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The bird is in the Trisutto nest!

We have been relatively quiet about the start of the Angry Bird’s season. As some of our followers have noted that she will be toeing the start line at 70.3 Rapperswil I thought it best that I let our Trisutto supporters know from the real source and not the triathlon rumour mill.

After Kona 2017 it was decided that Dani would take a long break; after 4 fantastic seasons and to reconfigure the way forward for her over the next 3 years. So, with 3 months completely off and then getting back into some fitness, the 1st of June has seen Dani pack up her car and head to St Moritz to begin her quest for a fourth Kona title.

This will be her only target for this year. Then we will appraise her goals for the 2019 season.

It is no secret that while I’m very pleased with the rest break and only Kona this year, it has been a struggle for the bird. She much prefers to be training and racing more regularly. However, I have seen far too many champions be allowed to burn themselves out, as the very temperament that makes them champions can hurt them. While I’m still in charge, that will not happen on my watch.

I believe Dani has a minimum of another 3 years at the very top of Ironman racing. Contenders come and contenders go. To those that send well meaning messages asking me about this athlete and that athlete who they think is the new Chrissie – the answer I give is that winning 3 x Kona World Championships while also winning 3 x 70.3 World Championships is very special. It is something that has never been done before. Only the great can achieve such performances. I prefer to concentrate on making the adjustments to allow the angry bird the opportunity to see off the oncoming challenges that she will inevitably face in the future. The break and a lesser race load in 2018 is an initial part of that strategy.

So, we see the Bird dust off the race bike and will have our first competition in 2018 this weekend. It is viewed as the start of the next phase of her spectacular career. A first step in building back to her top form for the 2nd week in October.

Let the renewal begin!

Join Trisutto Head Coach Brett Sutton and his squad at training Camp in St.Moritz in June/July, 2018.

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