina was improving this year we will have more reasons to celebrate. Carolina herself admitted that she needs some rest more mental than physical and she is looking forward to spending more time with her friends and family – 2/3 weeks party non stop – FINALLY!! were her first words in the post race report 🙂

70.3 Ironman Xiamen was Kat Renouf’s second choice after Ironman canceled one of the races in October. Kat followed the race plan to the letter executing it perfectly. She had a fast swim, followed by a very strong bike and a solid run. It gave her a 2nd Age Group women overall and also 2nd in her AG. As we always say you cannot control the competition. You can only control your own performance. Kathryn should be proud of her race and great 2nd place on the podium.  Even more so taking into account how challenging last few months were at work for her. She has done an excellent job in fitting the training in and making the most of available time while working as a junior doctor in a hospital which sometimes involved working night shifts.
Congratulations Kat! I’m very proud of your performance.

Gen Jacques decided to give Ironman Los Cabos a go while making it a holidays with a friend too. A chosen spot in Mexico, San Jose del Cabo, could not provide a better setting: idilic beaches, perfectly blue sky, very warm (or rather hot) climate, scenic hills with addition of relaxed Mexican life style.  However, if you put Ironman race in there, the outcome would be – one of the toughest one day challenges! The combination of a tough hilly bike course and undulating run course with direct sun exposure throughout the day and temperatures in mid 30s at least. The race this year really lived up to its name. It was really hot day on Sunday.

Gen did a very good job staying strong to the end. She produced a strong swim and bike and delivered a steady run in conditions making it very challenging for all competitors. I’m very proud how Gen dealt with elements and finished strong in 6th position in her Age Group.

Great job Gen! Now you should enjoy what Los Cabos has to offer as a holiday destination!

As a tradition Rafal Herman and Krzysztof Machnicki took part in an annual Independence Day run in Warsaw. One month on from Ironman Hawaii World Championship Rafal was eager to race again. However a more sensible option was to use the race as part of the training and although he was tempted to go a bit harder, he executed it exactly the way the coach asked him to run. Krzysztof has had a very busy couple of months at work when he could only managed a very limited training. Regardless, it was a very good run with lower expectations and more enjoyment still a very strong finish and only 1min witch a change slower than his PB. Good job both! Bring on 2018 season.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Gisela sees out the season with a podium in Langkawi!

I’m proud of Gisela Reichmuth, a solid 3rd place in her category at 70.3 Langkawi. Like my other athletes who do consistently well, Gisela is consistent with her training, and we find ways to keep things fun through out the year. Now for some rest and recovery after a big year of racing, and hopefully a good snow season in Switzerland, for the benefits of weekend cross training – snow mountaineering.

Yannis Theororopoulos flew from London to Athens to race in his home town marathon. This was his first, and he did a great job of handling the training leading up to it, with a busy career. The journey is often more important that the destination, however Yannis did great, and after his long mountain runs, and off road triathlons, now has a road marathon to his name. Very special too being in his home town. Well done Yannis.

She’s not nicknamed ‘The Viking’ for nothing…, perfect conditions for Flora this weekend….

Flora Colledge placed second overall in the local Basel 12.2k road race, with ‘perfect conditions’ for a Viking! Horizontal rain, and strong winds seeing the mens race cancelled mid race by a fallen tree with the strong winds. No doubt more ‘Wintervals’ for Flora on the menu!

Andrea Rudin completed a ‘Kenyan Day’ of run training on Saturday, with 24km done before stepping on the line at the Langenthaler Stadtlauf 6.5km run race. A second place in her category, in a competitive field, on another cold winters day was wonderful, as was her time 24 seconds quicker than last year.  An easy hour on the turbo after made for a super day of training. Andrea loves to train and race. Super job

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Back in the saddle and looking forward to a great season ahead! Well done Jane.

Not one to shy away from a hill climb, Jane Loughnan cracks the hour at the Wellington Masters CC uphill Time Trial last weekend. Back at ’em!

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Top step for Jane; well done.

Jane Hansom raced at home to become the Queen of the Nevis Triathlon for another year.


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

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