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Nicola Spirig contemplates view from hospital room ahead of surgery for a broken hand.

Coaches can get emotional watching their athletes at the best of times. So it can be quite devastating seeing one of your charges tangled up in an accident that has the potential to put them in serious harm, and the less serious matter of undoing months of hard work.

At WTS Dubai this weekend we saw Nicola (Spirig) recover from an ordinary swim to nearly single-handedly pull the second pack up to the first. With 500m from the transition, her wheel was clipped and she suffered a crash which has resulted in three broken bones in her left hand and plenty of scrapes and bruises.

Yes, Nicola’s defence of her Olympic title has been made much, much harder. However, it is a cause for celebration that she is capable of saying the words ‘I still believe in Rio’.

**I want to say this: Having a bike course finishing down that shoot was totally negligent. You can view the crash here. Even the commentators picked an accident coming a minute before the event happened. Trying to fit 50 athletes into that 5m space was insane. What makes it worse is that there were light poles and flower pots lined alongside the road. Nicola had fantastic luck not to be wrapped around one of them. Another 4cm could have changed her life. Tragically, Luke Harrop lost his life after being run off the road. Recently we have seen Lukas Verzbicas struggle with horrific injuries – also hitting a pole. One would hope it doesn’t take a serious accident to see that more care is taken in selecting future bike courses.

To more happy reports:

Captain Wins Midlands Ultra Tri

Matt_Midlands Win1:16 run split for Matt Trautman.

Matt Trautman kept up his winning form as he monstered the Midlands Ultra Tri in preparation for Ironman South Africa. Getting out of the water with a pack of 3-4 swimmers behind a rider up front, the Captain rode through and then away from the field before putting in a solid run to ensure a comfortable victory.

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Andrej_GuadeloupeDespite a crash, professional triathlete Andrej Vistica took 2nd place at the Gwadloup Tri.

Andrej Vistica was racing a race in France. This sounds very close but actually, the race was in the Caribbean Sea on Guadeloupe Island, the Gwadloup Tri. Andrej had a solid swim and went into 2nd position quite quickly on the bike. But Andrej smashed the bike a little bit too hard which resulted in a nasty bike crash at km 25. But Andrej is a fighter. Depite some severe road rash, he went back on the bike again and worked himself through the field again. At the end he finished 2nd behind Romain Guillaume. Very well done on that early race. And really showed of which tough stock he is. Speedy recovery Andrej! The upcoming swim sessions might be a bit more painful than usual, however.

Nasser_MohannadiNasser improved his time by 40 minutes!

Nasser Al Mohannadi was racing the World Triathlon in Abu Dhabi. It was his 2nd time doing this Olympic Triathlon. While he finished in 3hr26min last year, he improved heaps in all 3 discipline and pulled out a personal best of 2hr46min, which is a whopping 40mins faster. I’m happy about this massive improvement. It shows what can be reached with dedication and a sound training schedule! Well done Naz! Keep on the good work!

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

GC_Camp_Theresa Abbott1Theresa Abbott at camp in Gran Canaria recently.

Very proud of what Theresa Abbott pulled off this weekend. After being unwell most of the week due to a tooth extraction she still managed to pull off an Age Group win with her fastest ever bike split at a Half Ironman in Tenerife this weekend! Great start to the year Theresa!

Erin Reid took on a Half Ironman Pottsville this weekend and had a great swim, but unfortunately a flat and an extra added mechanical on the bike leg. She regrouped after both misfortunes and still got herself to the end of the race – proud of you Erin!

Finally, Chris Chesher had a plan this year to race his first Ironman in Australia in May, but when I recommended we do New Zealand as a practice race – he was all over it.

Chris paced the swim & bike perfectly with sub 1 hour swim and a very solid 5:03 bike – unfortunately he made a rookie mistake with his nutrition pre race and suffered severe stomach cramps straight out of the swim. Chris pushed through it on the bike hoping it would go away but it only got worse on the run, forcing him to call it a day at 15km. His fitness and strength are there and now he’s set up to have a good final build to Ironman Australia in May. Chris learned a lesson and is sure not to make the same mistake in 8 weeks time. I’m very confidenct we are on our way to a good race in May:-)

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

LBiddlestone_31kmLucy on her way to victory in the 31km trail race. Photo: James Mitchell Photography

This Sunday Lucy won the 31km trail race in front of Saleta Castro 2nd and Esther Rodriguez 3rd.

  • Lucy Biddlestone 2 hours 21 minute 30 seconds.
  • Saleta Castro 2 hours 21 minutes 59 seconds.
  • Esther Rodriguez 2 hours 24 minutes 55 seconds.

It was a great weekend of training as it was a 2 day event, off-road triathlon on the Saturday where Lucy was 2nd to Saleta. Overall Lucy was 2nd for the whole weekend.  Now Lucy continues her hard work for the upcoming long distance races she has planned.

Dean EdwardsDean Edwards 2nd at Worcester Duathlon.

In England Dean Edwards, who is highly motivated for his races this season after his 53 minute PB in Hawaii 2015,  had a great hit out at the Worcester Duathlon and battled away coming 2nd overall. A chilly day did not slow Dean down, from 12th after the first run he hammered the bike and moved up to 2nd. On the short 2nd run he couldn’t catch the guy in the lead but held onto his 2nd place comfortably.

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

Andy_W RunAndy Wibowo 3rd place in his age group. Photo Credit: © Asia Tri

This past weekend at the Century Tuna 70.3 in Subic Bay Philippines, many of the top regulars on the Asian triathlon scene were in action. On a fast and hot day, Indonesian athlete Andy Wibowo of team HOPE had the fastest swim of all the age groupers, where he managed to score a 3rd place finish in the 35-39 AG, coming in 13th overall, with a time of 4h21 & shed 7 mins off his PR from this very course last year. Andy was emotional at the finish, as this comes after just over 2 months of getting back to running after a shin injury in the 2nd half of last year.

Felipe ‘Jong’ Sajulga6th place for Jong Sajulga. Photo Credit: © Asia Tri

20 mins behind him, came in Felipe ‘Jong’ Sajulga of team Tri Bu Caltex Delo of Mindano Island. He settled for 6th place the ever strong 35-39 AG, continuing his consistent start to the year, towards bigger races overseas later in the year!

Gregie 'The Wild Wolf' PamakidPersonal Best for the Wild Wolf. Photo Credit: © Sheila Pamakid.

Then a little while later, Gregie ‘The Wild Wolf’ Pamakid of team Tri Bu Caltex Delo made it to the line in a new PR time, where he looks to improve on his Ironman All World Athlete bronze status! Moving forward, he will be challenging himself some more in training for the next block, with the aim of a sub 2 hour 21 KM run off a strong swim/bike!”

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Cali_KarinaVery proud of Karina Maria Salvatore and her first triathlon win!

This weekend my athlete Karina Maria Salvatore (39 years-old) won her first race in Bauru. While for other athletes this may look simple, not for Karina, who has lost 55 kilos through her training!

Karina: ”It was a great happiness for me to be Champion in my city. 30 woman took part of the event. It was a wonderful emotion. I thank my coach Cali Amaral who gave me the opportunity to grow every day in Triathlon. I am very excited and happy with the Methodology. Is fantastic !!!!”

Fiorella winVictory for Fiorella. 

Last week also saw my athlete, Fiorella D’Croz win the open 3 PLACE GP Extreme San Carlos, San Pablo, Brazil. A positive start for the year and good signs for Trisutto Brazil in 2016!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Melanie Benson_DubaiMelanie Benson on the podium at Abu Dhabi.

This week is still early season racing in many parts of the world, and Gisela Reichmuth managed to find another fun event to complete with a 28km trail race in Switzerland, the CRUX Contessa through the Cantons of Zürich, Thurgau, St. Gallen with mud, ice, snow and elevation!  Super.

Minsok Pak completed the Woodlands Marathon in Texas, USA. This was a training race to allow Minsok to qualify for Boston in 2017.  A well paced negative split of 3 hours 8 minutes saw Minsok comfortably qualify – and place 4th in his category.  Minsok holds a senior role in his business life, and has a heavy travel schedule with nearly the whole of the preceding month traveling, with no more than two nights in one location, running riding and swimming in hotel gyms! Amazing. In his own words, praise for the use of treadmills in training plans.

“Given that what mileage I’ve managed in the past 4 weeks has been on treadmills in 5 countries across 3 continents — and more nights on a plane than in my own bed — today was a good training day”.

Henry Batievsky completed the Tokyo marathon on Sunday.

Frank Mathews goes from strength to strength, with a 5th in his 10 year age group at the TriYas Olympic distance race while in full training for next weeks long course race.  A nice 10km cool down run after the race, and a long ride + swim next day completing a nice weekend of training.

Finally, the Abu Dhabi ITU long course age group race was held on Saturday 5th March.  Frank Mathews had a great swim and ride, but struggled a little on the run. His initial disappointment was short lived by following the Trisutto rule – ‘when we arrive back at our hotel, we look ourself in the mirror and ask did I do the best I could do on the day? If the answer is yes, I will be well satisfied’.

Melanie Benson was 3rd female overall.  A mechanical on the bike was frustrating mid-race, but she was able to  ‘adapt and over come’ and have a solid race.

Maikel Wieland was also 3rd Overall at Dubai showing his bike strength, as he continues to work away at his swim.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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