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Sarah Crowley on her way to a brilliant 3rd place at Kona 2017. Photo Credit: Gary Barnes


Do you really want to ride faster? Well do you?

It’s the start of the European season and with spring just around the corner athletes are asking ‘Coach, I’m starting to get out on the road, when can I put my turbo away till next winter?’ ‘When do we drop the big gear work, and sharpen up our speed on the bike?’

To hear this from non Trisutto athletes makes me sad. To hear it from our own athletes leaves me nearly speechless!
So for the last time, I will not try to convince anyone but to lead you to possibly the best bike article published for triathletes.

Some may remember that I made a big deal two seasons ago about getting one of my old athletes back from cycling to become a Trisutto coach. I believed he would make a fine coach, and after talking to him it was clear that cycling hadn’t corrupted him in his thinking on triathlon biking. More to the point he made me very comfortable by saying:

‘Coach, it really helped to show me why you have had such success’.

I asked Cam Watt to write an article for all you people, knowing that he had spent 10 years climbing the bicycle career ladder to become the Sporting Director of a world class team. My hope is you may listen to someone that had the bike experience at the very top level. So we will reprint it here. The difference now is that in the past two years Cam has climbed to the top of the Triathlon Coaching world.
Not with just one athlete but his team showing brilliant form. Not just in one discipline. Recent highlights including:

  • Gold in the World Duathlon Championship
  • Gold in the women’s; Silver in the men’s –  ITU Long Course World Championship
  • A brilliant third place at Kona by Sarah Crowley, a converted accountant. Not one of the big names but someone who asked what was needed and then followed it to the letter. With both enthusiasm but also purpose.

So with these results in mind I’d like you to read and reread this article and give it the respect it deserves, and realise the misinformation you all seem to keep reading from other sources is just slowing you down.

If after a couple of reads take a look at Cam’s results. Next take a look at my results, while pioneering this type of bike riding methodology. If you still want to discuss 90 to 110 cadence and it’s supposed advantages for Triathlon, then I can’t help you!

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Photo: Korupt Vision

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