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Coach Harald and the great man himself, Haile Gebrselassie.

Very happy to announce an exciting project for our athletes and coaches in 2016.

This March and onwards we’ll be partnering with Austrian coach, Harald Fritz, to offer athletes the chance to join a unique running / triathlon training experience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Harald is the coach of multiple Red Bull ‘Run for Wings’ Champion and Rio marathon hopeful, Lemawork Ketemas (79.9km at 3:46km pace), and will be running the camp at the great man, Haile Gebresellasie’s, new training centre in Addis Ababa. An accomplished coach in his own right, Harald joined us in camp at St. Moritz last summer and he, along with his athletes, will be there again this year.

I encourage you to view the centre’s facilities here:

Ethiopia CampFacilities at the Yaya Village.

What intrigues about this project you may ask?

Haile has decided that he doesn’t want his facility to be purely run focused, so has installed a state-of-the-art gym and construction is now under way for a new 25m pool facility. Ethiopia has a well-known and proud running tradition, but in a globalised world there is no reason that could not be transferred to multi-sports also. Consider this our first steps towards a Africa triathlon project.

It’s superb training, at high altitude, and would be an amazing experience to break out of the standard camp frontiers.

The concept of our first training camp will be very individual, with people applying before Camp and providing a basic overview of their goals, training schedule, running background and if possible any sports or medical diagnostics data. Addis Ababa is at 2800m altitude, so the conditions and training must be tailored carefully for people’s fitness. Given the extremely high altitude there is the risk that some of the more overzealous age-groupers will overwork themselves to the point of getting sick.

As per methodology, Coach Harald will provide an individual training regimen to each camper during their stay and adjust it on a daily basis.

The camp training will feature the following components:

* Long and easy (trail) running with local guides for every level of speed available

* Track sessions (Intervals)

* Hill training

* Fartleks

* (functional) Gym Training

* Running technique, including individual Video Analysis

* Functional movement screening


Additionally, over March there will be a series short lectures regarding the following topics:

 nutrition (before, during, after training, carbo loading,..), basic training principles
, sports-medical performance diagnostics

There will of course be ‘off’ days as well, where there will be a broad choice of one-day excursions including, horse riding, biking, swimming and so on.

Harald will run a camp over March, so athletes are encouraged to contact us to organise their individual, weekend, week or month’s training.

Lodging is 55$/day, with Full Board and drinks included in a double room (75$ single). Discounted flight options with airport pickup included.

Contact for further details.

Yaya Hotel

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