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Ed Rechnitzer

Ed Rechnitzer has over 28 years experience in Triathlon and has completed multiple Ironmans including Kona. Ed spent 25 years in the Canadian Forces as an officer before fully retiring and transferring his leadership and instructional experiences to the profession of coaching. He’s led training camps in Tucson and Mallorca. Ed is based in Calgary. He speaks English, French, Italian, Hungarian and Spanish.

I have a singular focus and unwavering commitment to be the best coach I can be. My approach in this relentless pursuit has followed that of a martial artist – seeking to draw on a Master’s wisdom and depth of experience, to listen and learn, to a understand and absorb, in an unending spiral quest to forge a better version of myself for my athletes. That is why I sought out Brett’s (Sutton) mentorship and guidance. I am truly honored to have earned Brett’s confidence and to now be in position to apply the training concepts and principles that have generated so much success in our sport, at all levels.

I believe that “success” is defined more by the hard work, patience, perseverance and commitment required to achieve it than the actual performance that marks it. Results matter but the ultimate reward is the unquantifiable sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing you have delivered your best. Ultimately, “it is not about wining but painting a performance” – Brett Sutton.

Ed Rechnitzer

Coach Ed


I have been very active in sports since childhood, growing up in Ottawa. It was not until university that I discovered triathlon, captaining the Royal Military College varsity team. Eventually coaching for me would become a fusion/extension of my military leadership experiences and an innate sense of service to others.

Outside of triathlon I competed in 4-way formation skydiving (logged ~1960 jumps), was a provincial champion and national silver medalist, and an Accelerated Free Fall Instructor. [While I never trained animals rest assured that I learned a lot about human performance under pressure through non-verbal communication in free fall!] I was also a professional ski instructor at Lake Louise, and still enjoy xc skiing and biathlon. Having been involved in so many sports has helped develop my coach’s eye from different angles and a toolbox of versatile skills.

As a coach I am highly invested in my athletes’ goals. I strive to extract the most from them. I endeavor to turn hardships and set-backs into opportunities to embolden them, to be stronger in character, to try harder, to never give up even when success seems illusive.

I see every day as an opportunity to improve, to shape the next performance, to become better. Success has a price – hard work. There are no shortcuts.

While talent can be a blessing, I believe that exceptional commitment, high determination, an uncommon will to succeed and a fire in the gut attitude are even more invaluable assets.

I value humility above all else. It helps keep self-importance at large and conceit from interfering with one’s willingness to recognize and accept the strengths, ideas and help of others in becoming the best one can be. Ultimately, the mind is like a parachute. It always works best when open.

I look forward to being a part of your goals, your training, your success.

Private swim coaching is available with Ed at the Glenmore Aquatic centre. Please contact Ed direct

Ed has been my coach for the past 5 years. In that time he has taken me from 13+ hours Ironman to sub-10 and a slot to Kona.  He has not only shown me how to train effectively and efficiently, but has also helped me become a more successful competitor. Squeezing long workouts into a busy life and tricky work schedule is no easy task (I tried self-coaching). Ed covers the big picture all the way down to the intervals to make me a more successful Ironman.

Todd Hawkins

Dallas, USA, Ironman WC Qualifier

Years Experience

Kona / WC Qualifiers

AG Podiums

Boston Qualifiers

Coaching Achievements


I’m very proud of what my athletes have been able to achieve since starting as a full-time professional coach! Below are some of their major highlights over the past couple of years:

  • 1st   F60-64 Ironman Coeur D’Alene 2015 (Kona Qual)
  • 2nd  F45-49 Ironman Copenhagen 2015 (Kona Qual)
  • 4th   M40-44 Ironman Wisconsin 2015 (Kona Qual)
  • 2nd  F60-64 Ironman World Championship 2015
  • 7th   F30-34 70.3 Calgary 2016 (WC Qual)
  • 1st   M50-54 Xterra Canmore 2016 (Maui Qual)
  • 3rd  M50-54 Canadian National Cross Championship 2016
  • 2nd  F60-64 Calgary Half Marathon 2016
  • 3 x Boston Qualifiers 2015-16

Despite a really hectic lifestyle, I decided last year to start training to compete in triathlons. I had never really ridden a bike and I wasn’t a strong runner. In the last 12 months, Ed has seen me run two half marathons and a full trail marathon, and compete in three triathlons (including a top 15 in my last 70.3). Ed’s commitment, ability to motivate me, customize a program which suited my fitness levels and lifestyle is the reason I have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. He has an uncanny ability to assess my needs and adjust my program to always get the maximum out of me. Ed has encouraged me, supported me and helped me reach goals I never thought were possible. His genuine belief in me is what gets me over the line during the tough times and he is always there to celebrate my achievements… sometimes even more excited than I am.

I was looking for a coach but I have found a mentor, confidante and a true friend.

Leanne Smyth

Sydney, Australia, Lawyer, mother of 2 children

My 2016 athletic goals were diverse and challenging – cross country skiing, marathon, triathlon and mountain/road bike racing – and required a fine training balance. Ed’s technical and motivational skills truly impressed me. As a lifetime athlete I have never received so much from a coach. It is rare to find such a broad technical practitioner who also has the passion to help motivate you to achieve your goals. His attention to detail allowed me to collect a meaningful amount of marginal gains beyond the standard training effect.  I give large credit to my success this year to Ed’s coaching (AG finishes – 2 x world championship triathlon slots, 3rd in the Canadian Cross Championships, 1st Canmore Xterra, 1st in Rundle Revenge MTB+Trail Run, Boston marathon qualifier, 4th male 70k xc ski Loppet).

Greg Stevenson

Calgary, Canada , XTerra WC qualifier

At our first meeting Ed asked me why I wanted coaching support. My response was simply – I want a plan I can trust. With Ed, you certainly get the plan you can trust and so much more. You are a recipient of his deep commitment to your personal success, you benefit directly from his experience (both as a coach and competitor), his continual pursuit of knowledge and professional development and his personal and professional integrity. I have accomplished more than I had ever imagined, from my first IM to an IM World Championship age group podium, to recently dealing w a life curve ball. Ed is able to adapt my training to capture success, to challenge every part of my being, to increase my skill and knowledge, to respect life and love the sport.   Ed’s workouts are purposeful – focused.  And in understanding the purpose I find a continual source of inspiration to give my best effort and Ed’s feedback always reaffirms the goal. Ed is an inspirational individual and his coaching philosophy encompasses life balance, personal challenge and love of the sport.

Dianne Woodward

Canmore, Canada, Ironman WC AG podium finisher

Coaching Plans

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